Swasan: A story untold (Intro)


India. A country of 1 billion people. Some live in cities, some in the towns and some, some in villages. This country is full of chaos, noises, dreams and…and crime. Crime, a word people run away from, a word unwanted, but the only word that describes a village, Basipur. Basipur a village full of illegal activities, is run by the head of the village, Shekhar. Even the police shivers to enter his space.

But in the midst of violence and crime there is a ray of hope, a ray of innocence named, swara. Swara, the daughter of the head is a very talented and innocent girl. She was always kept away from all the dirt and violence as she is daddy’s li’ll girl. Even though she’s daddy’s little girl, her dad love money, power and pride more than anything.

Her only wish is to study in a city and be a successfull business woman but the real question is would ger father allow her?

Credit to: MP

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    seem interesting story. keep writing

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