Swasan Story of love ya betrayal by Fatima (CHARACTER INTRODUCTION+part-1)

Hi everyone It’s me fatima again with my second swasan ff……I hope you all will like…….If you like this story then plzzzz tell me through your comments..It’ll be highly appericiated….If i got good response then i’ll post here……….

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He is 28 years old.
Handsome,dashing, kindhearted,fun-loving, caring and top business man,Married to Swara Malhotra,love her so much.But something happend in their happily married life and she left him.He dosen’t know that he have a son.


She is 26 years old.
Educated,sweet,Calm and bold and Bubbly type girl.she loves her Family alot.Married to Sanskar Maheshwari but something happened in their life and she thinks that Sanskar betrayed her.


He is 4 years old.Smart and Sweet,Calm,Understanding and dun-loving.Love his Mother,Uncle and Father alot.He dosen’t know that his parents got seperated.

4.Rohan Malhotra

He is 24 years old.Handsome,dashing and cool type.He Swara’s younger brother.Love her sister and nephew so much and wanted to unite his sister and Brother in law.

The story start with a boy of 4 years,he is running and shouting mama mama…..where are you ?

Then a lady is shown in mandir doing arti..she is wearing a beautiful red net saree with golden border

she is looking damn gorgeous in the saree,after completing the arti she came to the boy.

Lady:-What happen Samar?.

Boy:-mama i want to go park..!You said that we’ll go.

Lady:-Ohk we’ll go but first we’ll do our breakfast.

Samar:-you are the best mama! while hugging her mother.

Then a voice intruppted them and said champ you forget me.

then Samar come running to the man and said no Mamu I didn’t forget you.

Lady:-Ohk let’s go for breakfast Rohan and  Samar

Rohan:-Ohk di and Samar said Ohk mama.

They sat in dinning table and the lady start serving them thier breakfast.

Lady:-Rohan today is your meeting na.

Rohan:-yup di today is meeting with S & S company.I just want that meeting goes well,saying this Rohan start having breakfast.

After sometime Samar stand up and said mommie and Mamu I completed my breakfast.so let’s go to park.

Rohan:-champ saying this he lift Samar and said I can’t come with you because I have meeting you go with di.

Samar make a sad pout and said its not fair Mamu.I ‘ll not talk to you saying this he turn his face but Rohan turn his face towards him.

Rohan:-don’t get sad champ I ‘ll company u in evening is it ok?

But Samar didn’t said anything,again turn his face.

Swara:-What is this baccha it’s not good ,Mamu can’t cancel his meeting bcuz it’s important meetings! Please Samar,After insisting so much.


Rohan:-I ‘ll company you till park is it Ohk?

Samar:- it’s ok Mamu! lets go.

Thay sat in the car and Rohan start driving the car and Samar start playing game in his mama’s mobile.

Rohan start talking with his di.I want to say something to you please di talk to jiju Plz at least for once! and plz tell about Samar also, it’s his right di.

then swara intruppted him

Swara:- no Rohan I don’t want that man in my life again he betrayed me and I can’t forget my past,tears start coming from her beautiful eyes.

Rohan:-di please don’t cry I can’t see tears in ur eyes Please.Ohk I ‘ll not talk anything about jiju again but please stop crying.

that time Samar was busy in playing games in his mama’s mob that’s why he didn’t see them crying.

Lady:-it’s Ohk Rohan.chalo Samar park aa gya ya game hi kheloge aap?with a cute smile then Samar came from the car.

Samar:-nope lets go! I want to play with my friends saying this he start running in park.

Lady:-Rohan he is same like his father Rohan”wahi shakal Wahi Harakate,everything is same like him.


Maheshwari mansion:-

A room is shown where a boy is standing in front of dressing table and wearing his coat start remembering something.

A girl is helping a boy wearing the coat and said smiling sanskar u are looking so cute and saying this she give a peck on his cheek.

Sanskar:-I’m not cute.you can call me handsome swara.

Swara:-sanskar you are looking cute in this blue coat then why I ‘ll call  you handsome,you are my cute hubby saying this she pull his cheeks.

Sanskar made a sad pout.

Swara:-Ohk let’s go sanskar.Mom and dad’ll be waiting for us on dining table.

but sanskar intruppted her and said am not coming with you saying this he turn his face but swara give a peck on his cheek and  lets go now,saying this swara dragge sanskar with her.

They come into hall where her father in law and mother in law is sitting in dinning table having thier breakfast.

swara and sanskar come and have your breakfast her mother in law said.

They sat and start having breakfast with their family,he came from his world when someone shakes him and asked what happen bhai?

Sanskar:-nothing am Ohk uttra.

Uttara:-missing bhabhi na,you ‘ll find her one day bhai don’t be sad.You don’t lose hope.we r always with u,Ohk come to hall mom and papa is waiting for u on dinning table.

Sanskar:-Ohk am coming.

Then uttra goes from their.
He start seeing his whole room and silently take a photo frame and caressing the pic and start talking Swara where are you? Am missing you alot? Please came back Swara,your Sanskar is nothing without you.I didn’t betrayed you.It was a misunderstanding swara.

Plzzz come back I want to clarify that and I want to start my new life with you please Swara, 4 years completed but I didn’t find u swara,where are you?and start crying.

After sometime he wipe his tears and said I ‘ll find you soon Mrs.Maheshwari.

Come to dinning table start having breakfast with a dull face.

then his father said sanskar you have to attend a meeting today,don’t say no beta.I know after swara left you didn’t went to that place but Please it’s important that’s why I am saying.

Sanskar:-It’s Ohk papa I ‘ll attend,saying this complete his breakfast and go to office to attend the meeting.


Samar was playing with his friends and the lady was just admiring his son and remembering his lovely moments with her hubby,a tear escape from her eyes and start mumbling why sanskar why you  betrayed me why? I love you but you betrayed me why? and start crying

Suddenly someone wipe her tears with his tiny hand yup it was samar.

Samar:- why are you crying mama please don’t cry.Are you missing daddy? Am also missing him but didn’t want to make you sad that’s why I didn’t told u mama.Please don’t cry mama.

Saying this Samar Hug her and said cutely Mrs. Swara Maheshwari is strongest women,if Daddy see you like this then he’ll feel sad na.Beacuse of him you are crying,he left us becuz of his important meeting na.please don’t cry mama..

Swara:-ok I ‘ll not cry Samar.

Samar:-Ohk lets go to home mama.

they go from thier and reached home after that swara call Rohan and ask your meeting start or not?

Rohan:-No di after sometime meeting ‘ll start.

Swara:-Ohk Rohan take care and after completing your work come to home directly ok.

Rohan:-ok di! how is Samar di? did he missing jiju?

Swara:-Yeah! Rohan he cried a lot in park.

Rohan:-with you di.

Swara:-I’ll talk u later.

Rohan:-Ohk di! And disconnect the call.

And start talking to himself I know di you are also missing jiju but you don’t want to agree.But I’ll make you agree saying he start to walking in conference hall.

where everyone is present for meeting and he was about to sit on the chair his eyes fall on his jiju,he was shocked to see his jiju in an aggorant rude look but sanskar don’t know him because they never meet.

They start their meeting after completing the meeting

Sanskar:-nice meeting with you mr malhotra.

Saying this he forward his hand for shake.Rohan also foreword his hand and shake.

Rohan:-jiju don’t call me mr malhotra call me Rohan only.

Sanskar is hell shocked to listen jiju from his mouth.

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