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Recap – swara and shekhar phone conversation ; swasan cute fight ; saara invites sanskaar for her birthday …


♡Episode 3 ♡

At school

Swara (cutely smiles )- its invitation card of my birthday …. if u have time then PLZ come ….
Sanskaar was shocked to listen the word PLZ from swara’s mouth .
Sanskaar – say it again then only I will come …
Swara gets angry but controls herself .
Swara (controlling her anger) – PLZ come to my birthday party …. its a request ….
Swara never said PLZ to anyone . Never means never . Bcoz she was the daughter of GREAT SHEKHAR BOSE . Shekhar always taught her that never say SORRY to anyone as she is the queen and queen never say sry to anyone . Swara is grown up with this mentallity only . But she is not only the Queen of shekhar but also the daughter of sarmishta so she is having some good shades also .

Swara was at the verge of crying bcoz according to her SHE IS A QUEEN and saying sry WILL HURT A QUEEN’S EGO . But why she said PLZ bcoz it was not important to call sanskaar in her birthday then also she said plz . The answer to this question is swara’s heart. Her heart was knowing that SHE CAN’T CELEBRATE HER BIRTHDAY WITHOUT SANSKAAR.
Sanskaar sees that swara is about to cry. He immediately hugs her . Sanskaar doesn’t believe in love but his heart does . He can’t deny the fact that HIS HEART ONLY BEATS FOR SWARA . They both are unware of their destiny . Their path would be different but their destination is same .
Swara was feeling a relief in sanskaar’s arm . Sanskaar was unknowingly feeling a great happiness in his heart by swara’s touch . All the students around get shocked seeing sanskaar huging swara bcoz they are the most FAMOUS ENEMIES of the school and now they are hugging each other . Soon swasan break the hug .

Sanskaar (tries to make swara smile) – miss nakchadi bose (wipes her tears which were flowing down her cheeks) stop ur overactiong or ur makeup will wash away and u will look like a BHOOTNI !!!!!!
All the students including sanskaa laughs and surprisingly swara also smiled giving sanskaar a great relief in his chotu sa heart which beats for his cute si swara .
Swara – so u are coming or not ???
Sanskaar – waise I am a very busy person ….. but u are putting so much of pressure then how can I deny …. .
Swara smiles gives the invitation card and leaves .


At evening …
Its swara’s birthday party so every corner of the house is decorated by her wish . She was wearing a pink colour gown with a silver crown . Kajal on her eyes and his pink lipstick was imcreasing her beauty She was looking like an angel . CERTIFIED BEAUTY FROM HEAVEN .

Gadodiya house
sanskaar was also ready in his red shirt and black jeans . He was looking ”MINI GEMTLEMAN ”. he puts a blazer on his small shpulders and stands like a gentleman ..
Sanskaar – mumma, am I looking like a gentleman ???
Sujata smiles and says YES .
Sanskaar goes to sujata and ask her to sit on her knees . Sujata do so .
Sanskaar – one day ur mini gentleman will take u away from this hell to the world’s most beautiful heaven … are u ready ?????
Sujata got teary eyes and hugs sanskaar . Just then rp comes .
Rp – chore where are u going ????
Sanskaar ( rudely ) – that is none of ur business ….

Saying this sanskaar leaves from there . Rp was hell angry but controlled hinself bcoz after all sanskaar is not his son . Rp want to take out his anger. He takes out a hunter from his cupboard . Sujata close her eyes and rp was about to beat sujata he hears some voice from behind – ”don’t dare to touch my mumma ” . Rp turns behind and shocked to see sanskaar standing there .
Sanskaar (to rp ) – This is my room so u can leave …..
Rp leave sfrom there in frustration .
Sanskaar assures sujata that nothing will happen to her and leaves from there .

At birthday party
Sanskaar reaches there with small gift in his hand. His eyes was searchi b g for swara when he sees his princess descending the stairs with his papa . Sanskaar unknowingly smiles . Its time for cake cutting . Everyone gathers near the cake including sanskaar . Swara sees sanskaar and ” WAVES ” a ” hi” .

Precap – something big gonna happen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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