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Recap – Ram beats sujata . Sanskaar says that he doesn’t believe in love . Shekhar was seen enjoying with a girl when his phone rings and he goes and talks with the caller.


♡Episode 2♡

** Phone conversation **
Shekhar (smiles )- hello princess ….
Caller – hello papa …. when u will return home … its 11 ‘o’ clock ….
Shekhar – don’t worry princess I am on the way (lies) but u why are u awake till now ???
Caller – papa … (so the girl is none other than our bubbly swara ) but u know na I am waiting for u … I can’t sleepw ithout u …
Shekhar – ok … I am coming ….
swara – ok come soon … and u know na what is tomorrow ????
Shekhar – yes of course , tomorrow is ur birthday
Swara – ok so tata… return back soon …
**Cuts the call **


Next morning
XYZ School
A girl was seen playing football .


NOTE – Guys swasan studies in same school and both share same class means they both are in second and both likes to play football .
Swara’s role is played by ruhanika dhawan means pihu of yeh hai mohbattein
Sanskaar’s role is played by Shivansh kotia (I hope the name is correct) means small naksh of yeh rishta kya kehlata hai .


She kicks the ball and its ….. GOAL …
Another girl shouts after girl kicked the football . Girl’s frnds cheers – SWARA .. SWARA .. ( pause ) SWARA … SWARA ..
She was about do another goal when her ball was stopped by someone’s leg . Swara sees the person and he is none other than sanskaar .
Sanskaar with his gang goes to swara and throws football at the back .
Sanskaar (with lots of attitude ) – what do u think that playing football koi bachon ka khel nahi hai (football is not a game of a child )
Swara (laughs ) – don’t u have general knowledge
Sanskaar (confused ) – means ???
Swara – bcoz tumhe pata nahi kya football game ka hi toh naam hai (bcoz football is name of a game only ) kyoki abhi tumne hi toh kaha ki football koi bachho ka KHEL nahi hai (bcoz now only u said that football is not a game of a child ).
Everyone laughs making sanskaar angry and frustrated .
Sanskaar (angrily shouts) – JUST SHUT UP ….. u miss nakchadi queen
Swara (with same anger) – and u mr.akdu king ….
Sanskaar – what do u think that girls are ”mahan ” ???
Swara – what do u mean ?????
Sanskaar – I mean that girls can never play football .
Swara – oh hello … have u never seen me playing …
Sanskaar – u always do cheating …
Swara -no … I never do cheating .
Sanskaar – ohh … don’t lie miss nakchadi queen …
Swara – I am not lieing mr.akdu king ….
Sanskaar – ok so lets have a match …
Swara – match ?????
Sanskaar – yes …. match … we will
Have a fooyball match this sunday means after a week bcoz today is monday …
Swara – no…
Sanskaar (laughs ) – dar gai kya ???
Swara – no … swara bose is not afraid of anything …
Sanskaar – oh really ??? So why are u saying no … lets play a match …
Swara – ok…. next sunday … in XYZ GROUND …
Sanskaar – ok ….
Both passes death glare to each other and leaves from there with their resoective teams .


After an hour
In swasan’s classroom
Its rescess . Swara was distributing everyone invitation card of her birthday . Now she goes near sanskaar . She forwards the invitation card to sanky .
Sanky (points towards the card) – what’s this ???
Swara – ur face ….
Sanky – just shut up….
Swara – waise bhi ur face is not beautiful like my card
Swara laughs while sanskaar passes death glares to swara .
Swara (cutely smiles )- its invitation card of my birthday …. if u have time then PLZ come ….

Episode ends .


Precap – Swara’s birthday party ….

So guys do u liked the swasan’s cute fight .. if yes so plz rate this particular episode out of 10 . Next update on Saturday .

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