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its has been six years since swaragini left calcutta.
swara is now a very famous fashion designer who runs a company called ‘SWARAGINI A NEW WORLD’.ragini too is at peak of her career. being an architect,she flourished and is running a company calles’RAGINI BUILDERS’. their close friends know about these companies but dont know that swaragini are owners.

sumi is in the kitchen cooking early in the morning.a tall girl with twinkling eyes and a fair complexion and long hair comes near sumi
GIRL:maa!you started again,i have told you million times not to do this work.
SUMI:swara!its ok,i like cooking for you guys.
The girl whom i described,is none other then our swaranow a fashion designer.
SWARA:maa!that dumbo is still not waking up,then she will shout at me for not waking her.
just then a girl hugs swara from back she is an innocent fair face,and is almost as tall as swara but with medium sized hair coming till the middle of the shoulders.she is ragini.
RAGINI:di!its ok!
SUMI:swaragini beta,when are u guys planning to move back to calcutta?
SWARA:when we feel it is the right time.rght ragini?
RAGINI:yes di!

just then someone knocks the door and rings the doorbell
SWARA:i will go and see
swara opens the see four persons two boys,two girls and one with cute baby in her hand is at door.
(navya,anant,their baby boy rohit,twinkle and kunj are at door)
SWARA:maa!u have visitors…please come inside.
NAVYA:we have come to meet swara galodia.
SWARA:who are u?
ANANT:u dont know me …but my chabili will recognize me instinctly
swara is shocked and surprised.
SWAR:are u ana…ant?
SWARA: you are navya,kunj and twinkle(pointing towards them)
they r surprised.
KUNJ:how do u know us??

she hugs them all and says…
SWARA:anant and navya, u r really fast…!
TWINKLE:are u……
SWARA:yes i am swara galodia…
KUNJ;:you have changed a lot(and hugs her).
they all have a happy reunion.

ragini comes there and kunj comments.
KUNJ:who is this beautiful….?
SWARA:ragini will kill u ….if she hears this.
kunj gives a wedding card and says-this my wedding card,u have to come..along with ragini.
SWARA:marriage….?with whom??
she happily hugs them and congratulates,them.
SWARAGINI:but we cant come,we have lots of works to be completed and we cant leave any deals.
ANANT:u both r talking as if u r big bussinesswomen(and mocks them)
sumi and shekhar engage into a talk with them.
swara gets a phone,even ragini gets a call.

SWARA:(shouts)anuj!this is a 10 crore deal.it cant o like this.we have got to give the presentation.my fashion world has to be alive,it cant end so soon. swaragini has to be there,i am coming in an hour.tell ayushi to start the presentation. swara in a haste goes out of the house.
RAGINI:ok aarti listen! we cannot cancel that deal of mr.saxena,we have worked a lot on it,i am coming in some time.

ragini too leaves in a haste.
SUMI:you uys sit down.,ragini builders and swaragini a fashion world cannot survive without them even for few minutes.
NAVYA:they are that company workers or owners?
ANANT:(surprised)-wow!they emerged as stars and even sanlak are doing well…

swaragini arrive home a few hours later.
KUNJ:take leave for 15 days,please attend our marriage,oh!mumbai stars
swaragini reluctantly agrees.
SWARA:(on phone)ANUJ!shift my cabin to calcutta for few days.we cannot leave our important deals.
RAGINI:(on phone)aarti,come with my files and assignment and shift my office to calcutta.

SWARA: i have booked our tickets to calcutta we are leaving tonight.
RAGINI:we are going to rock on twinj’s marriage.

and they leave for calcutta…

Credit to: janpa

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