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RECAP:We saw Laksh’s entry
PRECAP :A school camp
Scene 1: School assembly ground
(After a few months )
PRINCIPAL: We all have planned for a trip for classes 10th and 11th and this the camp groups would be a combination of both the classes.
All students are delighted.

Scene 2: Swara’s classroom
TEACHER :Swara Sanskar Kunj Anant Navya and…. ..Twinkle. you all have to combine with group 7 of class 10th A.
During the break when all went to enquire about the group they all were glad to know that they were in the same group.
Swara : she is my sister Ragini. Sanskar is shocked while Ragini forwards her hand for a handshake
Sanskar:So u re Ragini the studious chudiyal of your class.Ragini shockingly smiles.
Sanskar : Meet my brother Laksh. Swara is shocked .
Swara : So you are the one who called my sister devil
Laksh feels guilty.
Suddenly they all see Anant and Samaira fighting.
They then smile seeing their Nok jhok.
Navya : You brother and sister please don’t create a scene at the campsite.
During these days swasan and raglak became very good friends of each other.
Scene 4 : Sanlak’s bedroom
Sanlak had a fight for a silly thing and they had broken a beautiful vase. Then suddenly someone knocks the door and sanky peeps through the window to see and is tensed.
Sanky : It’s maa she will kill us
Lucky : Hide it.
They hide behind the curtains . A lady comes inside and is frustrated to see the room in complete mess.

Lady:Oh my God! Such a mess Where are you guys?
Just then lucky sneezes and the lady catches him
Lucky : Choti maa ! Sanskar is behind that curtain.?
Sanky tries to run but in vain.
The lady is SUJATA MAHESHWARI sanky’s mother. She makes them clean up the room and calls them for dinner ???
Scene 5 : Dining Hall
Sanlak sat at their respective positions
A lady comes and serves Laksh brinjal
Lucky : Maa u know that I don’t like brinjal
Sanskar : Badi maa serve me some more
The lady turnsaid her face she is ANNAPURNA MAHESHWARI Lucky’s mother.
A person tells Sanlak to keep quite as someone was coming. He is Sanky’s father RAM MAHESHWARI.
A man arrives and the hall becomes quiet.
He is the head of family DURGAPRASAD MAHESHWARI. He is lucky’s father.
After dinner a sweet and bubbly girl calls sanky to play with her . She is Sanlak’s sister UTTARA MAHESHWARI .This is Sanlak’s big family….??…


Credit to: Janpa

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  1. Hahaha chudail…n devil…lol….n funny nok jhok betwn sanlak?????…
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  2. really nice. .
    lengthy plss..

  3. Fabulous dear.

  4. nice but short… and so many characters…. keep it up!!!

  5. Thanks I am trying to make it long. ..?☺

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  7. Japna can u make it a bit long… bt ur story ws nice…..

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