Swara goes to her room and opens her stuff…she takes out a beautiful guitar…..and starts singing…
Sanskar hearing her voice enters her room and Swara finishes her song just then….
Sanky: I didn’t knew my Shonaa can sing soo…melodiously…..
Swara: (blushes) I love to sing and play Guitar Sanskar….just like you like to play the mouth organ…..
Sanky: how do you know……..you know what shonaa…….i love you for such qualities only…..
Swara: thank you….
Sanky: well there are no sorrys and thankyou’s for shonaa in Sanskar’s dictionary….
Swara simply smiles…..
She then pushes Sanskar out of the room…..
Sanskar : please baby let me accompany you while sleeping too….naa….
Swara blushes but she at last pushes sanskar out of the room…….
Sanskar: I am angry with you….i won’t talk to you…
Swara: let’s see……..and sanky vanishes to his room…..

Sanskar wakes up next day only to see he is very late…..and….it was already half past 8…..
Sanskar: oh my god…. I am very late she would have woken up by now..and would be waiting for me…
Sanskar hurriedly got ready and left to the hall ………but he dosen’t find swara there,……
Sanskar: where is swara ramu kaka……?
Ramu kaka: she went to office early sir…….she came to your room..too…..was playing with your hairs beta…….
Sanskar blushes……
And then he leaves for office…….
Just then Swara comes through the backdoor…
Swara: is he is gone…..?
Kaka: haa….beta………
Swara: now tell me what are Sanskar’s favourite dishes……
Kaka explains her everything…….and then……
Swara: You take leave now till our family returns…….
Kaka: as your wish beta……
And kaka vanishes……

Swara then goes to the kitchen and prepares all of Sanky’s favorite dishes..
Sanky returns in the evening……and when he goes to the dining table…….
He sees everything of his menu……
Sanky: (murmurs) wow..ramu kaku thankyou so……much….!
Swara comes holding a dish in her hand……..and sanky is surprised…
Sanskar: what are you doing……
Swara: can’t you see cooking…
Sanky: it means you cooked all t….these dishes…..
Swara: why can’t I cook?
Sanky: where is kaka….?
Swara: I gave him a off……..
Sanky: why..?
Swara: I needed privacy with my Akadu………..( smiling)
Sanky: privacy haa………
Sanky comes closer to swara…..and holds her hands romantically and kisses her forehead…….swara closes her eyes…..
Sanky feels as if his hands are getting wet…..and he instantly removes his sees ……..
He sees…..it was blood………..he was tensed worried as well as shocked…….

Sanky: show me your Shonaa……..
Swara nods in a noo………
Sanky: show it me Swara………
Swara shows her hands to him…….and sanky was shocked seeing a deep cut in swara’s right thumb………
Sanky: Why do u do things which hurt you……
Swara: (innocently) to see a smile on your face…….
Sanky froze listening to her innocent answer…..and then he rushed towards his room……..
And did first aid to swara…….
Swara was smiling seeing his concern…..
Sanky: how can smile…..i mean I am dying seeing you hurt and you feel nothing…..
Swara : you are too cute and loving sanskar……. And pulls his cheeks……
Swasan share a cute eyelock…….
And then what…….sanky makes swara eat the dinner with his own hands……
And vice-versa…….
Later sanskar plans a surprise for swara…….
Sanky: Swara let’s go for a walk…….
Swara: sure………!
And they leave for a walk at night…….which became too memorable for them….

Swara is taking a leisurely walk with Sanskar behind the house. This is , one that leads to the trees that mark the dead end of the house in the northern
direction. Yet it’s safe. . Being here has always meant being in the lap of nature.
The beauty of this place is that but then, at any time ,of the day
one can see a few faces relaxing in their own way.
But this evening is different. Since there is no one here at this time of the
night. The place is dead silent. As they walk, sanskar and swara get their much-needed privacy. To add to
it is the layer of fog in the air that has dimmed the effect of the white streetlights glowing overhead.
Visibility is limited to a few metres. It’s like a white night. The sound of insects far away in the woods
makes the place a bit spooky. Swara moves as close to Sanskar as possible to feel safer.
It’s been a little more than twenty-four hours since she has been engaged to Sanskar….After spending a
very special night texting on the phone and then spending a whole day together, this is the first moment
of privacy bestowed to them by Mother Nature. They know that it’s quite late for them to be here. But
they find each other’s company so addictive that they want to delay their goodbyes for as long as

Sanskar has got something for her. He slides his hand into his pocket. Swara anxiously waits for him to
pull his hand out.
It’s a pendant. A heart-shaped one.
Swara ’s eyes glitter looking at it. ‘For me?’ she asks smiling. Sanskar nods.
‘It’s lovely,’ she says while running her fingers over it after which she turns her back towards sanskar’’
and lifts her hair from over the collar of her jacket.
Sanky accepts her invitation to clasp the pendant around her neck. When it’s done, swara turns back
towards him and looks at her pendant.
‘This really looks nice! Thank you!’ she says without looking at him. His eyes are glued to her new
Some time pass and they chose to take a walk.
So much has changed in our lives in this year ,’ sanskar says.
They keep walking. It’s colder towards the trees. The chill in the air makes sanky long for swara ’s
warmth. He wants to touch her; hold her in his arms. But he also wants to make sure that he doesn’t end
up scaring her. For a moment he debates with himself. He knows it is the perfect moment, one that may
not come again soon. He doesn’t want to waste it.
‘It is fine, we are in love moreover we are also engaged to each other..,’ he assures himself and then cautiously makes his move. They have reached

the end of the road and ahead of them are the wild bushes. They are about to turn back.swara also wishes to get intimate. She rubs her hands and hints that she is feeling cold.
Two anxious hearts are getting ready to discover the next stage of their newly accepted relationship.
Their excitement soon gives way to burning passion.
Right at that moment swara feels sanky’s hand over hers, trying to hold her. Right at that moment she
stops. His touch is different tonight. She can feel it. It’s the touch of a man who is craving to express his
love in a manner that goes beyond words.
In that cold insulated night, she too wants to experience it. Without looking at him, she spreads apart
her fingers, making way for his fingers to intertwine with hers. It’s a sign for sanskar. All is okay. He
begins to rub the back of her hand with his thumb.
His touch has accelerated her heartbeat. Instead of transforming warmth to her body, sanskar
physical touch has made her shiver. But then she doesn’t want to leave his hand. She enjoys that
moment. She wants to live that sensation of trembling in his arms.
Sanskar reaches out for her other hand. swara surrenders herself. They are now facing each other. But
she is too shy to look up at him. She is well aware of what’s in his mind. Sanky loosens the grip of his
hands and holds her face instead. He looks into her eyes. At that moment swara experiences an
adrenaline rush. She can’t face him and closes her eyes.
In the blurry depth of that cold white night, under the last streetlight on the abandoned stretch of the
road that leads to the woods, he tries to look at swara’s face—in the greatest possible detail. As if he is
trying to remember the shape of her fine eyebrows and the slope of her eyelashes. As if he is trying to
save a picture of her in his mind. From her chiselled nose his gaze slides down to her lips. He can make
out the fragrance.

He tucks a few strands of her hair behind her right ear and prepares to say something. He is still
holding her face between the palms of his hands.
‘swara . . .’ he says. His voice is husky.
She hears her name passionately called out by sanky… But swara is in no position to respond. With
her eyes still closed, she can make out sanky’s proximity to her. His breath on her face.
She sighs in that moment of bliss. Her lips part a bit.
Sanky is still staring at her face. ‘. . . Swara. . . I love you. I so do.’
It’s such bliss to listen to these words. She put her arms around him. His proximity has made her
numb.. She is moments away from experiencing the first ever kiss of her
life. Gosh! This is happening. She knows she isn’t dreaming. It is all for real. She is present in that
moment. And she is prepared for it.
He bends down to kiss her. Sanky closes his eyes and their lips meet. There is an explosion of senses
as Sanky goes deeper and sucks on her lower lip as if trying to extract all his share of love from her. He
pulls her closer to himself. She tightens her arms around him and kisses him back with equal passion.
They are now kissing each other hungrily as if they have waited for this all their lives. The cold, the
darkness, the world around them ceases to matter. All they feel is each other—the wetness between their
Their breathing gets heavier. Their kisses get deeper. And their sighs get louder. It’s a divine moment
for them.
They don’t know how much time has passed. Suddenly
The magic of the moment is temporarily broken. They move apart a bit but still have their arms around each other…….
Love you forever Shonaa!’ Sanskar says to a smiling Swara and goes back to kissing her……

Precap: swasan in a party………

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