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scene1: galodia mansion mumbai

Sumi opens the door and is surprised to see Swara come with a boy..
Sumi: come inside beta…
Sanky hugs sumi and shekhar.
Sanky:aunty it’s been so many years I want to eat your Hand made rasgullas..
Sumi(surprised): sorry but I didn’t recognize beta,…
Swara: maa! Sanskaar…………..!
Sumi: sanskar beta tum.. kitne badal gaye ho..
Sanky: rasgullas..!
Sumi smiles and goes.

Swara came down all ready and she is surprised to see sanky… he was gulping down all the rasgullas like a child..
Swara: do u want just eat rasgullas or you really are interested in seeing my office…
Sanky: coming swara… let’s go.. bye aunty..
And they leave.
Swara is driving the car and sanky is seeing the beautiful Mumbai from outside… suddenly at a bumper
Swara’s hair tickle sanskar’s face and his heart skipped a beat his breaths stopped for a second.. and his soul was felling strange but happy… swara also felt something strange… but ignored the situation…
Sanky: swara u drive so slow… please be fast otherwise we would not reach there today…..
Swara drives fast to her office….
Swara is in the conference room whereas sanky is sitting in guest room and enjoying the ac.. funny isn’t it?
He sees someone being called by the name anuj ad he is shocked to see him.he I mean anuj is tall,handsome with spectacles which gives him a dashing look.sanskar call him.

Anuj: what can I do for u sir?
Sanky: are u someone special to swara?
Anuj(smiles): so u are swara’s old friend ! are u..?
Sanky: why! Yes…
Anuj: please don’t tell swara that I told you this thing….ok… she was just acting…sir told me to act also..
Sanky: Acting?
Anuj: to be pecise I am married and happy.. if something like that was there I would have been fired on the first day itself…
Sanky: oh!
Anuj: are u sanskar sir?
Sanky: yes!
Anuj: nothing u will know soon..
Swara comes out of the meeting hall… sanky signals anuj to go from there..and swara smiles seeing
him and wondering all the time why her tension vanishes when she sees him smiling.

Sanky: swara! Are u coming with me to see Mumbai or not?!
Swara: sure let’s go..
Sanskar is all excited and dragging swara everywhere and swara is completely exhausted..
Swara: sanky I am tired..
Sanky: just a few more places please………
The please word melted swara’s heart…
Swara: ok..!
Swara: (pulls his cheeks) you are a cute baby….!
Sanky:baby? Me..(winks)
Swara: oh no..! it’s nothing like that..
Sanskar smiles..
Swasan reach home late at night and they see sumi sleeping in the dining room..
Swara: (waking her up ) Maa! What are you doing here…
Sumi(sleepily): ok how was Mumbai sanskar?

Sanky:awesome aunty..!goog night !
Sumi(waves):good night beta!
Sumi leaves to her room while the two friends enjoy……….
SCENE 06 :
SWASAN reach Calcutta the next day…
Ragini: di! I want to show you something….
Swara winks at lucky and leaves with ragini…
Ragini: Lucky……………!
Swara: Lucky.! What?
After swasan left for Mumbai lucky used to spend most of his day with ragini..
Lucky: let’s go outside, I have a surprise for you…..
Ragini: For me..! ok!
By then RAGINI also started feeling for Lucky but…
Laksh took Ragini to a hospital..
Then he took ragini to a delivery ward and stood there waiting for sometime….

After sometime a woman who had just delivered a baby was being shifted to a general ward…and saw
her husband caressing lovingly to both the wife and the baby….
Lucky: have u ever seen a baby born…..
Ragini: No!!!!!!!!!…………….
Lucky: I wanted to show you this just to say that whatever realion we might have in future would be pure like what we saw a few moments ago….
Ragini is surprised by his words…
Ragini: ok baba… what is my surprise…
Lucky: you have to wait for that…..!
Ragini is excited about her surprise..
Lucky then takes her to a restaurant where they have dinner.laksh smiles seeing ragini smiling..
While coming back from the restaurant… the car keys fell from lucky’s hand and both ragini and laksh bent to pick it up and their heads bang….
Both smile seeing each other…
Flashback ends…
Swara: so what gift did he give you…?
Ragini: wellll….
Swara: haa…
Ragini…: well……ummm…….he gave me this….

Swara opened the box and was delighted …
Lucky had gifted ragini a diamond bracelet and a photo album in which there were raglak’s photos….
Ragini: what to do di….!
Before swara could answer her phone rings…….
Swara: hi sanky……!
Sanky: hi.! Are you free tomorrow.. I would like to have a date with you….!(jokingly)
Swara: ohooo…..Mr Maheshwari wants to go on a date with me….!
Sanky: be rady by 6 pm I will come to pick you up…..
Swara: byee…………..!

Swara since a long time has been dodging with her wardrobe.. she has worn almost every dress didn’t like it and then changed again…at last sshe she wears a lavender coloured gown with matching accessories.
Her long hair is left open with soft curls longing down…
Sanky comes there ad is waiting for her outside…
Swara: ok dadi I will soon come back…
Dadi: ok beta be careful…!
Ragini: no need to be careful dii. Enjoy your day….(comes near swara and whispers)
Please don’t irritate my JIJU..!
Swara smiles and realizes what ragini just said…
She goes and hits ragini and they have a cute nok-jhok.
She hears sanky calling her continuosly and goes…
Swara(shouts):coming..! Ragini I will see u when I am back….

Swara: Sanskar where are we going..!
Sanky: Swara! You have been asking this question since last 30 minutes and I have pleading to wait for it….
Swara: that surprise is killing me sanky….
Sanky: just a few more minutes… chudiyalllll
Sanky takes swar to a hut near that lake where they shared a cute eyelock on sangeet night…
Swara was blindfolded and was being taken by sanky carefully
At last they reach inside the hut and swara’s eyes are opened and she is surprised and shocked…!
The hut’s wall were full of swasan pics of their childhood moments…
Swara couldn’t control her happiness and hugs sanskar…….


Credit to: JANPA

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