Swasan: stone face and the secret lover

A girl rings the bell of a flat. A lady opens it.
Lady: What happened to you swara?
Swara is in a shirt with stains on it. Nothing ma may I come in?
Sharmista: yea of course come in. She stands aside and closes the door after swara gets in.
Sharmista: now tell
Swara: that idiot ma… I was in the canteen having my cold coffee and was coming toward the door from no where a guy comes.
Flash back
Swara goes toward the door a guy enters in a rush and swara spills the coffee on him.
Swara: oh shit! I am so sorry.
Guy: its ok you wont have to be. ( the guy orders another cup of cold coffee)
Guy: here you go.. Because of me your coffee got wasted.
Swara stretched her hand to take it that time the guy spills the coffee on her shirt.
Guy: how did you even think I will let you go so easily? You spoiled my favourite T-shirt. So shirt for shirt. Scores settle.
Swara looks at him angrily.
Guy: what are you staring at my face? I know I am so handsome but no need to stare.
Swara: since I spoiled your t shirt already . She throws the remaining coffee on his shirt. Now the scores are settled.
She leaves from there.
Flash back ends.

Sharmista: this is not done swara. It was your first day at college and you instead of making friends made a enemy and came home.
Swara: but ma . That idiot … I did not do it at purpose right? Then why did he do this?
Sharmista: let it be I dont care.. You will apologize to him tomorrow. Otherwise whats the difference between you and him?
Swara: but ma….
Sharmista(in a firm voice): I dont want to hear anything. Go and change. Lunch is ready come soon.

Swara bangs her room door.

Her point of view
That idiot! Because him ma also got angry on me. I wont leave him. What does he think of himself. Is he the king of this world? Even if he is I wont let him go so easily. If I meet him next time I wont let him go so easily.

She comes out.
Sharmista is sitting at the dinning table waiting for swara. Swara comes and joins her.

Sharmista: swara I know you are angry on me. But swara its a new place for us and first day itself you made enmity with someone. Its not correct right? I know you dont like kolkota as much as you like mumbai. But I can’t help it shona. You know right due to my work I have to keep moving.
Swara listens to her quietly and gulps down her food.
She finishes her lunch and goes to her room.
Sharmista also cleans everything and goes to her room.
She opens a book and sees a picture and cries.
” you know right we needed you and you left us… After you swara also has become so arrogant. Where ever she goes she has some problems. I got her to the place where we fist met I hope this place gives her the love she needs. Its been months since I last saw her smile. The way she used to laugh her heart out when you were with us. I really miss you shekar. I really wish you could be with us” she closes the book and wipes her tears.

Swara sees her ma crying and leaves from there. She comes to her room thinking. ( to her self)
Swara what you have done? You brought tears in ma’s eyes? This is not done swara. I should have listened to her. I will go and say sorry to that guy. But before that i have to make her mood alright. Ma is very sad. She thinks for a while. I know what to do.
She goes out of the flat.

When sharmista comes out of her room she sees sorry written in rose petals and swara standing in front of her holding her ears.
Swara: i am sorry ma
Sharmista comes there and hugs swara.
Sharmista:you dont have to be sorry shona.. I am sorry because of me you had to leave mumbai. I know its tough for you. You left your friends and everything behind.
Swara: no ma i promise that i will apologize to that guy. I will make sure that no tears come in your eyes ever.
Sharmista: for that you don’t have to cry.
Swara realises that she was crying and wipes her tears: no ma i was not crying i am your strong girl nah. Woh toh something went in my eyes.
Sharmista: shona you have not grown so big also that you can hide your tears from your mother.
Swara: ok ma i have something for you…
Sharmista: what?
Swara: your favourite rosa-gulla . She put one in her mouth. Sharmista puts one in swara’s mouth also.
Sharmista: from where did you get these?
Swara: woh ma there is shop opposite our building from there.
Sharmista: by the way you have to set all the things in the house when they come by cargo. I have to go.
Swara: yea yea i will but where are you going?
Sharmista: i got a call from office. I need to go. I’ll catch you later. She kisses swara’s forehead and leaves.
Swara: bye ma! Love you!

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