Swasan: stone face and the secret lover (Part 9)

Swara: look at this ragini. Inter college music competition coming up!
Ragini: yea i know saw it yesterday.
Swara: great isnt it?
Swara: come on lets give our names to participate.
Ragini:listen to me swara
Swara pulls her and takes her with her
Ragini: swara listen to me atleast once
Swara: later ragini. I dont want to miss this chance

Swara goes to the office and comes out with a sad face
Ragini: what happened?
Swara: they are saying they are not taking more people. Names were already given yesterday. I m late. If you had seen it why did you not give my name?
Ragini: swara … Swara… Sit down
She makes swara sit on a bench
Swara: i was really excited for this
Ragini: then you should be
Swara: what do you mean? They did not take my name
Ragini: i know
Ragini: swara why will they take your name if they already have your name
Swara:they have meaning?
Ragini: i gave your name yesterday itself
Swara happy:really?
Ragini nods swara hugs her.
Swara:i m so happy !
Ragini: i can see that.
Swara: thank you soo much. I wish i would stay with you for more time but m getting late for my class. Bye.
Ragini: no problem. Bye.

Locker room
Swara opens her locker and screams
Sanskar: i did not know witches also get scared of spiders. I thought they are your best friends.
Swara: you?! How did you open my locker?
Sanskar:with my sacred hands. (he smirks)
Swara: i will complain about you for robbing my things.
Sanskar: oh really?! This is not school sanki! Grow up.
Swara: ugh! She throws the rubber spider on him. Sanskar catches it.
Sanskar: you should take care of your locker. I found it open so i went to it. I dont have the hobby of robbing someone.
Other students look at them
Swara: thanks for your advice. She moves to go out and then comes back again.
Sanskar is talking to some girls.
Swara: by the way stoneface i too have an advice for you. Do close your zip. Saying this she goes.
Sanskar looks down and sees it closed but by then everyone laughs.
Sanskar: swara!! Sanki!! Everytime she does this.

Swara’s apartment
Swara finds a a bouquet of flowers.
Note: For a flower some flowers. Like these flowers my love will never die for you. (swara: that means his love will die in a day or two) Look carefully .. My love will not die in a day or two there’s an artificial flower. Swara smiles.
Swara: i need to find out about this soon. Its high time.
Door bell rings
Swara: ma has come so soon?
She opens and finds sanskar
Swara:you?! Dont you understand that if you are not wanted somewhere you must leave.
Sanskar: m not dying to see your face.
Swara:then stop irritating and disturbing me.
Sanskar: fine! Take this your stupid hair drier.
Swara: how did you get it?! I gave it for repairs.
Sanskar: unfortunately the guy who was supposed to give you this landed at my place. He needed to go somewhere else so that stupid fellow gave it to me.
Swara: may be he recognised you as a courier boy.
Sanskar’s phone rings.
Sanskar: yea m coming. He cuts the call.
Sanskar: i dont expect you to say thank you. But anyways your welcome.
Swara shows him tongue.

At night

Swara screams in anger.
Sharmista comes there and is shocked:shona ? What is all this? She laughs.
Swara’s hair and face is covered with white powder.
Swara:that blo*dy stoneface. I wont leave him.
Sharmista controlls her laughter: atleast clean yourself. Tell me what happened?
Swara: that sanskar…idiot…stupid creature. He played with my hair drier.
Swara: i came out to dry my hair when i plugged in the hair drier and put it on this thing came on my face.
Sharmista giggles
Swara: ma stop laughing!
Sharmista:i am trying not to swara but what to do you look very funny in this. Your hair is white.. I can only see your eye balls which are brown rest everything…she laughs.
Swara: i wont spare him ma..
Sharmista: first clean yourself.
Sharmista goes out giggling:mad people.

Its 1 am
Sanskar is sitting on the terrace.
He hears something. He turns and gets scared.
Sanskar screams:gh…gh…ghost!
It comes closer to him
Sanskar to himself : sanskar beta chill.. Its 21 century ghosts dont exist now. And even if they , they dont wear trendy clothes.
Sanskar slaps it. The mask falls and its swara.
Swara holding her cheek: yea..i
Sanskar: what nonsense was that?
Swara: why did you slap me?
Sanskar: then what was i supposed to do? Hug the ghost? What were you trying to do?
Swara: scare you and in return i only got a shock
Sanskar: good you got a lesson
Swara: lesson or slap? How hard you slept me! Its still hurting
Sanskar: who told you to mess with me?
Swara: woh.. You messed with my hair drier because of you i had to clean myself again.
Sanskar: freak! I missed to see you like that.
Swara: shut up!
Sanskar: i was quiet only you came to disturb me.
Swara: what were you doing here?
Sanskar:why? I cant be here?
Swara: do you come here everyday?
Swara: i hear someone playing mouth organ at this time. But never saw that person.
Sanskar: yea because its your dream.
Swara: how are you so sure?
Sanskar: because i come here everyday and never heard it. I live here before you. If there was someone. I would definetly know.
Swara: i am darn sure that i dont dream. Its not my dream.
Sanskar:then prove it.
Swara: lets wait here and see. Keep your eyes and ears open.
Sanskar:you only wait here. Its already 1:30. I m leaving.
Swara:you want to see then wait.
Both are waiting its 1:45 am
Sanskar: what happened? Your dream is not turning into reality?
Swara: i dont know why he is not coming.? Usually he comes around 1-1:30
Sanskar:i m hungry. You sit and wait for your dream to come true. I m going.
Swara: no you cant go. If you go and the person comes then?
Sanskar: but i m hungry. Im leaving.
Swara:here you go. I had some biscuits.
Sanskar:what were you doing with biscuits?
Swara: i was about to eat when i saw you here.
Sanskar:i dont believe you. It must be your stupid prank.
Swara:i m opening the packet in front of you only.
She opens it and gives some biscuits to sanskar.
Sanskar: i will wait for more 5 minutes then you wait alone.
Swara:fine have atleast
Sanskar takes a bite and gets toothpaste taste. Foam comes out from his mouth.
Swara looks at him and laughs: just look at your face… See the foam…she giggles.
Sanskar:what were these? How did you do that?
Swara: you should have noticed stone face the packet was open from the side i was holding it.
Sharmista comes there:swara?! What are you doing here at this time?
Swara stops laughing
Sanskar: she is in search of her wizard.
Sharmista: and you? Were you brushing your teeth?
Swara giggles.
Sharmista looks at her : what were you guys doing here at this time?
Swara: he was eating biscuits …
Sharmista:so you came to see him?
Sanskar chuckles.
Swara: no ma
Sharmista: come on now lets go home.
Swara:yea ma
Swara and sharmista goes.
Sanskar spits the biscuit and foam: oi sanki take your mask
Both turn
Sharmista:you go home i will get it
Sharmista comes there with teary eyes
Sanskar: what happened aunty? Something went in your eye?
Sharmista: nothing beta… Its just that i m very happy today. After years i saw my shona laughing . After her father’s death this is the first time she laughed openly. Whatever may be the reason i m happy to see her laugh like this. Thank you so much.
Sanskar:you dont need to thank me. I did not do anything.
Sharmista smiles: you guys did not tell me only what were you people doing here.
Sanskar: she had come to see a person who plays mouth organ. Then we waited here to see but he did not turn up.
Sharmista: i dont know who plays it. But since we came here swara sleeps only hearing that soothing sound. I hope he shows up.
Sanskar : yea .. I think i should sleep and you too.
Sharmista:good night
Sanskar:good night.
Sharmista goes.
Sanskar removes the mouth organ from his pocket:so miss sanki you love this tune and only i can make you sleep.
He plays it.

Thanks for reading guys. Do comment. I hope you people liked it. Thanks a lot and keep reading. Thanks to all those you commented under last one. I am glad that you liked it. I m sorry for not posting yesterday my net connection is driving me nuts. Hope to change it soon.

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