Swasan: stone face and the secret lover (Part 8)

Six months have past. Swara is still oblivious about her secret lover. Her mini cupboard is filled with the gifts and letters. Now she doesnt throw them but is investigating the handwriting. So also the major fight between sanskar and her is still on. Ragini and she have become best friends. Now she likes kolkota and happy about it.

Ragini and swara are walking. A guy comes to them.
Guy: hey do you know sanskar and swara?
Ragini:ofcourse who doesn’t? She winks at swara. But how are you not aware about them?
Swara: are you new here?
Guy: yup. I came here because of swasan.
Swara: swasan?
Guy: swara and sanskar equals to swasan.
Ragini:forget that why are you here?
Guy: my friends told me there is always entertainment here. Specially the swasan fight. I took admission here because of them only.
Swara:ohh tell me more
Guy: i would love to watch their amazing fights and chemistry.
Ragini laughs.
Swara: are you not here to study? Or only to see their entertainment?
Guy: ofcourse not . Studies? Who cares? I am here to enjoy my new college life.
Swara: if you meet your “swasan” do get an autograph for us.
Guy:yea sure
Ragini: yea yea enjoy looking out for your “swasan”. Bye.

Ragini:see swara you and bhai are so famous. People from other colleges have come to see you.
Swara: seriously? Swasan!? How irritating it sounds.
Ragini:how about stoneface and sanki? She chuckles.
Swara:yea yea. Very funny.
Ragini:those days are not far when you guys become a pair for trolls.
Swara:dont you think you are laughing too much these days?
Swara:by the way i need to rush. Ma will be waiting for me. Catch you later. Bye.
Ragini: bye take care.

Swara’s house

Sharmista: so tell me swara …
Swara:what ma?
Sharmista: what did sanskar do to you today?
Swara:it not necessary that he does something to me everyday.
Sharmista:so what did you do?
Swara: i also did not do anything.
Sharmista checks her forehead
Sharmista:its a miracle you guys have not done anything today in college.
Swara: so what?
Sharmista:so? I will offer 10 coconuts to lord. Seriously swara i was waiting for this day.
Swara:ma stop joking.
Sharmista: swara from past six months i was waiting for this day. You guys did so many stupid things. Some of them were the worst things i heard.
Sharmista:like eating exam papers seriously swara? ! I still cant believe that you guys ate each others exam paper. Yuck.
Swara:please ma he did it because i had stuck chewing gum on his hair
Sharmista:poor guy had to shave his hair.
Swara:what about my hair? Even i had to cut them.
Sharmista: thats what i am telling you today you guys have not done anything its a miracle.
Swara: that means you wait for something to happen. I dont understand what great thing they find between our fights.
Sharmista: entertainment.
Swara:you also?
Sharmista:i also ?
Swara: yea you know a guy took admission in our college due to our so called entertainment fights.
Sharmista laughs
Swara:stop laughing ma..

Door bell rings
Sharmista:go see who is it

Swara opens it
Swara:talk of the devil and it appears
Sanskar: haha very funny
Swara: why are you here ?
Sanskar:to kiss you
Swara: shut up
Sanskar: i thought you missed me today in college so i came to you
Swara: even my shoe wont miss you
Sanskar: yea you are correct coz you wont give it a chance to miss me.
Swara: i think you missed me thats why you are here
Sanskar: stop giving importance to yourself
Swara: then buzz off
Sanskar: i came to meet aunty … Move away from my way
He pushes her slightly and goes in
Swara:get out from my house
Sanskar: its aunty’s house
Sharmista:what happened? You guys started again.
Swara: he is so shameless. After telling you to get out you still standing inside.
Sharmista:shhhhh! Tell me sanskar
Sanskar: the watchman asked me to handover these papers to you.
Sharmista:oh thanks alot.
Swara: i did not know you do courier service also.
Sanskar: now that you know what will you do sanki
Swara: stoneface!
Sanskar: by the way i got something for you. I hope you like it i made it myself. He gives it to her and goes toward the door.
Swara opens it and finds a sketch of witch with her face on it.
Sharmista looks at it and laughs.
Swara: take it for yourself. She throws it on his face. And thanks for wasting your precious time for that.
Sanskar: your welcome! She bangs the door on his face.
Sanskar screams from outside: i will upload this on instagram facebook and all social networking sites.
Swara opens the door and finds he is gone.
She runs behind him.

Sharmista: oh god now you only know what will happen next.

Sanskar’s apartment
Swara sees the door open and enters
Sanskar comes out sipping his beer bottle and is shirtless
Swara: eww!
Sanskar: what? What are you doing here?
Swara: atleast wear your shirt
Sanskar: you are forgetting you are at my place. I can do anything here. I can even stay naked in my house you should not have any problem.
Swara: fine! Give me that poster
Sanskar: i am not going to.
Swara: give it. Its mine
Sanskar: you threw it. Now its mine.
Swara: you dare upload it on social networking sites.
Sanskar: why you think i wont. Its my property, those are my accounts and i got my freedom to upload anything. What are you to do with it?
Swara: because thats my picture.
Sanskar: so you agree that you are a witch.
Swara’s jaw drops
Swara: you are such a….
Sanskar: stoneface?!
Swara: jerk
Sanskar see your picture: he shows her poster
Swara tries to grab the phone
Sanskar: not so easily.
Swara finally pulls the phone.
Sanskar tries to take it from her. Both of their hands over the phone
Sanskar:leave it
Swara: you leave it
Sanskar: its my phone you leave it
Swara: you leave it
Sanskar: swara leave it. See the picture will upload.
Swara: you leave it.
Sanskar leaves it and swara falls with phone .

The phone beeps: picture successfully uploaded.
Sanskar laughs: see now the whole world will be knowing about you being a witch.
Swara: shut up! Because of you now this stupid picture is uploaded on social networking site.
Sanskar: me? The phone was in your hand.
Swara: you left it and it uploaded.
Sanskar: you were the one who told me to leave it.
The phone beeps again: you got 100 likes on your recently uploaded picture.
Sanskar chuckles: looks like people liked the witch!
Swara: what?!
Sanskar:see your picture got 100 likes. Great isnt it?
Swara: shut up! Remove the picture before i break your head.
Sanskar: i wont!
Swara: remove i said.
Sanskar: let me finish my beer. Then i might think about removing your picture.
Swara: you are bothered about your beer !! Remove the picture now.
Sanskar: chill! Give me 2 minutes i’ll finish this.
Swara: finish it later.
Sanskar: you are wasting my time. Let me take a sip.
Swara: give me your phone
Sanskar: no

Swara pulls the bottle from his mouth and empties it on his pant.
Sanskar: what the f**k is wrong with you?
Swara:let me taje your picture if urinating in your pants.
Sanskar; you wont. My phone is with me.
Swara: but mine is in my hand right! She clicks. How about this going on instagram?
Sanskar: no you wont!
Swara: why wont i?
Swara: delete my picture first and remove it. Or else i will upload yours.
Swara: do it fast and show
Sanskar: see you got more 100 likes. I think you should change your mind .
Swara: fine i will upload yours then.
Sanskar:ok ok i will remove it.
Swara: show
Sanskar: see done. I deleted your picture also. Now you delete mine .
Swara deletes it:see
Sanskar:i hope you dont have more
Swara:no stoneface.
She bangs the door and leaves.
Sanskar:sanki forgot to take the poster

Thanks for reading. Thanks for your lovely comments under last one. I hope you liked this one. Happy bhau dhuj to all. And happy halloween to all. Have a great evening ahead. Thanks✌✌?✌??

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