Swasan: stone face and the secret lover (Part 7)

Next day
Swara wakes up holding her head.
Swara:ouch! When did i reach here? Who got me here?
Sharmista comes with lime water: hangover?
Swara: a…i got migrain… Ma who got me here?
Sharmita: drink this… Sanskar got you home.
Swara coughs: what?!
Sharmista: yea… He is a nice guy. You simply dislike him.
Swara: ma you don’t know… He is the one behind my state.
Sharmista: ohhk stop it now.
Sharmista:how did your fingers get cut? Were you playing in anger?
Swara: yea
Sharmista: how many times to tell you? When you are angry you mudt not play? Show me i will put anti septic.
Swara: no ma…
Sharmista: show me i said
Swara: no ma…i will put. Its ok.
Sharmista:fine. Get ready soon. I will drop you.

On the road
Sanskar waiting for a cab. No one stops for him.
Sanskar: the whole kolkota has decided to travel by cab today? No one is stopping also.
Hell with that swara because of her i had to leave my bike there. Today am not getting any cab also. Cone on sanskar you have to walk only. He starts walking while a car jerks and honks.
Sanskar: what the hell is wrong with this people?
Sharmista calls out: sanskar..
Swara: ma why are you calling him?
Sanskar walks toward them.
Sharmista: shut up swara!

Sanskar: yea aunty?
Sharmista: are you going for college?
Sanskar: yea aunty
Sharmista: come sit let me drop you guys.
Sanskar sits inside
Sharmista: i thought you owe a bike
Sanskar: i do but last night i left it in the college.
Sharmista: see swara because of you he left the bike there
Swara: ma please… I did not ask for his help(to her self; or did i? I dont remember anything )
Sharmista: swara atleast have the coutesy to say thanks to him.
Sanskar:its ok aunty i understand her hangover is still not gone
Swara: shut up before i kick you out of my car.
Sharmista: swara….
Swara: ma we are here. Bye. Take care.
Sharmista: by the way sanskar come over tonight. We have our house warming party. Please do come.
Sanskar; no aunty.
Swara: yea ma its ok
Sharmista: you keep quite swara. I insist sanskar you must come.
Sanskar: hmmm
Sharmista: you are coming and thats final.
Sanskar just nods and thanks her for droping. Swara bids bye to sharmista.

SwaSan walk toward the gate. Ragini comes there.
Ragini: hi bhai! Hi swara!
Swara boggled: bhai?
Sanskar pulls her ear: how many times i told you not to call me bhai infront of others.?
Ragini; ok.. She looks at swara who is all confused but dont want to say or hear anything. Ragini swipes the hand before her eyes.
Swara: hi m sorry i got severe migrain
Sanskar goes from there.
Ragini: yea… After all that happened last night. But you play very well. Ijust loved you playing style. The beats were amazing.
Swara: thanks can you help me by telling what exactly happened after the performance?i m really not getting any clue.
Ragini: calm down nothing much happened. I will tell you. She tells her everything. Before that what happened i also have no clue bhai gave me a call.
Swara: shit! I spoilt your evening that means.
Ragini: no not really i was about to leave when bhai had called.
Swara: are you free tonight? Please say yes.
Ragini: yea… Why but?
Swara: come to my house then. My mom organised a dinner for sanskar you also helped me so you also come over. Please dont say no.
Ragini: yea… Ok
Swara: great… See you then.

RagSan sitting in the canteen
Ragini: so bhai swara doesnt know that you were not drunk.
Sanskar: yea … Please dont tell her. Dont know what that sanki will do to me after hearing that.
Ragini laughs: so you are scared of her.
Sanskar denies: no its just that …
Ragini: come on bhai i know you are scared
Sanskar: please… Dont you see how i fooled her last night by not drinking vodka. She is brainless.
Ragini: i heard you are called tonight for special dinner.
Sanskar: yea but…
Ragini: even i m invited. So are you going? Please say yes. I really dont want to be there as a lonely soul.
Sanskar: fine.

Ragini gets happy.

Sanskar and ragini come together.
Sharmista welcomes them.
Sharmista looks at ragini: so you must be ragini. I heard alot about you.
Ragni greets her: yea
Sharmista calls for swara: shona … Look they are here comeout fast.
Swara: yea ma coming.
Swara comes out and greets ragini. She gives sanskar a cold look and so does he.
Sharmista: actually its our house warming party so please make yourself comfortable. I have to attend other guests. Please excuse me.
Sanskar: sure aunty.
She goes.
Sanskar: so miss sanki wont you like to know what happened between us yesterday?
Swara wants to know but says no
Sanskar: really?
Swara: yea
Sanskar: its ok i think we should not discuss those things in public.
Swara shocked: what do you mean by public?
Sanskar: you know what i mean after all you were also involved.
Ragini is not getting any clue but standing quitely
Swara is totally confued and thinks about last night but cant remember anything: by the you were in your senses. Atleast i was drunk . Why did you not back out?
Sanskar is also boggled how she came to know about him not being drunk but gives her a normal reply:i dont like to say no to girls.
Swara’s mouth widens and thinks what must have she done.
Sharmista calls swara. And she goes.
Ragini: bhai what did you do?
Sanskar: nothing
Ragini: seriously
Sanskar: m just pulling her leg thats it.
Ragini laughs: when you guys will grown up!
Sanskar smirks.

Swara comes with waiter and gives ragini and sanskar starters.
Swara: wait…wait thats special for our special guest. She takes the plate from waiters hand and gives it to sanskar While waiter serves ragini.
Sanskar to himself: something is really fishy. She and giving me things that too with a grin. Cant believe.
Sanskar: no its ok. I dont want.
Swara: why? Come on sanskar. I know our timmings are always off but lets start our new begining. I know you dont believe me let me eat and show you. She eats. See nothing happened to me. She feeds him.
Ragini sees one of her friend andd excuses herself.
Sanskar coughs: this is so spicy. Give me water.
Swara: really?
Sanskar: you purposely did it. Give me water.
Everyone looks at them.
Sharmista:what happened?
Swara: nothing ma he just chocked. I will take him in.
Swara: come with me. She drags him in the kitchen.
Sanskar: give me water.
Swara: first tell me what happened last night.
Sanskar: first give me water.
Swara: you tell me first.
Sanskar:i promise i will tell you please give me water. Please.
Sanskar coughs and his eyes gets teary.
Swara: let me take a picture of stoneface crying. She clicks and gives him water.
Sanskar relives and takes deep breaths. He sits on the floor.
Swara worried: are you ok?
Sanskar: a…yea.. (still taking deep breaths)
Swara:i dont think so. What is happening to you? (he faints) sanskar ? Sanskar? She pats his cheek. What happened to him.! Swara cries and goes out in search of ragini.
Ragini: what happened swara? Why are you crying?
Swara: woh…woh …
Ragini: what?
Swara: sanskar..woh…fainted ….sanskar… Inside
Ragini: swara calm down. Tell me properly what happened?
Swara: sanskar..fainted..he is inside.
Ragini rushes inside while swara follows.
Ragini is shocked.
Ragini: what have you done swara?
Swara: i did not do…she looks at sanskar who is standing with a grin on his face.
Ragini and sanskar burst out in laughter.
Sanskar: let me take your picture. Just look at your face. He laughs again.
Ragini: bhai enough. She was so scared. You made her cry. Poor thing.
Sanskar was about to say something when he gets a call.
Sanskar attends it.
Sanskar: i need to leave. Bye guys enjoy your party sanki. He leaves hurridly.
Swara: idiot did not tell me what was he talking about .
Ragini: swara calm down. There was nothing about it. He was just pulling your leg.
Swara: what?!
Rahini: nothing happened last night. He was just kidding. Never take him seriously.
Swara relieved: bappa!
Ragini: by the way how you knew about him not being drunk?
Swara: i think you guys should look around while talking in the canteen.
Thanks for reading. I know m very late but my exams just ended two days back then i took a short break and yesterday my net connection sucked my brain. Please bear with me for that. Thanks for reading and please do comment. N happy diwali to all.

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