Swasan: stone face and the secret lover (Part 6)

Next morning
Sharmista:shona get up! How you can sleep on the window? Get up swara!
Swara: aaaa…yea..ma.. Good morning
Sharmista: are you not going for college?
Swara: ma today is fresher’s day and tonight there is a party.
Sharmista: so?
Swara: so nothing
Sharmista: get up and get ready you are supposed to go.
Swara: no ma its stupid to go for all these days. I mean why freshers day and farewell day?
Sharmista: ok fine. Atleast go for the party tonight.
Swara: no ma… Please
Sharmista: whats wrong with you? People of your age beg their parents to go for parties and here i am sending you and you are not willing to go.
Swara: ma please
Sharmista: you have to go. You only said that day that you will listen to what your mother says and now you are backing out.
Swara: ma it was not for parties. You are black mailing me.
Sharmista: think it was your papa’s wish.
Swara: ma! This is not fair… You are black mailing me.
Sharmista: i never thought that you would say no to your papa.
Swara: fine… I will go.
Sharmista hugs her: why do you sleep on the window? I already changed your mattress.
Swara: i dont know ma. I was not getting sleep but never came to know when i went to sleep i was listening to that melody of mouth organ.
Sharmista: ok fine.

At night
The host announces: hey guys and girls! Freshers and my fellow mates… Tonight its freshers night and you guys are sitting? Get up have fun…and he goes on.
Swara thinks how boring this idiot is. Can’t even host properly. Suddenly she feels a bump on the shoulder. Its sanskar.
Swara: stoneface…
Sanskar: sanki… You dont look bad
Swara: thanks
Sanskar: let me complete atleast . You look worse.
Swara: same goes to you. A stone looks far better than you. Stoneface. ( she shows him tongue)
Sanskar does the same.

Host: guys lets do something interesting. So freshers compete against your seniors in music. Lets see who has more talent. So who’s coming up? Okay i think i got them. Hey sanskar come up buddy. So sanskar will play the drums and against him will be… Sanskar grabs the mike.
Sanskar: i challenge swara.
Everyone cheer.
Swara goes to sanskar: be ready to lose.
Host: so guys sanskar will play the drums and swara?
Swara: guitar.
Host: ok guys lets cheer for them.
Sanskar takes the mike again: just playing drums and guitar? No fun right? Everyone cheers. So lets make it interesting. Before playing we will have 10 shos of vodka and after that if she is still standing and willing to play. Lets have the competetion. Whats say?
Swara: i accept your dare.

They start having shots sanskar finishes all ten and swara follows. Swara however feels dizzy. But stands and takes the guitar in her hands. They start playing.
Sanskar plays very well and swara also plays the guitar in anger. Sanskar sees her and feels that he is going to lose but still continues to play. Swara’s finger gets cut and sanskar at once stops.
Swara in a drunk state: you loosed the challenge. I won…i won… She shows him tongue.
The host announces swara the winner while sanskar leaves the stage.
Swara gets down the stage and goes out of the party.
(imagine swara in a drunk state)
Swara talking to herself: i took so many turns i am not reaching home only. She sees some boys: excuse me … Do you know where my house is?
Boys: yea…. Come with us we will drop you.
Sanskar sees them and comes there: whats happening?
Boys: you go away… Why do you care?
Sanskar: leave before i complain about you guys to principal.
Boys give him an angry look and leave.

Sanskar drags swara.
Sanskar: what is wrong with you? Cant you stay inside?
Swara: leave my hand you looser. Stoneface.
Sanskar to himself: blo*dy hell.. This sanki is drunk and i cant leave her alone here.
Sanskar turns to see swara not there: swara? Where the hell she disappeared? He sees swara walking toward the cemetery.
Sanskar runs behind her.
Swara: why are you following me?
Sanskar: swara come lets go home.
Swara: no i dont want to. She goes inside.
Sanskar: swara … He follows her.
Sanskar grabs her hand.
Swara: ouch…
Sanskar sees blood on her hand.
Sanskar: come lets band aid your cut. It must be paining.
Swara: pain? What is that?
Sanskar boggled: come swara..
Swara: dont you understand? Leave me alone.
She sits on one of the grave.
Sanskar: get up swara…. You are sitting on someone’s grave.
Swara: oh sanskar gets scared if a ghost comes and eats him. Hahaha.
Sanskar: shut up! He calls ragini.

Sanskar: hey did you get your car?
Ragini: yup bhai… What happened but?
Sanskar: great … Come to the cemetery. Its urgent.
Ragini: ok.

Sanskar picks her up
Swara hits him: leave me… Let me down.. Let me go
She frees herself and walks in between the road.
Swara: see me… I can walk even when there are cars and bikes on the road.
A bike comes speeding toward her. Sanskar pulls her behind.
Swara: leave me …. I dont need your help.
Sanskar: shut up! Stand here quietly.
Swara: i wont! Why should i listen to you? Who are you?
Sanskar: ok fine i challenge you not to move from your place if you don’t i will do whatever you say.
Swara: ok … I accept your challenge.
Sanskar: dont move
Swara: no you should say statue we are not playing police police that you tell me not to move.
Sanskar: fine! Statue!
Swara is giggling. Sanskar: shut up! Why is ragini taking so much time?
A car honks
Ragini: bhai?
Sanskar: there you are…
Ragini: what happened?
Sanskar: this sanki is drunk.
Ragini sees swara in a statue position: ok but why is she standing like that?
Sanskar: coz i told her. I think we need to drop her home safely. Its not safe here.
Ragini: ok bhai.. I’ll get her wait.
Ragini goes to swara: swara… Come lets go home
Swara: no i can’t … I am statue. Please don’t tell stoneface that was talking otherwise i will loose the challenge.
Ragini goes back to sankar: she is not coming. You get her. I will drive.
Sanskar irritated: this girl is driving me nuts!
Sanskar: come swara….
Swara: you must say statue off! Have not played this before?
Sanskar irritated: fine statue off!

Swara moves. Sanskar makes her sit in the car. He sits next to her.
Sanskar: ragini you have band aid?
Ragini: yup just see in that box.
Sanskar removes and bandages swara’s finger.
Swara sees outside and screams: stop! Stop!
Ragini jerks: what happened?
Swara: kulfi!
Sanskar: you are not getting anything. Ragini drive.
Swara: no stop! i accepted your challenge and won it. Its your turn now you said whatever i ask you will do. Now do i want kulfi.
Ragini: bhai get it for her.
Swara: if you are not getting then i will go out to get.
Ragini: ok i’ll go and get.
Sanskar: no you sit with her. I am going crazy with her. I’ll get.
Sanskar gets for them
Sanskar: here you go. He gives one to ragini.
Raginu: bhai?
Sanskar: i know you also like kulfi.

Swara is eating and notices something.
Swara: where is your kulfi?
Sanskar does not respond.
Swara: hello stoneface i am asking you.
Sanskar: i dont want to eat. Ragini are you done? You? Lets leave.
Ragini: yea bhai
Swara: no even you have to eat
Sanskar: drive ragini
Swara feeds her kulfi to sanskar and sanskar does not open his mouth. He gets irritated.
Sanskar: i told you… Swara puts kulfi in his mouth… Sanskar looks at her and turns to throw it out but swara turns him back and puts her hand on this mouth. They share an eyelock.
Swara: you know papa and i…. She sleeps.
Sanskar: finally!

Ragini drops them.
Ragini: can i ask you something? How are you not drunk?
Sanskar: because i never had alcohol.
Ragini: what?!
Sanskar: it was water. It was all my plan with vicky(host).
Ragini: it was not fair bhai.
Sanskar: whatever ! you go home safely. Call me after reaching.
Ragini: yea but are you sure you dont need help?
Sanskar: yea i will manage.
He picks swara and takes her.
He rings the bell.
Sharmista: shona?! What happened to her?
Sanskar: aunty dont worry. She was drunk. Can i come in?
Sharmista: yea..
Sanskar keeps swara on her bed and comes out as sharmista follows him.
Sharmista: sanskar! He turns. Thanks for dropping her home.
Sanskar smiles and leaves.

Guys thanks for your time to read. I read your comments under previous one. Thanks for commenting. I hope you enjoyed this one too. Do comment and share your views. Thanks for reading.

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