Swasan: stone face and the secret lover (Part 4)

Next morning
Sharmista finds swara on the window.
Sharmista: swara?
She wakes up
Swara sleepy: yea… Ma…
Sharmista: why are you on the window?
Swara: ma… Woh… I was not getting sleep on that mattress it too soft
Sharmista; so you came to sleepon the window?
Swara: no ma. Someone was playing mouth organ I had just come to see and I fell asleep.
Sharmista: you should have told me right? I would get it changed.
Swara: ma it was 1 so I thought not to disturb you.
Sharmista: ok I will get it changed. You go for your college.
Swara: yea ok

Ragini on the call: bhai where are you? I have got something for you.
Sanskar: m on my way.. Why there was need for you to get something?
Ragini: ma has sent for you… How much time it will take you to get here?
Sanskar: why?
Ragini: my lecture will begin in ten minutes.
Sanskar: no problem.. You just keep it with chotu in the canteen. I’ll take it from him.
Ragini: are you sure bhai?
Sanskar: yea ragini… You attend your class. Bye.
He cuts the call.

Ragini goes to the canteen and keeps the tiffin with chotu. She meets swara.
Ragini: hi swara
Swara: hi
Ragini: so how you like our college
Swara: not bad …
Ragini: so where are you from?
Swara: my native place is mumbai. Just shifted here 3 days back.
Raginu: so new girl in the city..
Swara smiles a bit: yea..
Ragini: so come over to my place when you are free
Swara: sure
Ragini: oh shit I am sorry… I have lecture need to attend it.. Bye.

Swara thinks: this ragini is one character only… She did not have time why did she hello me? Then she invites me to her place without telling me the adress and then she leaves. Weird. I should not pay attention . Even my class will begin now. She leaves forgetting her ipod shuffle on the table.
Sanskar comes there: hey chotu… Is something kept for me?
Chotu: yea.. Ragini has kept a box. I’ll get it.
Sanskar notices the ipod.
Sanskar: who’s is this?
Chotu: a … A girl was sitting there.. She just left.
Sanskar: you know her?
Chotu hesitant: woh..woh…
Sanskar: will you speak up?
Chotu: the same one who insulted you .
Sanskar:great! By the way did you get what I told you to get?
Chotu: but what are you going to do with muck water?
Sanskar: wait and watch .. Why have you kept these eggs aside?
Chotu: see na.. The dealer has sent all rotten eggs. All my money has gone waste. He will be coming to take them.
Sanskar: don’t worry. I’ll buy them from you .
Chotu: but they are spoilt.. Why do you need them?
Sanskar gives him a grin.
Sanskar: just tell everyone that sanskar is giving all of them a treat in the canteen at 11. And don’t forget to call that Swara!
Chotu: will she come?
Sanskar: tell her that her ipod is left in the canteen.
Chotu: ok

@11 am
Apart from Swara everyone was present in the canteen.
Sanskar anounces: so guys… I know you all must be wondering why am I giving you all a treat? Isnt it? That day when I was insulted in front of everyone you were there . Now its her turn. So it won’t be fair right? So settle down. He sees swara. Show is about to begin.

He goes and unties the rope which was tied on chair and hold it in his hand. When swara comes inside he leaves the rope and all the muck falls on swara. Swara is all stunned and suprised by this gesture.

She comes forward and sanskar leans toward her.
Sanskar: yucks you stink. A public bathroom smells better than you. Don’t you have bath?
Everyone laughs.
Sanskar: so everyone… What was her lesson? Respect others to get respect if not… This is what happens and for all us here it is called tit for tat.
Swara: you bastard… How dare you?
Sanskar: let me show how I dared….. He picks one rotten egg and throws on her. Opps! The egg is also rotten…. May be it was your fate. Today all you got to do was bare rotten eggs and muck.
Everyone laugh at swara.
Swara looks at sanskar angrily.
Sanskar: don’t give me that look.. I hope you know me … I m sanskar! The guy whose name means value but I don’t have them. My name has enough of them.
Sanskar: so everyone thanks for coming.. The show is over.. You may leave.
Swara looks at chotu who is all shocked and confused about what is going to happen next.
Swara leaves without saying anything.

Swara goes to the washroom. Ragini is there in.
Ragini: what happened to you?
Swara: that stoneface did this.
Ragini: just clean your self.
Swara: how will I go home in these stinking clothes?
Ragini: why don’t you freshen up? I have some spare clothes in my locker.
Swara: but?
Ragini: just go…. I will take care about the rest.
Swara goes.
Ragini gives her clothes. Swara comes out wearing salwar kameez. They walk in the corridor.
Swara: I feel so awkard in these. Do I look funny?
Ragini: no you are looking nice.
Swara: I am wearing this for the first time.
Ragini: really?
Swara: yea. … Thank you so much for helping me out.
Ragini: no need to… Are you free now?
Swara: a..yea…
Ragini: great then come over…
Swara: no .. Not today.. I mean in these clothes … no..
Sanskar comes there.
Sanskar: hey you?
Swara thinks what is going to happen next: what?
Sanskar: don’t you value things?
Swara: huh?
Sanskar gives her the ipod : you still stink. Yuck. He leaves.
Swara: m sorry ragini… But I can’t come today… I’ll come next time. Bappa’s promise.
Ragini smiles and bids bye to swara and leaves.

Swara’s house
Swara: ma you are at home?
Sharmista: yup… My work was over so I came home. But what are you doing in this outfit?
Swara tells her everything and goes to change.
Swara goes to her room and finds flowers. And a note on it” for swara”..your secret lover..
Thanks for reading. I know the wait was too long sorry for that… I hope you liked this one. Do share you views my comments. Thanks a lot. ??☺☺

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