Swasan: stone face and the secret lover (Part 3)

Swara goes home and finds a gift on her room window. She think; ma mus have kept it. She opens and finds some chocolates. She eats one of them. I should thank ma for these.

Swara: ma ? Ma?
Sharmista: what happened? Why are you yelling?
Swara: thanks ma …
Sharmista: for?
Swara: ma don’t act like you don’t know
Sharmista: I am not acting.
Swara: come on ma how can you forget ?
Sharmista is all confused.
Sharmista: swara will you tell me what you want to talk about?
Swara shows her the box: for these ma… I just loved them.
Sharmista looks at them : swara I didn’t get these.
Swara:ma why are you lying come on.
Sharmista: please swara I m not in the mood to play with you. I am telling you for the last time I did not get these.
Swara: if you did not get these then who got them?
Sharmista: I don’t know. Where did you get them?
Swara: on my room window.
Sharmista: go and see properly I am sure you got them by your self and forgot to eat.
Swara: no ma… I. …
Sharmista: swara I think you should have your lunch …. I have lots of work so m going. I’ll be back before dinner . Bye. (she kisses her forehead and leaves).

Swara goes back to her room. She thinks: if ma have not got these then who ? I don’t even know anyone here. Who could it be? Just then she notices a letter near the window.
She picks it up and reads . ” Some sweets for a sweet”.. with love… Your secret lover.
I think I should not pay attention to these things. May be someone else’s parcel landed here. She crumples the paper and throws it in her paper bin. But anyways I love these chocolates. May bappa bless him or her.

Maheshwari mansion.

Sanskar is putting ice on his eyes.
Someone comes by then: what happened to you? Are you ok?
He looks at the person. Its durga prasad. He ignores him. Dp questions him again.
Sanskar: I don’t need to tell you. Please go away.
Dp: don’t you forget this my mansion and you are standing in my house.
Sanskar: I am dying to stand in your house. I came to meet ragini thats it.
Dp goes from there while ragini comes till then.
Ragini looks at sanskar’s face and bursts out laughing.
Sanskar gives her a angry look.
Ragini talks like swara: don’t you give me this look! By the way I am swara!
She laughs again.
Sanskar: ragini enough ok. Will you stop laughing? Or else I am leaving.
Ragini controls herself: ok.. Ok..
Sanskar: did you get my books?
Ragini: yea bhai …. How will I forget your books. But will you be able to read them ? She laughs again.
Sanskar grabs the books from her hand:why are you laughing so much? What’s so funny?
Ragini: really bhai? You are asking me what is funny? After what swara did to you?
Sanskar: don’t take her name in front me.
Ragini: yea right what will you do? For past two days she has done enough with you.
Sanskar: my turn has not come yet sissy! Just wait.
Ragini: yea yea I’ll see.
Sanskar: yea just wait and watch.
Ragini: yea bhai … By the way I did not expect you to come here.
Sanskar: I also did not. Since you told me to come… I am here. But I need to leave.
Ragini: but bhai. . Please wait … I don’t get a chance to meet you only… You don’t come home nor you are not willing to meet me in college. Are you ashamed of me?
Sanskar: mad a what? Its just that I don’t want people to irritate you. You see so many girls are behind me and if they come to know you are my sister they should not irritate you.
Ragini: seriously? Its all rubbish bhai.
Sanskar: whatever you think ragini but whenever you need me I will always be there.
Someone calls out for ragini.
Sanskar: I think I should leave now. Bye .
Ragini gives him a sad look and hugs him: bye.

A lady comes
Lady: sanskar beta ….
Sanskar just smiles and leaves.

Lady: what happened to his eyes.
Ragini: ma .. Nothing much.. Just some pranks.
Janki:yea ok. He came after so many months and you did not even ask him to stay for lunch.
Ragini: as though he would stay ma.
Janki: did you ask at least?
Ragini: nope . You can make something for him tomorrow. I’ll give him in the college.
Janki: yea… Now will you have lunch?
Ragini: yea ma…

Sharmista finds swara sleeping on the window.
Sharmista: I know you think I dont give you time but swara I really can’t help it. I m sorry swara. She kisses her forehead. Swara opens her eyes.
Swara: ma you are back. She hugs her.
Sharmista: yea shona had a hectic day. Lets have dinner. Did you order anything?
Swara:ma I cooked.
Sharmista: great. I’ll just freshen up and come.
Sharmista comes and they have their dinner.
Sharmista: by the way did you apologize to that guy?
Swara chokes.
Sharmista: what happened? Have this water.
Swara drinks water.
Sharmista: swara?
Swara: a.. Yea ma..
Sharmista doubtful: are you sure?
Swara: I did and …
Swara explains to her everything.
Sharmista: what? Instead of sorting things you messed up more .
Swara: its ok ma I don’t think he needed my sorry though.
Sharmista: I think…
Swara: please ma if you want me to say sorry.. I am not going to. He needed this lesson.
Sharmista: ok chill. Did you make any friends?
Swara: yes and no also.
Sharmista: huh? What do you mean yes or no?
Swara: I don’t know if she is my friend or not. Actually she’s my senior. She said if I need any help approach her.
Sharmista: ok atleast some one you talked to.
Swara: yea and you know ma … There’s a music room to in our college.
Sharmista: yea I know swara…
Swara: cool na
Sharmista: yea ok… Let’s sleep? I know you did not sleep last night.
Swara: and how you know that?
Sharmista: come on swara I am your mom.
Swara: yea ma the great
Sharmista: bye good night.

Swara’s room
Swara is been turning on her bed for past 30 minutes. Of course she is not getting sleep.
Her point of view
A..aa… This is so annoying for the past 30 minutes i have been turning. This multi spring matteress is another headache. I have been sleeping on hard mattress and this… Should i tell ma? She looks at her watch its 1. She thinks ma must be fast asleep and not to disturb her. She hears someone playing mouth organ. At first she must be dreaming or something but soon comes to know its real. Some one was actually playing mouth organ at 1 in the night. She goes near the window but finds only darkness. She cannot see anything but only hear the sound of the soothing music. She sits on the window to listen to the soothing melody and she falls asleep on the window.

Thanks for reading. I read all your comments under lst one. Thanks for commenting. I hope you like this one and do share your views by commenting so that i can also improve. And i know you guys must be waiting for sanskar’s turn don’t worry its heading your way soon. So wait have patience and continue reading and commenting. Thank you guys love you all ?????

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