Swasan: stone face and the secret lover (Part 24)

Swara opens the door of her apartment and finds sharmista inside.
Swara hugs her:ma? When did you return?
Sharmista: today afternoon… Where were you?
Swara: you should have given me a call atleast.
Sharmista: really swara? Have you checked your phone?
Swara checks her phone and finds 30 missed calls of sharmista.
Swara: m so sorry…. I left my phone in the car
Sharmista: that does not matter but where were you?
Swara: i went out with sanskar….
Sharmista: i think i heard you wrong…. Did you just say sanskar?
Swara: yes i just said sanskar…
Sharmista: ohh so finally sanskar told you that he loves you? Secret lover is revealed finally.
Swara: no…. But wait a minute how do you know about sanskar being by secret lover? I never told you.
Sharmista: i knew before you….. I had seen sanskar coming to your room once so i asked him about this and then he told me everything.
Swara: but why did you not tell me? I like one fool was searching for him even you knew it was him.
Sharmista: he told me not to tell you since he wanted to tell you and did i not tell you to stop your investigations about it?
Swara: this is ridiculous everyone knew apart from me…. He never told me and he is not even telling me till now…
Sharmista: so you also fell for him?
Swara blushes…

Sharmista: aawwww! My shona is blushing…… Did you tell him?
Swara: no why should i? He loves me before i fell for him so he should tell.
Sharmista: but does he know that you love him or you know he loves you? No right… So why dont you tell him?
Swara: no i wont tell until he expresses…. Thats it! I dont want any more discussions on this and now you also dont tell him about my feelings.
Sharmista: fine…

Next day
College canteen
Swara: chotu?
Chotu: yes?
Swara: had sanskar come here today?
Chotu: yes… He had come. His behaviour was weird.
Swara: what do you mean by weird?
Chotu: he paid all my bills usually he does it during the end of the academic year and when i asked him about it he just said bye.
Swara: what?!
Chotu: yes…. He was quite lost also. He gave me ragini’s phone to give it to her.
Swara: fine… If you see him around tell him i was looking out for him.
Chotu: ok.

Swara calls him and finds his phone switched off!
Swara: where has this guy gone all of a sudden? Everything was fine now what happened to him?
Nikhil: what happened you look worried? Dont tell me sanskar rejected your proposal.
Swara: no dumbo! M looking out for him. Have not seen him today.
Nikhil: bin dheke raha na jaaye… Pyaar pyaar ..
Swara: shut up! How cheesy?
Nikhil: waise… Today you are late… His lectures must have got over long back. He must have gone home.
Swara: yea right… I will check at his home. If you see him around tell him i was looking out for him.
Nikhil: aay aay captain!
Swara smiles and goes…..

Swara comes back home and checks Sanskar’s apartment. It was locked.
Swara: may be has gone to Shahana’s grave…. I will meet him later.

Swara’s apartment.
Sharmista: what happened? You look tensed… Now what that poor sanskar did?
Swara:i did not meet him only today…
Sharmista: ohh… He may have some work. Where will he go? After all he will come back home only.
Swara: i know..
Sharmista: you freshen up! I will serve you food.
Swara nods and goes.

Swara’s room
Swara sees her gift: i’ll freshen up and see this.
Swara freshen ups and opens it.
Sharmista: swara,… Come fast your food is getting cold.
Swara: yea coming. Let me just check my gift.
Sharmista:swara its your gift only… No one is going to eat it up. Check it later.
Swara: fine… M coming.

Swara haves her lunch and comes to see the gift. Swara opens and finds a player and a note play it. Swara plays it and hears the same mouth organ music. A smile crept on her face.
Sanskar’s voice: suprised? I know you must have never imagined me doing all this but forget now that you know hear this entirely. I wanted to tell you something from long back actually since you came here but i could not. I was afraid that you might reject me so i never told you. I dont know how you must be reacting right now but i want to tell you that i love you alot…. May be you did not expect this nor i m waiting for your answer… I dont know about your feelings but i think it will be a no. Ragini was my only family left but now that she broke the relationship its alright. Ragini had said that i m cursed which is a fact. I have no lasting relationships i know my mom left me then shahana also left now i broke mine and ragini’s relationship too. I wont be able to bear if something happens to you also and now i have no one left of mine thats why m leaving kolkotta forever. Before going my last music for you as a gift. Wishing you a happy life. Good bye. Your stone face and secret lover.

Swara sat in tears……
Sharmista: what happened shona?
Swara:ma….. She hugs her and cries.
Sharmista: what happened shona?
Swara: ma….. He’s gone…
Sharmista: but why?
Swara: he thinks that he is cursed…..

Nikhil’s call
Nikhil: hey!? Where are you?
Swara: at home… What happened ?
Nikhil: sanskar… Have you met him?
Swara: no… He has left kolkotta.
Nikhil: what?!
Swara: yes…. He is gone.
Nikhil: listen swara …. He is not gone…. I have seen him on the railway station.
Swara: let him go….
Nikhil: but did you tell him that you love him?. I can ask him to wait.
Swara: its no use…. He wants to go forever ..
Sharmista takes the phone: hey! M swara’s mom…
Nikhil:ohh hii aunty….
Sharmista: now listen to me carefully dont let sanskar go. You keep him hoarding till swara comes.
Nikhil: but swara….
Sharmista: m her mother so you listen to me do as i say… Swara will be there.
Nikhil: fine….. I m at kolkota central station.
Sharmista: yea fine….
Nikhil: ohhk.

She cuts the phone.
Swara: ma why did you ask him to keep him waiting? He wants to go right so let him go. I cant keep him tied with me if does not agree.
Sharmista: why does he wants to go? Because he has no one here. If you be the one for him will he go?
Swara nods in a no.
Sharmista: then? He thinks he is cursed and if he stays with you your life wil be in danger
Swara: its just his thinking… Its not like that..
Sharmista: thats what! You explain to him..
Swara: but…
Sharmista: you love him right you tell…
Swara: but will he wait?
Sharmista: whats there to try? Atleast you wont have regrets that you lost him without even telling your feelings. .
Swara: but …
Sharmista: see swara there was a boy who loved a girl very much but he did not tell her the feelings. Soon the day came when girl was supposed to leave the city. So finally that day the boy proposed the girl.
Swara: so?
Sharmista: so that boy became your father…
Swara: what?! You never told me about this..
Sharmista: now go and tell sanskar before its too late. That poor Nikhil will be waiting for you.
Swara: yea…
Swara rushes quickly.

Railway Station…
Sanskar: whats wrong with you nikhil? Let me go… My train will be leaving in 5 minutes.
Nikhil: where are you going?
Sanskar: seriously bash your face now… For past 15 minutes you are asking this question and i answered it so many times.
Nikhil: ohh… I forgot … By the way from where you got this shirt… I really love this.
Sanskar: from the market.. Now please let mse go.
Nikhil: listen na… I … Like your socks..
Sanskar: what?
Nikhil: which brand are they?
Sanskar: nike
Nikhil: but they look like adidas.
Sanskar: better check your eyes…
Nikhil: can i see them closely?
Sanskar: this is really stupid. Who sees socks like that? I m telling you the brand cant you believe me? If not i m leaving. Bye.
Sanskar turns and sees Swara.

Sanskar: you? What are you doing here?
Swara slaps him: heard that you get good samosas here. So came to have.
(Nikhil chuckles) idiot! What do you think of your self? Whenever you want you send me gifts whenever you want to go from my life? You think you are cursed? Cant you understand that Ragini had said it all in ange. Why do you take it seriously? Above all how you can say i dont love you? A nyctophobic comes in darkness at grave yard she drives the car @160 speed for whom? Why? Dont you understand that i love you? If this nikhil can understand then why dont you? Now why are you standing there with your hand on your cheek?
Sanskar: i cant believe my ears that…. I heard you say i love you.
Swara: better check them because i said i love you sanskar. I love you alot.
Sanskar hugs her: i love you too!
Swara:promise me that you will never leave me and go.
Sanskar: i promise i wont go.
Swara breaks the hug: idiot!
Nikhil: you are right he is an idiot only…. He slightly hits his head.
Sanskar: what?

Nikhil hits him again: that was for not remembering your school friend. Class 8a roll number 15 last bench first row window seat… Remember?
Sanskar: nikhil mehta? You lazy brat? You had gone to canada right! When you came back? Why did you not tell me before?
Nikhil: i did come but you had become spiderman climbing windows so i thought to set your love story first.
Swara: wow! Everyone apart from me knew he was my secret lover.
Sanskar: now you know right? So chill!
Swara: for your information m not talking to you unless you officially propose me.
Sanskar: what is official proposal? We confessed right… So
Swara: so what? If you dont propose me then better forget me.
Sanskar: what?!
Swara: dont talk to me until you propose me.
Swara goes.

Sanskar: what is all this nonsense now?
Nikhil chuckles: dont you know to propse girls? Hahaha..
Sanskar: girls used to propose me…. I never had to do all this.
Nikhil:your girl is no ordinary… You better propose her.
Sanskar: yea…

Thanks for reading everyone. Please do comment this is second last part. Last part will be posted by friday. So if there were any silent readers also please do comment. And yea sorry for late post. I thought i had posted this but then came to know i forgot to post this. Anyways hope you like it thought its not long enough

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