Swasan: stone face and the secret lover (Part 23)


Swasan finishes their ice cream and again drive off.

Sanskar: you did not tell me why are we going to the temple?
Swara:a… I … Dont know.. .. Just felt like going.
Sanskar: ohhk… So you must be having a problem.
Swara: what problem?
Sanskar: mostly people go to temple when they have some problem otherwise who cares if god exists or not.
Swara: no i m having problem… Its just that i… Want to eat candy floss.
Sanskar: what? You want to eat candy floss thats why you are going to the temple?
Swara: no idiot! Stop stop! Stop the car…
Sanskar stops the car and Swara buys some candy floss.

Swara: take….
Sanskar: no you eat… I dont want
Swara: you are like this only…. I dont want this i dont want that… That day also you did not eat kulfi…
Sanskar: thats because i dont eat sweets too much
Swara: why? Scared that you will put on weight?
Sanskar: no…..its jus.. Swara cuts him
Swara: wait wait….. Dont start with your philosophical answers.
Sanskar: fine…

Swara eats her candy floss and sanskar drives. Later sanskar notices candy floss on her nose which she is not aware about as she is enjoying it like a kid. Sanskar takes his phone and clicks her picture.

Swara: hey! Why are you clicking my picture?
Sanskar: just like that… After many years seen you happy like this..
Swara: years?
Sanskar: not years i meant days…. You continue eating…..
Swara: show me my picture.
Sanskar: no.
Swara: show!
Sanskar: no(in mind) if she sees it… She will kill me.
Swara: i said show..
Sanskar: no..
Swara: show me my picture right now!
Sanskar gives his phone to her: see..
Swara looks at it and smiles
Sanskar: witch with pink nose looks lovely …
Swara hits him lightly: shut up! Dont talk to me.
She pouts angrily.
Sanskar: i m sorry swara…. I wont call you a witch. Please forgive me. Please.
Swara does not respond.
Sanskar: swara yaar please… M saying sorry na… Please forgive me.
Sanskar pleads her the whole way until they reach the temple but swara sits stubborn.

Sanskar in his mind: sanskar beta…. You simply called her a witch now she is not even talking to you. You have to do something to make her happy.

Swara gets down the car while sanskar follows her.

Sanskar: listen to me swara …. Swara.. Swara… She walks up the stairs.
Sanskar pulls her hand and she lands on his chest and they look into each others eyes deeply.

Swara: leave my hand sanskar!
Sanskar: i wont! He takes her in his arms and starts walking up.

Swara: leave me sanskar… People are looking at us.
Sanskar: let them look.
Swara: put me down sanskar..
Sanskar: i wont until you forgive me. If you are stubborn even m.

Swara looks at him and he walks up.

Swara: fine …. I forgive you now keep me down.
Sanskar: aah! Finally! You are so stubborn!
Swara: even you are.
Sanskar gives her a grin: i know that! Go now…pray to your lord. I m waiting down for you.

Swara smiles: you have come all the way now wont you pray? I know you dont believe in god but why not take a chance? If it turns good then?
Sanskar: a…a ….. Lets see.

Swara closes her eyes and folds her hands and prays in her mind: bappa i know he does not believe in you but a day will come where he himself will come to you. But now however he is i love him. I heard whoever comes to this temple and wishes something you always grant those my one wish… Please give him some brain that he confesses his love and please do it quickly…. Its getting hard for me to hide my feelings for him. And yea one more thing always keep him happy like this.

Sanskar in mind: i know i dont believe in you but she does and m here for her. I never came to you nor asked you something but today i m asking only one thing from you just keep her smiling and happy like this and whatever she has asked you please grant it.

Sanskar opens his eyes and sees swara looking at him.
Sanskar: what?
Swara: lets go?
Sanskar nods.

They walk down and Swara sees some children playing with water and rushes to them.
She takes the pipe from their hand puts it on herself.

Sanskar: swara! What are you doing? You will get cold.
Swara: what did you say?
She puts water on him.
Sanskar: stop it yaar swara… You made me wet.
Swara walk closer to him.
Swara: ohh really! I m so sorry sanskar for making you wet.
She puts the pipe over his head and laughs.

Sanskar: swara ki bachii! Wait.
Swara leaves the pipe and runs while sanskar runs behind her.
Sanskar is few steps away from swara while she walks backward.

Swara: no sanskar please no.. She feels the wall behind her.
Sanskar locks her by holding his hands from both the sides.

Swara: sans…kar….
Sanskar: what swara?
Swara: sanskar please let me go…
Sanskar:sure! He removes his hand.
Swara reliefs while sanskar pours water on her.
Sanskar laughs: sorry swara!
He runs from there. Swara blushes and runs to play with them.

Its soon becomes night….

SwaSan are sitting in a restruant.

Swara: why dont you sing a song?
Sanskar: no… Not today.
Swara: why? Please singing na …. Please please…
Swara pouts and makes puppy eyes.
Sanskar: fine
Swara claps happily like a child. Sanskar looks at her and remembers her seeing in the park like this acting like a kid. And smiles

Swara: what happened? Why are you looking at me like this?
Sanskar: nothing….
Swara: there is something otherwise you wont even smile when dance in bikini infront of you.
Sanskar jaw drops: bikini? He laughs… Swara i just remembered someone thats why i was smiling.. Nothing else.
Swara: fine… Now will you sing?
Sanskar: ummmm..even you sing with me
Swara: fine
Sanskar; …. Let me think of a song…

Aa raat bhar.. aa raat bhar..
Jaayein na ghar.. jaayein na ghar..
Hai saath tu.. Kya hai fikar
Jaayein na ghar.. aa raat bhar

Jaayein jahaan jahaan jahaan dil kare
Jaane kahaan kahaan kahaan phir mile
Iss raat mein beete umar, saari umar
Aa raat bhar, jaayein na ghar

Swara: Namkeeniyan hain, nazdikiyaan hain
Rang hi rang hai nazaaron mein
Hansne lagi hoon, phansne lagi hoon
Armaan dil mein hazaaron hain

Sanskar: Toh paar de sabhi hadein
Gale lage kabhi nahi hone de sehar
Iss raat mein beete umar, saari umar

SwaSan: Aa raat bhar.. (aa raat bhar)
Aa raat bhar.. (aa raat bhar)
Jaayein na ghar.. (jaayein na ghar)
Aa raat bhar

Aa raat bhar.. Aa raat bhar..

Everyone clap in the restaurant for them.

Swara: one last thing
Sanskar: what now?
Swara: a game…
She takes a bottle
Sanskar:truth and dare?
Swara: similar but not.
Sanskar: like?
Swara: see whoever’s side this bottle turns they have to say a word and the other person should tell a short story which happened in their life.
Sanskar: what if that situation did not occur?
Swara: then next word.
Sanskar: sounds intresting….. Lets start.
Sanskar spins the bottle and swara gets it
Sanskar: nyctophobia
Swara: basically fear of darkness …. I got it when i was 5. I had not done my homework once so my tutor locked me in a dark room. First it was my fear but later being locked for more than 12 hours as that blo*dy idiotic teacher had forgotten about me it turned into phobia. I still cant get rid of it.
Sanskar: but you did come that day for me in grave yard..
Swara ignores him and spins the bottle.
Swara: yupieee my turn…
Swara: cockroach
Sanskar puts his legs up: where?
Swara: my word is cockroach.
Sanskar: ohh…. Initially had no fear but started with ragging. When joined in hostel one of senior started ragging me. One night he dropped a bucket full of them on my bed after that they bit me like hell…some went in ear. Urghh! Sounds disgusting. Now i get scared of them.
Swara: did you not complain about him? I mean you are not that keeping quiet person.
Sanskar: i did keep quiet… I worked silently.
Sanskar: i worked for him like washing clothes completing his books and all that and my revenge day had come i put itching powder in his clothes. That dumbo started jumping like a monkey infront of principal. I wrote wrong notes on his books and he failed that year so his parents removed him from hostel. Now lets move futher?
Swara: yes..
Swara spins the bottle and again its sanskar’s turn.
Sanskar: friends
Swara: kavya and laksh…. Both by my side in times of happiness and trouble… Whatever we did was together. From studying to pranks. From writing on the notice board its a half day to getting punished. One is brainless and other a genius in computers. Ragini you know most about her.
Sanskar: great!
Swara: betray.
Sanskar thinks for a while: there was a boy when everything was just going perfect in his teen life a big shock entered. His father had betrayed him and his mother. He already had a wife having a daughter two years younger than the boy. It was the boys 13 birthday when his father opened up everything to his mother asking a divorce from her. The mother could not take up this. When the boy entered the house he found his mother in a blood of pool and then came to know the truth written on the letter. If the father had not betrayed his wife may be there would be a different situation or may be if mother did not leave her son alone then it could have made a difference today…… Why are tears in your eyes?
Swara: why are tears in your eyes?
Sanskar: because the boy in this story is me and the lady was my mother.
Swara tries to console him.
Sanskar: forget about my past.. He wipes his tears… I cant change it nor you can. I should stop crying over that situation.
Swara smiles: you are very strong person not everyone is like you.
Sanskar: lets continue? I guess its my turn… So the world is couple.
Swara: couple?
Sanskar: what happened? No couple story in your life?
Swara: wait wait… I remember.
Sanskar: begin then…
Swara: so once laksh kavya and i were having our lunch in restaurant there a cute old couple were sitting. While the husband was having his lunch the wife was fanning him later when wife was having her lunch the husband did the same. We had almost finished our lunch so laksh asked them how lovely couple they are and so much love in between them…. You know what answer laksh got back?
Sanskar: what?
Swara: its not love instead they had only pair of teeth which they used.
Both swasan have a laugh.
Sanskar: how loving and disgusting at the same time.
Swara: i know… My turn … Secret lover (hoping that he tells)
Sanskar: never experienced.
Swara’s smile fades: fine… You ask
Sanskar: cartoon
Swara: best childhood memory everyone has… Watched so many of them and fought to watch them when papa used to watch news. How can i forget sahil? He used to call us cartoons! I wish i get a handsome guy like him.
Sanskar: he was our mentor and you should call him sir and you are driffting from the topic.
Swara senses his jealousy: yea ohhk… But you must admit he was handsome.
Sanskar: he was not bad looking….. Come now lets go home or you are inspired by the song?
Swara smiles: come lets go…..

Swara drives back home and notices sanskar sleeping. On reaching she admires his face.
Sanskar opens his eyes and sees her: why are you smiling?
Swara: you look very cute while sleeping.
Sanskar: dont call me cute! He gets down the car followed by swara and they start walking up.
Swara: seriously you look cute!
Sanskar: no… Dont call me cute…
Swara: why?
Sanskar: because cute is babyish….. There are so many other words why cute?
Swara: now you look even more cuter when you get irritated.
She smiles. They reach swara’s apartment.
Sanskar: anyways thanks for making my day special….. A memory i will never ever forget.
Swara: i too enjoyed a lot with you today…
Both smile. Sanskar walks up.
Swara: sanskar!
He turns

Swara: forgot something…
Sanskar: what?
Swara: forget about your past because you cant change it…. Dont think about your future because you cant see it and about your present forget it because i did not get it! Happy birthday!
Sanskar smiles: thanks and you already made my day thats my present!
He turns to go.
Swara: sanskar!
He turns again.
Sanskar: now what?
Swara: you are very cute.
Sanskar: not again!

Complements of the season to one and all. Few days of the year and few episodes remaining. Hope to finish this ff this year till then enjoy. Keep smiling keep reading and yea dont forget to drop your comments.

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