Swasan: stone face and the secret lover (Part 22)


Swara sees a gift she opens it and finds a mug with her picture and a quote” people always warned me about drugs but never about the one with those brown eyes and a kind heart” – secret lover
Kavya calls Swara
Kavya: so swara what have you thought?
Swara: you were right i love him… I never thought that i would fall for him.
Kavya: yea life is like this only you fall in love at most unexpected time with most unexpected person….

Swara: who you love?
Kavya: none
Swara: then?
Kavya: just read this on the net and quiet applicable for your situation..
Swara: fine fine… But how does it matter if i love him..
Kavya: what do you mean?
Swara: i mean even if i love him how will it matter i should know his feelings for me also.. I simply cant dream about my life with him… how can i ask him like this? Tell me some tips.. You were the one who insisted me to know my feeling and now you backed out. ….

Kavya: m not backing out woh… Its very common in most romantic movies this happens first fight then friendship and ofcourse love. But your story directly jumped to love no friendship. Where as his side its other way round first love then fights
Swara: what do you mean his side?
Kavya: dont you know your secret lover?
Swara: why are you dragging him here? I dont even know him..
Kavya: swara i doubt your smartness now …. Its sanskar dont you know?
Swara: what?! How do you know?
Kavya: see near your window i had set a micro camera… Because it was already connected to my laptop i saw him… Did you not check your laptop? I left a note there.
Swara: what? Is he my secret lover?
Kavya: yes if you dont believe me check your laptop
Swara: but i saw his handwriting it was not matching with these
Kavya: why are you bothered about handwriting when you can see him?
Swara: but why he did not tell?
Kavya: because he is your “secret lover”.. Our brain is the most outstanding organ which works 24*7 and 365 days until you fall in love who ever said this is right now i can see it infront of me.
Swara: kavya….
Kavya: now go tell sanskar what is in your heart.
Swara: why should i say? Even he can tell na..
Kavya: he says but his way of expressing is different…
Swara: no… I wont tell him until he confesses his feelings for me.
Kavya: swara…. Stop being stubborn

Swara: he is acting stubborn cant he tell me from so long i was searching for someone who i actually knew… Idiot… Stone face!
Kavya: just calm down…. How would he tell you? Whenever he must have come to you …you fired him and then all your pranks… You get so angry
Swara: but now atleast he should have told now we are not even playing pranks nor m getting angry..
Kavya: give him time… Just now he has come out from that trauma… Give him sometime.
Swara: fine.. Bye
Kavya: bye

Sanskar’s apartment
Sanskar is outside his apartment when swara comes there
Swara: sanskar …. I wanted to ask you something
Sanskar: yea.. Come inside
He sees the lock open
Swara: what hapoened?
Sanskar: i had locked my house when i went out today… Who can open this?
Swara: is it a theif?
Sanskar: come lets see…. You stand behind they might be dangerous…

SwaSan enter the house
Swara holds his hand because of darkness. Sanskar puts the lights on and sees the house decorated.

Ragini: suprise!
Sanskar: what is all this?
Ragini: its your birthday today… Look its 12…
Sanskar looks at Janki and then Durga Prasad
Sanskar gets angry seeing him: what is this man doing here?
Dp: sanskar…
Sanskar: out! Get out of my house…
Dp: listen..
Sanskar: how dare you enter my house?
Dp: i…

Sanskar: i said get out!
Swara: sanskar! How can you talk like this to him?
Sanskar: you dont know anything stay out of it…. We will talk later.
Swara leaves thinking its their family matter.
He looks at dp who is still standing: cant you hear?
Ragini: bhai… How can you talk to him like this?
Sanskar hold dp’s collar: if you had some shame you would never enter this house…
Ragini: bhai … Leave him! She pulls him away. You are holding this man’s collar? This is the same man who got you home from orphanage…the same man who educated you and the same man who owns this house.

Sanskar( to dp): just leave from here before i do something to you…
Ragini: just shut up bhai! I feel so ashamed of my self that you are my brother and i call you my bhai …… You proved me wrong by holding my dad’s collar… You are not my brother any more and you know what you can’t have any relationships because you are cursed thats the reason you are alone.. Ragini feels a burning sensation on her cheek
Sanskar: aunty!
Janki: shut up ragini! You dont know anything….

Sanskar: no aunty…
Janki: no sanskar not today..let me speak today….How dare you call him cursed? You are taking a stand for a man who did not stand for himself….. Sanskar is your brother … We never adopted him. Your dad betrayed his mother due to which she is no mo re in this world… He is the same sanskar who thought for you when he lost his everything he decided to stay away from us because he did not want to break another family.. And you called him cursed? You should be ashamed of yourself and not him. This is not your dad’s house. Its his house his mother’s house.
Ragini leaves crying from there.

Sanskar: ragini… Aunty you should have not told her….
Janki: till when you would hide this man’s mistakes for her ?
Sanskar: its all because of him… Are you happy now? You took one more person from my life…. First maa and you took my only family left my sister from me.
Dp: i never asked annapurna to die….
Sanskar: dont dare take my mom’s name from your mouth. You never asked her to die but you killed her. You are a murderer.
Dp: sanskaaarrrr!
He raises his hand to slap him but sanskar stops him
Sanskar: not me …. You cant shut my mouth.. And you dont have the right to slap me… Just get lost from here. Never dare to step inside this house ever again.
Dp leaves.

Janki: sanskar…
Sanskar: …. Ragini needs you now…. Leave me alone.
Janki leaves.

Sanskar breaks the things and pulls all the decorations in anger.


Swara comes running to Sanskar’s apartment and sees the door open so she rushes immediately inside.

Swara: sanskar….
She sees him on the floor blood coming from his hand .
Swara: sanskar…
Sanskar wakes up and looks at her and the watch: you? What are you doing here so early in the morning?
Swara: woh ragini …..

Sanskat: what happend to her?
Swara: she is missing from last night
Sanskar gets up :what?!
Swara: you sit down… It must be paining
Sanskar: she is missing…. You are asking me to sit?
Swara: yes… Because glass has pricked your hand and if ylu dont band aid it you will get infection.
Sanskar removes the glass piece while swara closes her eyes.
Sanskar: fine … First aid box..
Swara: i know where it is..
Swara turns to get first aid box and sanskar leaves. Swara sees him and runs behind him.

Swara: where are you going like this? Will you find your sister in this state?
Sanskar: yes…

They come to the parking lot
Swara: i will drive my car you sit…
Sanskar: fine..
Swara drives and opens the box and gives sanskar first aid box: apply ointment on your hand…. Its still bleeding.
Sanskar tries calling ragini but she is not picking up
Swara: her phone is at your place…
Sanskar: how do you know that?
Swara: checked her location….

Sanskar: drive to the college… She will be there..
Swara: no she wont be there.. Its sunday college will be closed.
Sanskar: you take me there..i know she will be there
Swara: fine… You apply ointment.
Swara gets a call and stops the car.
Swara: hello!
Os: swara… Ragini
Swara: ragini…. Where were you? We are so worried about you..
Ragini: woh..actually i m at my friends place…. I m fine. You please dont worry about me. Tell bhai not to worry.
Swara: fine..
She cuts the call.
Swara: a..ragini is at her friends place
Sanskar: hmmm… You wanted to talk something to me last night.
Swara: kai nahi ( nothing)
Sanskar: kai nai tar asat thodi yetat( nothing is there them simply you came a what)
Swara: tumala marathi yetat? ( you know marathi)
Sanskar: ho…
Swara: you never spoke before
Sanskar: you never spoke to me….
Swara: ohhk…. Now m speaking right….
Sanskar: yes…. Ask then
Swara: do you believe in love at first sight?
Sanskar: yes.. I believe in love at first sight because my mother loved me since she saw me first time.
Swara: its philosophical answer… In general like boyfriend girlfriend love do you believe in that?
Sanskar: ummm yea….

Swara: do you love someone?
Sanskar: why are you asking this all of a sudden?
Swara: see i bandaged your wound and you did not even feel.
Sanskar looks at his hand and smiles a bit: sanki… Where is your mind? You bandaged my wrong hand. I got hurt on the another hand.
Swara realises: sorry…. But you did not answer me.
Sanskar: yes… Are you intrested?
Swara: no…. Do you want to go somwhere else ?
Sanskar: you are very kind toward me now a days…
Swara: yes because its your birthday today…

Sanskar: i dont celebrate birthdays.
Swara: why? Its such a special day for a person. The same reason why they are in this world.
Sanskar: yes but i dont. Its not special for me any more.
Swara: how you know marathi? Mostly people speak bengali here…
Sanskar: yes thats because i was in mumbai four years back. I did my high school there.
Swara: what?! You were in mumbai four years back? So many things i dont know about you.
Sanskar: yes…many things you dont know about me.
Swara: ohhk… So lets do one thing. Today is sunday no lectures to attend and ma has not yet come back. So lets spend a day knowing each other.
Sanskar: not a bad idea…. Let go home. Let me change first.
Swara smiles and drives home.

Swara: i give you 30 minutes to change and come. Its not good to keep a girl waiting.
Sanskar: i know that…. I will come soon.

He leaves. He comes back after sometime.
Sanskar: see… M before time.
Swara: yes….quiet punctual.
Swara drives
Sanskar: so where are driving off?
Swara: bappa’s temple on the outskirts of kolkota
Sanskar: i dont believe in god… M atheist.
Swara: why?
Sanskar: because i dont think they exist…. See they say god will help you if you help yourself so if i help myself where does god come from and how he helps?
Swara: rubbish
Sanskar: why you do believe in god?
Swara: as i said earlier my papa used to say sif you cant share problems with your friends share them with your enemies. So when i was young ma used to take me to temple every morning which i hated so i considered god as my enemy. So now whenever i have problem i put it on god.
Sanskar: your theory is also unique haan…
Swara: you like spray paint?

Sanskar: never tried…
Swara: great…
Swara gives him a wicked smile and stops the car infront of a hardware shop
Sanskar: what are you upto?
Swara: wait and watch…
Swara gets down and brings many spray paint cans.
Sanskar: whats all this?
Swara: i also never tried…. Lets try. Its long way but lets try this first.
Sanskar: where but?
Swara drives near maheshwari mansion and stops.
Swara: look this mansion has many cars parked outside. Lets try on one of these.
Sanskar looks at the name plate and thinks for a while: come lets do it…..
Swara smiles and gets down…

Sanskar sprays on dp’s car with full frustration as he knows its one of his favourite while swara watches… The watchman looks at them and shouts…
Swara: sanskar…. Run!
Sanskar: one last spray… He sprays and throws the can on the car putting a dent on it and runs.
Swara sits in car and starts it and gets it near sanskar: get in quickly…
Sanskar sits and takes deep breath and laughs loudly along with swara.
Sanskar: how do you think all this?

Swara: have experienced this a lot of time. My friend laksh used to get punished everytime in class for silly reasons after few days we realised he became teachers target so teacher started punishing him for no reason. One day he was so frustrated about all this in anger he sprayed on his favourite car just like you sprayed on your dads.
Sanskar: how you know its my dad’s house?
Swara: ohh come on sanskar i have been here with ragini. I know this place. I know that you are frustrated with him. He betrayed your mother and you could not do anything so its better to destroy him by another way.
Sanskar: how you know all this?
Swara: woh actually i heard aunty speaking… I had forgotten my phone there so when i came to pick it up.. I heard.
Sanskar: fine… What did you do when you got angry?
Swara: nothing much… I would break all the expensive things at home.
Sanskar: then?
Swara: then what? I started growing up and things started becoming lesser and after some time expensive things stopped coming home. Now i just bang doors.
Sanskar smiles: take a left from here.
Swara: we have to go straight…
Sanskar: i know… But lets go here.
Swara takes a left
Sanskar: now go straight….
She does as he instructs
Swara: where are we going?
Sanskar: you like to break things right… Come.
Swara sees a an old house and scrap outside
Sanskar talks to a person and gets in along with swara.
Sanskar: give me 2 minutes
Swara: what are you doing?
Sanskar: two minutes?
Swara: fine
Sanskar sets up some things on drums and comes near swara with a stick
Sanskar: here you go…. All yours. Break as many as you want. No one will stop you.
Swara smiles and takes the stick.
She breaks all the things…

Sanskar: so much frustration … One day you might break my face.
Swara: i can never hurt you.
Sanskar looks at her in confusion: why?
Swara: because i…
Sanskar: you?
Swara: i will come to this place now. Come lets go now. We need to go there.
Sanskar: lets go. Let me drive this time.
Swara: ohk.

Sanskar drives
Swara: whats your favourite colour?
Sanskar: umm none…
Swara: there must be
Sanskar: no … We have so many colours i can be parshal to any one so i m fair to all. Whatever suits me i go with it.
Swara: all philosophical answers…. No wonder why you are philosophy student.
Sanskar: yes…..
Swara: when did you meet shahana? Who are her parents?
Sanskar: three years back on railway station… I dont know about her parents.
Swara: what?! Did you not do police complain?
Sanskar: may be they abundant her ….. I did police complaint but no use they are useless they did not find them. I need someone in my life too so i kept her.
Swara: so she was your life….
Sanskar: she came into my life as though a fish was added to empty pond of water. Where i was water and she was the fish.
Swara smiles
Sanskar: tell me about you…

Swara in her mind: as if you dont know….. Except two things that i love you and i know you are my secret lover.
Sanskar: what are you thinking?
Swara: i had a simple life… Papa used to work and my mom was a housewife. I have two streaks kavya and laksh. Everything was easy going until papa went for a meeting in delhi and died in road accident. Everything changed after that mom started working and had no time for me. Then after two years we shifted here. After that you know everything……
Sanskar: initially you hated kolkota right
Swara: yes but not any more
Sanskar: why?
Swara: what i did not get in mumbai… I got here.
She blushes. Sanskar sees her suspiciously.
Sanskar: whats that?
Swara: you…
Sanskar: me?
Swara: you concentrate on the road..
Sanskar: ohhk…. Are you not hungry ? Am starving…
Swara: come lets have something…

Sanskar stops near a restrauant.. Both walk inside.

Sanskar pulls a chair for swara
Swara: total gentle men haan…
Sanskar: i m not that bad as you think
Swara sits and sanskar on the parallel to her

Swara smiles
Sanskar: whenever you smile i get worried
Swara: dont worry you dont have to do anything……
Sanskar: what you mean?
Swara: a challenge? What say?
Sanskar: done… Tell what you want me to do?
Swara: nothing much… Can you see that couple just go there and eat from their table.
Sanskar: sanki? I dont even know them… Why will i eat from their table?
Swara: fine… I won.
Sanskar: not so soon..

Sanskar gets up with confidence and walks near the table
Sanskar to himself: you got up with confidence but inside you are shivering…. This is so cheap… But have to do it.

He walk passes their table and comes back
Swara: what happened? Got scared? I told you …you cant do this
Sanskar: i will do it… I came to drink water.
He takes a sip and goes

Sanskar: vivek…. My friend how are you?
He hugs him.
Guy: i..
Sanskar: she is your girlfriend? Hi… M sanskar… We were in the same class in school. What you guys are eating? M starving. He takes a spoon and takes from the bowl. Sanskar puts the spoon in his mouth
Guy: ohh hello… M not any vivek… You are misunderstanding me with someone else. I m harsh.
Sanskar gulps down the food: ohh so sad… I thought you are my friend vivek… He makes a sad face and gets up.
Girl: its ohhk….
Sanskar: m sorry…

He comes to their table and laughs alot
Swara: i seriously did not think you will do this… Its so cheap. Above all irritating poor guys were romancing there and you spoilt their lunch. Very bad sanskar.
She shakes her head.
Sanskar: my turn now….
Swara: what?
Sanskar: lets have food i’ll tell you when we get out.
Swara nods.
They have their lunch and come out.

Swara: tell me ….
Sanskar: come lets have ice cream its next door.
Swara: come
Sanskar: so you have to go in get three ice creams without paying for them
Swara: what?! Are you asking me to rob?
Sanskar: no its called vandalism which we did few hours back also. Spray paint?
Swara: fine… You tell me which flavours you want. .
Sanskar: chocolate, butter scotch and …. One of your choice.
Swara: ohhk.

Swara goes inside and talks to the person there. The person gives her ice cream and she comes out.
Sanskar: how did you do this?
Swara: thats my charm…
Sanskar: tell me

Swara: i asked him out for a date…
Sanskar: what rubbish? You are going for a date with that monkey?
Swara smiles seeing him getting jealous
Sanskar: how he agreed like that?
Swara: i gave him my number thats why…
Sanskar: you give your number to anyone like that?
Swara: i will block him later…. Dont worry…
Sanskar: if he comes to know you… He might block you.
He chuckles.
Swara: not funny… She sits in the car.
Sanskar: swara… Take your ice cream atleast.
Swara: you only eat… Dont talk to me. .
Sanskar: aree… I was just joking. .
Swara: but m not.. You dont talk to me.
Sanskar: fine i will have thus kulfi by myself. See haan swara… I will eat.
Swara: eat then… I m not talking to you.
Sanskar: really i will eat… Then dont tell me.
Sanskar opens his mouth to take a bite but swara pulks it from his hand.
Swara: how many will you eat?
Sanskar smiles.

To be continued…
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