Swasan: stone face and the secret lover (Part 21)


Swara is in the music room…
She remembers sanskar’s and her moments.

Yuhi Bewaza dil mein rahi betabiya
Yeh ishq hai saanso jo ab rawa
Aaja ab dekh le afsana
Dil ho gaya tera diwana
Dheere dheere se meri zindagi mein aana
Dheere dheere se mere dil ko churna
Tumse pyaar hume hai kitna jaane jaana
Tum se mil-kar humko hai btana

Yeh zindagi muskil hai ab to jeene mein
Bechaniya din-raat chalti hai seene mein
Tere siwa Mujh ko koi chahra nahi hai bhata
Mere bina tujhe chan bhi to nahi aata

Dil ka alam hai aashiqana
Dil ho gaya tera diwana
Dheere dheere se meri zindagi mein aana
Dheere dheere se mere dil ko churna
Tumse pyaar hume hai kitna jaane jaana
Tum se mil-kar humko hai btana

Dil yeh mera mange teri hi chahte
Tu aankhon mein ho to milti hai mujhe rahte
Mujh ko nahi majboor ab yeh dooriya
Kesi ab bandishe kesi yeh majbooriya

Taaro kah ek hai fasana
Dil ho gaya tera diwana
Dheere dheere se meri zindagi mein aana
Dheere dheere se mere dil ko churna
Tumse pyaar hume hai kitna jaane jaana
Tum se mil-kar humko hai btana

Nikhil: were you not thinking about sanskar?
Swara looks at him: no.

She gets up and goes.

Nikhil: come on yaar…. Dont lie now.

Swara: m not lying. By the way you lost your bet.
Nikhil: no i did not…
Swara: i dont love sanskar… It your third day and you lost the challenge. I dont love him.
Nikhil: the day is not yet over…. Lot can happen.
Swara: what can happen in few hours? What did not happen in days what will happen in hours?
Nikhil: well we will see that….
Swara: you see then..
Nikhil: why did you go insearch of him yesterday? Then came back on his bike last night. There was your car right ? Then why?
Swara: i..i…i… How do you know?
Nikhil: when you went you took your car while coming back you were on his bike.
Swara: were you spying on me?
Nikhil: no… Kolkota does not go blind on the road. I too have my eyes and i can see.

Swara looks in the canteen and sees sankav sitting and chatting.

Swara: this witch cant leave sanskar alone ? All the time with him laughing and giggling. Does she not have any other work? ( she sees kavita touching sanskar) idiot how can she touch him like that? This sanskar is also allowing her to touch him… Idiot!

Nikhul: calm down… That poor girl…
Swara: poor girl?
Nikhil: swara… Jealousy is not good.
Swara: m not jealous. I cant get jealous of that girl… (imitating her) sanky this sanky that..
Nikhil: i dont understand why are you denying that you dont love him.
Swara: because i dont love him…. You mind your own business. Dont you have your lectures? What are you listening to my talks?
Nikhil: not only me…. But whole lot of people were listening to you.
Swara looks around and sees many students noticing her.
Swara frowns at them and drives them away.
Nikhil: you were audible enough swara….. Control your emotions. He laughs.
Swara: just shut up!
Swara leaves from there.
Nikhil: love love love… …


On the call

Swara: kavya hows dadi?
Kavya: she is much better…

Swara: good…
Kavya: tell me swara
Swara: what?
Kavya: what was so urgent last night that you went to the graveyard?
Swara: nothing… I did not go there
Kavya: seriously swara? You think i dont know that you were there? I checked your location. You were in the grave yard.
Swara:i went there… To stroll
Kavya: ohh really? I m not a kid. You are nyctophobiac and you are telling me that you went to the grave yard to stroll? I m not mad.
Swara: fine
Kavya: so tell me… What is cooking in between sanskar and you? I know its sanskar’s number he was there and you went there.
Swara tells her everything.
Kavya: so when will you tell him?
Swara: tell him what?
Kavya: that you love him.
Swara: what?! I dont love him.
Kavya: seriously swara? You are the person who sleeps with lights on. You cant get in a room where there is darkness. You went to grave yard for whom? Sanskar? Why?
Swara: but…
Kavya: forget this… You remember once when we were playing laksh went missing because he slept in the store room and someone locked him unkowingly. When we reached there you did not even take a step inside because there was darkness there. Last night you went walking alone there why?
Swara: so even you think that i love him?
Kavya: even?
Swara: nikhil also tells me the same thing. He challenged me that he will prove in three days that i love him… Today is the third day.
Kavya: wait wait… So you kept denying… You know why? Not because you dont love him because you want to win that bet at any cost…. Your mind is focusing on your bet and you dont want to loose. But the truth is you love him.
Swara: no kavya… There is nothing ….
Kavya: ohhk fine… Just for once you forget about your bet and think from your heart if you love him or not. You are confused as your mind wants to win the bet and you are ignoring what your heart is saying. Just calm down and think with calm mind. You will get your answers.
Swara: fine…
Kavya: ohhk then… Bye. Take care.
Swara: bye take care.

Swara walks ahead and sees kavita

Swara: yeh ithe hai? Thi inthe kai kirte? (what is she doing here)

Kavita: yea.. Yea i know everything…. First i have to get him there then we can execute our plan… You keep the knife ready… Poor sanky does not even know that its his last day on this earth… Who thought that i will stab him? Yea i know i have to come behind durga maa’s temple with him… I will come in 15 minutes.

Kavita walks while swara is all shocked.

Swara: this girl what is she upto? I have to inform sanskar and warn him about her.

Swara goes looking around for sanskar.. She calls him but he is not picking up.

Swara: pick up! Pick up! Idiot… What is he doing? Cant he pick up my call now…

Swara comes to parking lot and sees sanskar and kavita going…

Swara: shit! How to follow them now? I left my car there and this ragini is also not come. Let me take the cab.
She waits for the cab but none stop.

Swara: whole world has decided to go by cab a what? I dont have time to waste. … His life is in danger….

Nikhil comes in his car: any help?
Swara: get off your seat…
Nikhil: what?
Swara: just get out i need your car
Nikhil:i can drive..
Swara pulls him out and he sits on passenger seat.
Swara drives the car
Nikhil: where are we going? What hapoened?
Swara: sanskar… His life in danger…..
Nikhil: what are you saying?
Swara: we have to reach behind kaali maa’s temple in 5 minutes.
Nikhil: swara you just broke a signal…
Swara: keep quiet.
Nikhil: what the hell are you doing? You are driving over 160… I dont want to die so soon… I did not even eat my lunch today…
Swara gives a jerk: just shut up!
She gets out of the car and goes behind the temple and sees kavita stabing sanskar.

Sanskar: why did you do this to me?
Kavita: you will never know the reason now…

Sanskar falls down leaving swara and nikhil completely shocked.
Swara: sanskarrrrrrrrrr!
She rushes to him tears rolling down her cheek
Swara: sanskar… Sanskar open your eyes…. Sanskar see i m here….. Open your eyes na sanskarr…
Swara looks at kavita with death shot eyes
Swara: b*t*h! Why did you do this to him? Why kavita? Why?
She slaps her…
Kavita: listen to me…
Swara: why kavita? Why did you kill him?
Voice: what is happening here? Is this a market? Kavita what is all this?
Swara looks towards the person and turns to see Sanskar standing behind her.

Kavita: sir give us a minute

Swara immediately hugs sanskar…
Swara breaks the hug and looks at him: are you okay? Did you get hurt? She stabbed you right then? How are you standing? Come lets to the doctor we will get this bandage… Come
She pulls him by his wrist while sanskar stops her
Sanskar: swara…. Nothing happened to me….. Everything us fake… This blood and all everything is fake… Kavita is shooting a short film and m also apart of it nothing else. Nothing happened to me. She did not do anything….. You stop crying now.

He wipes her tears
Swara: what?! This is all fake ?
Sanskar nods in a yes…

Sanskar: how did you come here?
Swara: woh… I heard kavita speaking and …
Nikhil: she came here driving at 160 speed and breaking a signal…
Kavita: swara…. You should have atleast asked me once…
Swara: i m….sorry for slapping you…
Kavita: its ok… It was just a misunderstanding…..
Nikhil: come now lets go ….. They have to shoot and you wasted their time.
Sanskar: yea… You go i will meet you later..
Swara nods..
SwaNik leave
Nikhil: this time i will drive… I want to have my dinner atleast.
Swara: you are such a hogger..
Nikhil: please… By the way now also will you say that you dont love him?
Swara stays silent the whole way until nikhil drops her to her building.
Nikhil: you did not answer m. Atleast say thanks.

Swara gets down the car

Swara: thanks…. For making me realise that i love him. I cant imagine my life without him now. I never thought i will say this and that i will loose to you. But as you said i wont regret loosing to you. I m very happy… Thank you so much.

Nikhil: instead of thanking me… Go speak your heart to sanskar. Tell him that you love him.

Swara smiles…..

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