Swasan: stone face and the secret lover (Part 20)


Sanskar wakes up and find himself on his bed. He tries to remember what happened previous night.
Sanskar pov
Sanskar beta… What have you done? You pecked her! You made her do sit ups… You had too much last night. You should stop drinking now. Poor swara… She had to handle you. Before you start your love story you will end it. What will she think that m a drunkard. Thats a different story that you drink sometimes but now you should stop that sometimes too. Now get your butt out of the bed and apologize to her. She must be boiling in anger.
End of pov.

Swara opens her door and finds a box. She opens it and finds two teddy bears. One holding a heart with thank you written on it and other with sorry. She looks at them and smiles. She opens the letter and reads
” thank you… For last night. I dont know for what i should thank you… For saving my life ,for bandaging my wounds or making me sleep. A big thank you. And sorry… For disturbing your sleep… For making you do sit ups and for irritating and kissing you… Now stop remembering the kiss but forgive me..keep smiling. . ”
She sees sanskar written then cancled and written stoneface.
Swara: mad… But could he not give it to me directly? Why kept it out? Let it be ..may be he does not want to face you. She looks at the teddy bears:These are so cute but not cuter than him. She smiles recollecting how he got irritated when she called him cute.

She goes inside and sees sanskar.
Swara: what are you doing here?
Sanskar: i m always here… In this room, this building,and where ever you go. I m always in your heart.
Swara: no…
Sanskar: ask yourself. .
He disappears.
Swara: you are thinking too much about him swara…. You are imagining him now. Is nikhil right ? Do i …. No no you dont!

Later in college cateen
Swara sees sanskar sitting in the canteen and goes to meet him. Swara stops seeing a girl coming and hugging him.

Girl: sanky! I missed you soo much…….
Sanskar too hugs her: kavita ….. I also missed you. You are here all of a sudden?
Kavita: yea… I had somework. Come lets go out from here. It so crowded here..
Sanskar: no yaar…
Kavita: come na sanky….
She drags him.

Sanskar and kavita walk passes swara giggling and laughing.

Swara: who is this idiot? How can she take him like that? First of all she looks like a witch and now she took him away from me. And sanskar …. How he can ignore me and walk with her?
Nikhil: jealous?
Swara looks at him and gives a angry look: no!
Nikhil: you are not a really good actor…. You can completely make out that you are fuming in jealousy…
Swara: why will i be jealous of that witch?
Nikhil smiles: you know what… You are jealous. You dont even know that girl and you are calling her a witch. Why?
Swara: i dont want to know her… By her looks only you can make out.
Nikhil: please swara… She is so cute and beautiful any boy will fall for her. Sanskar is showing interest also see.
Swara: sanskar cant love her…
Nikhil: why? She is good looking and looks sweet too.
Swara: then you go and propose her. Why are you dragging sanskar?
Nikhil: i would if i was single and if she showed any affection towards me. But she is showing it toward sanskar.
Swara: urghhh!
She stamps her foot and leaves.
Nikhil: love is in the air…. jealousy second step toward love.

Fire escape

Swara opens the door and sees sanskar.
Swara: not again. I know you are not here and you are just my imagination.
She walks down while sanskar walks up. They bang onto each other.
Sanskar: sanki! Cant you see properly…
Swara: you are really here? She pinches him.
Sanskar: ouch! Sanki! What do you mean by m really here?
Sanskar: anyways m sorry for last night… I was not in my senses.
Swara; its ok….
Sanskar: you easily forgived me? Are you ok?
Swara: m ok… You go with your kavita… Why did you come here?
Sanskar: i usually come here. Its not your private property. And yea m going with kavita. Why should you care?
He goes from there.

Swara left alone in the fire escape
Swara: what he thinks of himself? He is asking me why should i care? Cant he see… That i m worried about him…. I want to be with him…. How can he smile and giggle with her and when i was around he was acting so rude and disturbed. Idiot!
She comes out from there and keeps muttering in the corridoor the same things.

Ragini: what are you muttering ?
Swara( in marathi): tacha dhoka! ( his head)
Ragini: what?
Swara: sorry… Mi kay mithar manala mahit nahi.
Ragini: what what?
Swara: i dont know what m saying.
Ragini: you look irritated. Any problem?
Swara: nothing… I…
Nikhil comes running there.
Nikhil: fight… Beating… Sanskar…
Ragini: what are you saying?
Swara: what happened to sanskar?
Nikhil: parking lot…. There is a fight between sanskar and some guy…
Swara runs quickly. Followed by ragini and nikhil.

Swara comes outside and sees sanskar bashing a guy.
Swara: sanskar! Leave him.
Sanskar has beaten the guy blue and black. He is still bashing him.
Swara: sanskar leave him….
She tries to pull him… But in vain.
Swara: nikhil ragini come here …
They all pull him back. Other guys take the other fellow aside.
Swara: what happened that you bashed him so badly? Are you gone mad?
Guy: he is mad! Just because i tore those flags from the bike… He bashed me.
Swara: what? Just because of these flags he bashed you?
Sanskar: these are not just flags ….. My.. ..You guys wont understand.
He looks at the other guy.
Sanskar: dare come near me or my things. You dont know how important they were to me… He picks them up and goes on the bike.

All look on confused
Swara: nikhil take this guy to infarmary.
Nikhil nods and swara goes running.
Ragini: where are you going?
Swara: i will meet you later… Bye.

She hops in her car and tries to follow sanskar.

She goes everywhere in search of him but cant find him anywhere.

Swara: where has he gone again?
She tries calling him but he is not picking up. She tries to search him everywhere but in vain.
Swara: where do you go sanskar…. M searching for you everywhere. From afternoon it bacame night where have you gone? . Sometimes i feel this ragini is also useless as she does not know about him.

She calls kavya.

Swara: hello! Kavya what the hell is wrong with you? From so long i m trying to call you.
Kavya: swara? Why are you yelling? I was in the hospital….. What happened?
Swara: i need your help… I want to know the location of this number right now…
Kavya: fine… Tell me the number..
Swara; ok i will send …tell me quickly.
Kavya: ok…send atleast.

Swara cuts the call and sends her the number.
Kavya calls swara back.
Swara: yes kavya?
Kavya: yea the location is infavous graveyard. Its 4 kilometers from your location.
Swara: great! Thank you.
Kavya: swara? Are you going to the graveyard now?
Swara: yes….
Kavya: what is so urgent? Its 10 pm. There will be darkness there.
Swara: i dont care ….. Kavya i will call you later and tell you.
Kavya: ok fine… You take care of yourself.
Swara cuts the call.

Swara: did he get a grave yard only to go?

Infavous Graveyard
Swara comes to the grave yard and sees sanskar’s bike there.
Swara: thank you bappa! Finally i found him.. But darkness? Swara… You have come now till here and you can go inside also. Remember even ma was saying its high time you should come out from this fear. Above that you wont be alone… Apart from few ghosts. But you have to go inside for sanskar.

She walks inside motivating herself. At one point she was shivering too but still looks around for sanskar. After searching for him for around 5 mintues which were as though 500 minutes for swara in the darkness. She finds him. Looking at him she forgot about the darkness as though he was the light infront of her.

She walks up to him and sees him crying. She pats on his shoulder. He turns and looks at her shocked.
Sanskar wipes his tears: what are you doing here?
Swara: same thing… What are you doing here?
Sanskar: leave me alone…
Swara sits next to him
Sanskar: i said leave me alone..
Swara: i cannot and i wont…
Sanskar: why?
Swara places her hand on his: because i promised that i will never leave you alone.
Sanskar looks into her eyes…They sit like that only for few mintues.
Swara notices the grave and the name birth and death date written.
Swara in her mind: this was disturbing him. Thats why he was not there after the competition. He kept hidding all his pain. Now its killing him inside. I cant see him like this….

Swara looks at him with teary eyes: sanskar? How can you stay…. She hugs him.
Sanskar cries hugging her: swara…..she left me swara…. She went away from me …she will never come back…
Swara rubs his back: sanskar …….everything will be ok….
Sanskar: nothing is going to be the same again…
Swara breaks the hug and cups his face: i know it will be…. It takes time sanskar… I know how it feels when someone from your life goes. …..You cant see the person ever again…..
You should not keep your pain to yourself…..
Sanskar: everything is over swara….. She was the only one with whom i could share my pain and my happiness…. Now she is only not there… With whom will i share my pain? My happiness?
Swara: i m there na sanskar…
Sanskar: you and i are enemies…
Swara: papa used to always say that if you cant share your sorrows with your friends then you must with your enemies… You can count on me.
Sanskar hugs her back: thank you….. For coming.
Swara hears some sounds and hugs him tighter: sanskar… Lets go from here? I m really getting scared.
Sanskar: ohhk… He gets along with swara.
Both walk hand in hand till they reach their respective vehicles.
They look at each other.
Swara: will you take your enemy for a ride?
Sanskar smiles: yess!

Thanks for reading… Please do comment. I could not post yesterday sorry for that. Its christmas season and m very busy to help my mother in making sweets plus i have to study my prelims are popping in january. So please bear with me. I will try to post next chapter in next two days. Please do wait and do comment and share your views.

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