Swasan: stone face and the secret lover (Part 2)

@ College

Swara’s pov
Its so boring here. No friends and life is also so slow unlike mumbai. Above all I have to say sorry to that guy who’s face also I don’t remember properly. I hope I meet him somewhere around. ( she bangs onto someone)

Swara in her mind: more than making friends I bang into someone and hurt myself. She looks at the person: are you people blind out here? Everyone bangs onto someone or the other.

Girl(a bit scared and collects her books): oh I m sorry… Are you ok?
Swara: yea yea .
She looks at her and helps collecting her books. Swara thinks what a nerd she is second day of college only she started studying or reading.

Girl: thank you and sorry once again.
Swara: hmm its ok . I should have also noticed you. (curious) can I ask you something?
They walk
Girl: yea?
Swara: why are you carrying these pile of books? Are you studying first only?
Girl: not really these are not my books , atually they are of college library and I was helping cleaning it so am just shifting them somewhere in the other room.

Swara: ohhk! Thank god people are not nerds here.

Girl: huh?

Swara: nothing… By the way I am swara! You?
Girl: Ragini

Swara sees the music room: wow! You guys have a music room too! Not bad as I thought.

Ragini: are you a fresher?

Swara: yea just joined yesterday .

Ragini: ok … I m in second year if you need anything I’ll be there in the library feel free to come for any help.

Swara: hmm yea.. That’s sweet of you . By the way I need your help today itself.

Ragini: yea?
Swara: did you see any guy who had coffee stains on his t shirt? I mean or do you know any guy like that?

Ragini(surprised cum shock): are you the one who threw coffee on a guys shirt yesterday in the canteen?

Swara(confused): yea.. Why? Is it a crime?

Ragini: no not at all but congrats you are very famous in the college from yesterday.

Swara: what?

Ragini: half of the college is been talking about this since yesterday. Since you threw coffee on the stud , charming, and most handsome person of this college its become viral news.

Swara: can you tell me his name? I need to apologize.

Ragini: sanskar.

Swara: since you helped me so much can you tell me where he will be?

Ragini: you don’t need to search for him. He’s coming here only.

She points out to him. Swara sees him and he shoots a angry look on her.

Sanskar comes toward them and stops near them.
Swara: hey! I m sorry for yesterday.
Sanskar: hmmm. Oi bookworm where are you going with these. I have been searching for them in the library.
Since he ignored her.
Swara: I said sorry
Sanskar: so? I’ll dance ?
Swara: you need to apologize too.
Sanskar: for what?
Swara: for spoiling my top.
Sanskar: I don’t regret doing it so why should I apologize?
Swara: don’t even have manners.
Sanskar(leans towards her and pins her on the wall): will you teach me miss?

People gather there.
Sanskar claps in the air: look guys… This new miss? ( looks at her for her name) who ever she is. Is going to give us a lecture on values and manners. Any of you want to join in?
Swara looses her calm and she removes her water bottle and mixes in ink in and throws on his face.
Everyone shocked and with the aww! Look on their face.
Swara: so guys first rule to be respected respect others first if not then you will be also in his position. So the lesson is do good things to expect good in return if not you get what you give. I was here for some other reasons but since you wanted me to insult you infront of this crowd so let it go.

Sanskar is also angry due his insult infront of everyone. He shoots her a I wont let you go easily look.

Swara: give this look to someone else. By the way I am swara! I hope you won’t forget.

Sanskar pins her to the wall again but this time swara sprays pepper spray in his eyes.
He screams and yells in pain.

Swara: I hope you won’t forget this lesson. Mr? Stone face. A stone looks better than you idiot.

She splashes water on his face and moves from there. Ragini also moves along with her.
People also go from there leaving sanskar alone.


Hey guys! Thanks a ton for reading the first part. I really enjoyed reading your lovely comments. Thanks a lot for commenting. Most probably I will post after two days due to my busy schedule. I might post everyday also but I can’t promise about that. Anyways I hope you will like this part and please do comment.

Thanks for reading ???????????

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