Swasan: stone face and the secret lover (Part 19)


Laksh and kavya get up and see Swara in the living room. Her head resting on the sofa and the door open. Swara opens her eyes hearing their footsteps.

Swara: you guys awake?
Laksh: yea… But what were you doing here? Sitting on the ground ?
Swara: nothing… Just like that… I felt like sleeping there so… After all its my life and my house and i can sleep anywhere any how… You should have no problem with it.
Kavya: swara? He was just asking… From when did you start giving personal life lectures?
Swara she remembers sanskar saying this to her: huh? She bursts out laughing…
Kavya and Laksh looked at her in confusion.
Swara: just look at your reactions… I was just trying to see how it feels when you give personal life lectures..
Laksh: yea yea… I was shocked at first place hearing all this from you..
Swara: ok ok… I will prepare break fast for you guys.
She goes to the kitchen..

Kavya: she really said it and then made excuses
Laksh: i know… She did not sleep there but she fell asleep… See even the door was open as though she was waiting for someone to come.
Kavya: who you think?
Laksh hits her head:i wish you could hack her mind too.. But no you only know to hack devices… Idiot..
Kavya: just shut up ok… Stinking skunk … Atleast i know to do something unlike you brainless.
Laksh: how dare you call me a sunk and Brainless?
Kavya: thats what you are… Brainless and stinking ….
Laksh: who are you then? A robber and stalker who hacks peoples account..
Kavya: skunk….!

Swara: guys?! Are you guys still fighting?
Laksh: she called be stinking skunk
Kavya: he called me robber…
Swara: ohhk … Chill! Laksh i know you are brainless that is a fact and she is a hacker that is also a fact… So stop arguing… I m going to get milk … I will come soon.
Laksh: ok..

Kavya and Laksh come to the kitchen
Kavya sees milk packets
Laksh:now what are you thinking?
Kavya: there are already milk packets here… Why did she go out?
Laksh: when she comes back ask her…
Kavya: as if she will tell… You know her if you tell her your secret she will never ever open it and if she wants to hide something she will never tell no matter how painful it will be.
Laksh: thats true… You are over exerting things… I think you should stop worrying.
Kavya: fine…

Swara’s building’s parking lot

Swara pov
I hope this sanskar has come back. He was looking so pale last night and that too it looked as though he had not changed since the competition. That day also he was restless. Something is really wrong. Either he is hiding something really big or he is some big problem. I lied to kavya and laksh saying that there is no milk where as there is milk in the house. I could not go up to see him as they would question me. I saw his bike parked and it meant he is at home. I should quickly go and ask him. Swara? Are you mad? How can you ask him like that and will he share his problems with you? Who are you to him? Friend? Or enemy? He does not even consider you his friend and where you want to go and ask him. I think i should go home. Wait you have to take milk and go before that detective kavya starts finding faults.
End of her pov. She goes back.

Kavya is waiting near the door with folded hands on her chest. She raises her eyebrows.
Swara: what?
Kavya: dont you think you are hidding something from me ?
Swara in her mind: she came to know so quick?
Kavya: what are you staring at me blankly?
Swara: woh..kavya.. I was just….
Kavya: i was talking about these letters …. Who is your secret lover? How he looks?
Swara: i dont know …. Its still a secret for me .. .
Kavya: were you supposed to tell me something else ?
Swara: no…
Kavya: i have a feeling that you are worried about something and you are not telling anyone about it. Swara you know right you can tell me.
Swara: there is nothing… Its just that ma was not there so i had all the responsibility on myself. Nothing to worry about.
Kavya: are you sure?
Swara: you are trying to act as ma now…
Kavya; yes because sumi ma knows you and i too. When you say nothing there are a lot of things.
Swara: if you know me so well then you will also know that i wont tell anyone anything until and unless i solve it.
Kavya: is it about sanskar?
Swara gets shocked(in her mind): how she knows? Kavya shakes her…
Kavya: swara? Tell me…
Swara: you tell me what will you have for breakfast?
Kavya: nothing… We are leaving now. In 1 hour i need to catch a flight to mumbai.
Swara: what? So early? But why?
Kavya: papa had called and he told me to come back as dadi got a heart attack.
Swara: ohh! Thats sad. Where is laksh?
Laksh( he comes with a bag):m here… This idiot spoiled my plans..
Kavya: shut up! If you want you stay.. .
Laksh: how can i let you go alone? If something happens to you your dracula dad with drink my blood after all i am responsible for this trip.
Kavya: how dare you call my papa dracula?
Laksh: i dont need anyone to dare me..
Swara: guys! Chill… I thought you would be with me..
Laksh: aww! Stop being senti… I will come back soon.
Kavya: even i wanted to spend some time with you….
Swara: its ok!
Trio share a hug and they bid bye to swara.

Later swara comes to sanskar’s apartment and finds him walking down. Swara looks at him and smiles but he was lost in his own thoughts. He walk passes her.

Swara: sanskar?
Sanskar turns: hmm?
Swara: are you going to college?
Swara: can i come with you? My car is not starting…
Sanskar: hmm

Swara follows him down silently as he walks..
Swara to herself: what to ask him? Whatever i ask he answers me with a hmm . As thought the words are over.

On the way also sanskar is completely silent..
Swara: you know.. We won the competition.
Swara: did you have something to eat?
Sanskar: hnmm

Swara gets irritated by his hmm hmm: what is this hmm hmm? Cant you talk?
Sanskar: we have reachwd

Swara gets down the bike and waits for him. Instead he turns the bike and leaves.

Swara: what the hell? Where did he go now? He told me that he is coming to college and now where he went… He is such an idiot!
Nikhil: hello? Who are you calling idiot?
Swara: that sanskar…
Nikhil: i know that he is an idiot…
Swara frowns at him: how can you can call him idiot?
Nikhil: when you call him that time its fine and when i call him you frown at him why?
Swara: because…
Nikhil: because?
Swara: because. .. Nikhil cuts her
Nikhil: because you love him…
Swara: just shut up!
Nikhil: facts wont change… You like him…
Swara: wow! You know me better than myself?
Nikhil: you are just avoiding it..
Swara: m not…
Nikhil: i can prove you in next three days that you are in love with him.
Swara: and i will prove you wrong…
Nikhil: swara… Be ready to loose and i bet you … You wont regret even after loosing to me.
Swara: ohh really? Lets see..
Nikhil: yea.. You know what i have already begun.. I have three questions and you answer me.
Swara: ask..
Nikhil: tell the person with whom you have like to play pranks and enjoyed the most in this college? you get irritated with but still want to spend your time and if someone else irritates him or talks bad about him you frown at them. Why? When the person does not come you get bored no worried? Now just close your eyes and see the persons face.
Swara does and sees sanskar coming. She opens her eyes and looks at nikhil.
Nikhil: was he not sanskar?
Swar: no
She walks away from him.
Nikhil: admit it swara it was sanskar …. Dont run away from your feelings.

Fire escape
Swara: this nikhil is manuplating my mind. There is no love between us…. I cant love sanskar.
Sanskar: why cant you love me swara?
Swara: what are you doing here?
Sanskar: tell me swara? Why cant you love me?
Swara: i..i… Dont know..
Swara: urghh! This guy is getting into my nerves!
Sanskar: thats good na… I will soon reach your heart.
Swara comes close to him and realises that he is her imagination.
Swara: I should leave from here. Now i started imagining him. Urghh!
She leaves from there.

Later at night
Swaragini come to a club
Swara: why did you get me here ?
Ragini: areee… Come in na
Swara: ragini… I dont like all these places!
Ragini: i know that.. Actually one of my school friend owns this place. I have to collect something from him so i am here. Please come na.
Swara: you call him out na..
Ragini: i tried calling him but he is not picking up.. Come lets go in.
Swara: i dont want to …
She sees sanskar’s bike parked.
Swara: come lets go …
Ragini: two minutes ago… You were..
Swara: come now..

They go inside
Ragini searches for her friend while swara looks out for sanskar.
Ragini: ahh there he is….
Swara: you meet up.. I will see..
Ragini: see?
Swara: i mean stand here..
Ragini: fine..

Swara sees him sitting near the bar and sipping drinks. After few seconds he mixes something in the drink and haves it.

Swara: is he having drugs? I’ll go and see..

She walks to him: what are you doing here?
Sanskar: i.. Just.. Before he could say further..
Swara: what is wrong with you ? From so many days i m waiting for you and you were here in this stupid club?! I know you are worried about something but You are having drugs here? Dont you know how dangerous it is? It can spoil your system.. If something happens to you then? I was so worried about you and you were here? (Sanskar looks at her blabbering)What are staring at my face answer me.
Sanskar: i just came to meet my friend and got a headache so i took my painkiller. I m not a drug addict.
Swara: both sibblings get a same place to meet friends.. That too a club! Wow!
Sanskar just ignores her: this is not mumbai… This place is not safe for you. Go home. Tell ragini not to come here.
He gets up and goes.
Swara also runs behind him.
Swara: sanskar… Listen to me.
He does not hear due to loud music. Ragini comes to swara and both go out.
Swara: i met sanskar… He told this place is not safe and told you not to come here.
Ragini: hmm
Swara: tell me now why dont sanskar and you stay in the same house?
Ragini: yea…
Swara: tell…
Ragini: nothing great… We adopted him from orphanage when he was 13. He never wanted to live with us… So he went to dehradun and joined hostel. He came back 4 years back and told ma that he wants to be independent. So ma allowed him to stay alone.
Swara: so you guys are not real brother and sister.
Ragini: yes… But we are more than real brothers and sisters. Even though he knows that i m not his sister he loves so much and cares about me.
Swara: that i can see…
Ragini: yea…

Ragini drops swara. ..

Swara sits at her window and notices sanskar on the terrace so she goes up.
She sees him drinking and standing on the perapid.

Swara: what are you doing on the perapid? If you fall then?
Sanskar totally drunk: stop nagging me… If i fall i will die thats it. …
Swara pulls him down and gives him a slap: just shut up! I cant let you die.. Dont dare to remove these words from your mouth.
Sanskar holds his cheek: you slapped me…. He starts crying.. … You do this to me… You slapped me… It hurts so much..
Swara smiles seeing him act like a kid. She goes near him and touches his cheek.
Sanskar jerks her hand: no… Dont touch me… I m angry on you. First you slapped me and now you touch me..
Swara: ohhk… I m sorry. Please forgive me..
Sanskar: i wont until you do squads.
Swara: what ?
Sanskar climbs the perapid again.
Swara: come down sanskar… You are drunk… Something might happen to you.
Sanskar: no! I wont… You do sit ups only then i will come down.
Swara: ohhk ohhk … I will do. … (to herself)Where am i stuck… Bappa!!
She starts… Sanskar counts…
Swara: is it enough sanskar?
Sanskar: enough enough…
Swara: come down now.. She pulls him down.
Sanskar: you know what…. You are very nice…
Swara: and you are very cute…
Sanskar: cute ? Dont call me cute…
Swara smiles seeing him getting irritated: ohhk come now… Its very late.
Sanskar: you go… I will stay here only.
Swara: why?
Sanskar: because i dont have anyone waiting for me… Everyone leaves me and goes.
He starts crying. Your bappa takes everyone away from me. He is very cruel.. Now you will also leave me alone.
Swara cups his face: sanskar… I will not leave you.
Sanskar: everyone says the same thing but they leave me alone.
Swara: i promise i wont leave you alone. Come now… Lets go. She pulls his hand
Sanskar: ouch!
Swara: what happened?
She sees his palm bleeding…
Swara: what happened? How its bleeding?
Sanskar: your bangle made it bleed…
Swara: i m sorry…come lets bandage it…
Sanskar: no…
Swara: sanskar come… It must be paining..
Sanskar: pain? You dont know what pains more…
Swara does not understand: what do you mean?
Sanskar: you wont understand…
Swara: sanskar i can help… Everything will be alright
Sanskar: no… You cant …. Nothing is going to be back again.. The same as it was before.
Swara does not understand what he is saying. She takes him to his apartment and bandages his cut.
Sanskar hugs her:you are very nice…. But very arrogant… But i like you this way.
Swara too hugs him and smiles. He gives a peck on her cheek. Which shocks swara.
Sanskar: thank you…
Swara makes him sleep and comes to her apartment blushing.

Swara remembers about nikhil’s bet and thinks she should drift sanskar’s thoughts away. Or else she will loose. Swara keeps thinking about her promise about never leaving him and the pain which he is hidding. She wants to know about it but does not know how. Even though she wants to stay away from sanskar and his thoughts she cannot instead she gets a different feeling when he is around. She thinks its her infatuation and not love and she would get rid of it soon.

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