Swasan: stone face and the secret lover (Part 18)


On the call
Swara: ma you reached safely? Did you have your breakfast? Is your room good? How is the weather there?
Sharmista: shona…shona chill! M totally fine… I will be going to have my breakfast now. Everything is pleasant till now… It looks as though you are my mother and m your child.
Sharmista: did you have your breakfast? I hope you slept on your bed last night instead of the window…
Swara: yea yea…
Sharmista: swara… M getting late… I will get back to you later…
Swara: yea wont you wish me luck? Today is our music competition.
Sharmista: my blessings are always with you…. I m sure you will win this..
Swara: yea…
Sharmista: ok bye.. Swara… Take care of yourself… And don’t fight with sanskar..
Swara: yea ma… Byeee

Music room

Sahil: so cartoons! You have finally made into the finals and m sure you will win this competition. Today evening is the competition. I dont want you all to go out anywhere till our performance. Come on now… Start practicing…

Ragini: its our last day with you and still you are calling us cartoons? That’s not fair…

Sahil: stop sulking… I call my special people cartoons… Who does not like cartoons? They are the sweetest memory everyone has. They look so cute just like you guys..

All four smile even sahil smiles a bit..

Nikhil: what?! You can smile? Too many shocks in a day… First your cute little speech and now your smile… Its just killing me…

Swara: stop being over dramatic… Drama queen…

Sahil: come on guys… Lets start practicing…

They start practicing…..

Sahil: take a break of 15 minutes… Be back on time…
Nikhil: am i dreaming? You are giving us a break without even we asking for it… Seriously.. You are just awesome…
Sahil: im doing this for your voices… I dont want them to strain…
Swara: lets leave before he changes his mind

Sahil goes out followed by RagNik

Sanskar was about to go but swara stops him.

Swara stands in front of him with folded hand

Sanskar looks at her:what?
Swara: why did you go last night?
Sanskar: why meaning?
Swara: i told you to stay but still you went… After you he had come..
Sanskar: i did not hear only…
Swara: you are parshaly deaf?
Sanskar: no m not
Swara:then how you dont hear ?
Sanskar: i have an idea… Next time when you hear him just record his tune and keep…
Swara: fine…
Sanskar: now can i go?
Swara: where are you going?
Sanskar: seriously swara? We are given a break … And i m going to boys washroom… Are you interested to come?
Swara: sheee! Idiot
Sanskar leaves…

On the call
Sanskar: did you take your medicines?
Shahana: yes… I did take.. Why are you asking this?
Sanskar: because i think you are lying..
Shahana: m not… I m sure that doctor was complaining about me..
Sanskar: no she did not… I was generally asking..
Shahana: ohhk… Today is your competition right?
Sanskar: yes… And i m darn sure that we will win this…
Shahana: i know that …
Sanskar: what is your next wish?
Shahana: my last wish… .
Sanskar: what?! Last wish?
Shahana: yes… I dont want something more from you..
Sanskar: ohhk fine tell…
Shahana: when i die i want you to burry me and not crement my body..
Sanskar:why are you talking like this?
Shahana: m feeling sleepy now… You go for your rehersals.. Bye.. Meet me in the evening..
Sanskar: yea… Ok… Bye


Sanskar is sitting alone. He is feeling very uneasy…. Swara taps him from behind. He jumps in a shock..

Swara: are you ok? What happened?
Sanskar: a… Yea…. I… Act. …
Swara: what happened? Why are you like this? Is something wrong?
Sanskar takes a deep breath: a yea… I m fine.
Swara: are you sure?
Sanskar: yea…. Come on lets go… We are next to go on stage next.
Swara nods.

Sanskar to himself: what is happening to me? Why m i getting a feeling that something wrong is going to happen…. I m feeling very uneasy… I m sweating so much. Is it because of the competition?

Swara looks at him and in her mind: what is happening to him? Something is really wrong with him… He is not looking alright at all… May be because of this competition.

Sahil: come on guys… We are up! Give your best… Dont worry about the results just give your best…


Sanskar: Tenu itna main pyaar karaan
Ek pal vich sau baar karaan
Tu jaave je mainu chhad ke
Maut da intezaar karaan

Ke tere liye duniya chhod di hai
Tujhpe hi saans aake ruke
Main tujhko kitna chahta hoon
Ye tu kabhi soch na sake (x2)

Kuch bhi nahi hai ye jahaan
Tu hai toh hai isme zindagi

Kuch bhi nahi hai ye jahaan
Tu hai toh hai isme zindagi
Ab mujhko jaana hai kahaan
Ke tu hi safar hai aakhiri

Swara:ke tere bina jeena mumkin nahin
Na dena kabhi mujhko tu faasley
Main tujhko kitna chahti hoon
Ye tu kabhi soch na sake

Tere liye duniya chhod di hai
Tujhpe hi saans aake ruke
Main tujhko kitna chahta hoon
Ye tu kabhi soch na sake

Swara:Aankhon ki hai yeh khwahishein
Ki chehre se teri na hatein
Neendon mein meri bas tere
Khwabon ne li hai karwatein

Sanskar:Ki teri ore mujhko leke chalein
Ye duniya bhar ke sab raaste
Main tujhko kitna chahta hoon
Ye tu kabhi soch na sake

Tere liye duniya chhod di hai
Tujhpe hi saans aake ruke
Main tujhko kitna chahta hoon
Ye tu kabhi soch na sake

All clap for them. The four come down.

Sahil is waiting down for them.
Nikhil: sirrr…. How did we perform?
Sahil: it was good…. No it was awesome…
He looks at SwaSan.
Swara is constantly looking at sanskar who is lost somewhere and is standing few meters away from them.

Sahil: what happened to you both? Today no bakbak? No fights…
Swara: nothing.. …
Sahil:end of your enemity?
Swara looks at sanskar: yes…

Sanskar gets a call
Sanskar: yea… I tried calling you before…
Doctor: just come quickly… She is waiting for you..
Sanskar: huh? What has happened? I tried calling her but she isn’t picking up.
Doctor:just come quickly…..

Sanskar rushes immediately pushing Swara and Sahil.
Swara bangs herself on ragini
Ragini:are you ok?
Swara: yea.. M ok
Sahil: good that she was here or else you would have banged on the wall….
Nikhil: where did he go in such a furry?
Swara: ragini you know?
Ragini: no…
Sahil: he should have atleast waited till the results…
Nikhil: i know…

Results are announced and they are declared as the winners…

Sanskar comes to the hospital
He rushes to the ward
Sanskar opens the door: doctor? The looks at shahana… Shahana?
Doctor: talk to her . . She pats him on the shoulder and waits aside.
Sanskar looks shahana who is been taking artificial oxygen. She sings him to come. Sanskar rushes to her and holds her hand.
He sits next to her and does not talk
Shahana removes her oxygen mask
Sanskar: dont remove it…
Shahana: why .. are …. you ..not…. talking …to ..me …then?
Sanskar:i..i..don’t know… What to say…
Shahana:won’t …you.. talk to… me… for.. the …last…time? I… M.. Going..soon
Sanskar: donntsay anything like that…. You are not going anywhere…
Shahana: sans..kar… Please… don’t …tell …me… this ….. I…know…my ….time…has
…come…to go…. Just… promise …me… one… thing…
Sanskar turns his face…
Shahana:look…at ….me… I…have very… Little…time…left… Pagal…
Sanskar turns his face tears rolling down his face… Sanskar kisses her hand
Sanskar: tell me…. I ….will do whatever you are saying… I…promise..
Shahana:promise…me….you…will….not…fight…with..swara.and…always keep…her…happy…
Sanskar hugs her: i….promise i wont fight with her and keep her happy… I will tell her very soon that .. He stops hearing that she is no more breathing…
Sanskar: shahana get up….. This is not the time to play the prank….get up shahana…. Doctor tell her to get up…
Doctor looks at him sadly and nods no…
Sanskar cries bitterly looking the her and the hugs her back…


Three days later…
College fire escape

Swara: where is sanskar? After the competition i have not seen his face. Its bothering me a lot now. I thought he is not important in my life but actaully he is… Where to find him now? College, canteen, apartment no where… I thought i will tell him that we should end this enemity and have a new start …. But this stoneface is no where… No not stoneface but sanskar.. …

She comes out from there

Ragini sees her: what were you doing in there?
Swara: ohh… Nothing…. My pen fell in there so when to grab it
Ragini: are you sure?
Ragini: because there is no pen in your hand..
Swara: you also na ragini… I kept it in my bag.. .. Are you free? Lets go to the canteen..
Ragini: yea come…


Swara: chotu… Had sanskar come?
Chotu: no… He did not come since many days…
Ragini: why are looking for him?
Swara: just like that… I have not seen him since many days thats why… You know where he is?
Ragini: i got no idea about him…
Swara: you guys are sibblings and you dont know about each others where abouts? Strange…
Ragini: i would have known if he stayed at our house…
Swara: house… Remember that day we were talking about why he is not staying in your house and then who went to attend a call…
Ragini: yea… I forgot about it…
Swara: yea ….so tell me…
Ragini: yea…
Ragini was about to begin when Swara felt someone’s hard hands on her eyes.
Ragini:who are you ? What are you doing?
The other person tells her to keep quite
Swara: i know who’s it…. Laksh and Kavya
The person leaves his hands from her eyes.
Laksh: kya yaar… How did you know its us?
Kavya: yea how?
Swara turns around and smiles: because this brainless does not wash his socks…
Kavya hits him: you spoilt my suprise
Laksh: aree… Its not my fault… I did wash them
Swara hold her hands on her chest: when?
Laksh scratches his head: three weeks ago..
Swara: yuck …. I dont know how kavya managed to travel with you..
Kavya: i should get a noble prize for this…
Swara and Kavya give a hi_fi to each other and laugh while laksh pouts.
Laksh: this is not fair…. I came from mumbai and you dont even hug your best friend.
He pouts again.
Swara: come on my pouting queen… Give me a hug…
She hugs him and kavya
Kavya looks at ragini: hi… You must be ragini and m kavya… She forwards her hand..
Ragini shakes her hand: hii … How do you know my name?
Laksh: because smarty… Keeps talking about you… By the way m laksh
Swara: ragini they are my childhood friendz…. Kavya and he is silly willy.. a.k.a Laksh
She introduces her to them..
Laksh: wont you guys show us your college?
Swara: yea… Come on…
Ragini sits there while trio moves
Swara: ragini… Why are you sitting there ? Come with us…
Ragini: you go… You enjoy with your friends
Kavya: you are also our friend… You are swara’s friend and swara is our friend so indirectly you are also our friend… Come now…
Laksh: yea.. Yeaa… Hop in…

They go touring their college finally swara gets them to the pani puri stall outside college

Swara: you know guys… Here people call pani puri.. Puchke
Laksh: yea…and what did you do with poor sanskar here?
Kavya: yea tell me… Everywhere you took us ragini unfolded a fight between you guys. From canteen to your library… From corridoor to class room.. What about this place ragini?
Ragini: i dont know if they did anything here…
Swara recalls their pani puri challenge and smiles
Laksh: smarty what happened? Why are you smiling?
Swara: nothing… Nothing happened here.. Come lets have something..
Seller recalls swara: didi… Where is sanskar baba?
All look at swara with shocked cum suprised look.

Kavya: swara?! She raises her eyebrows..
Swara: nothing happened here… I m not lying
Laksh: dada will tell us… Tell dada
Dada: many days back they had come here… Didi and baba had so many pani puri that day… He explains to them what had happened that day…
Laksh: smarty you lost to sanskar…hahahaha..
Swara: because i never gave him a chance to win something…
Swara: really…
Ragini: swara i think i should leave now.. M getting late
Swara: today also we did not talk about it..
Ragini: remind me later…
She bids bye to them and leaves..

Swara’s building
Parking lot
Swara: i forgot to ask you.. How did you guys know that i was in college that too in canteen?
Kavya:we called aunty she told us about your college and then we tracked you down
Laksh:after all she is a hacker.. She can do anything..
Swara: yea yea..
They come out the car
Laksh: where is that sanskar? The person who kept talking to us… Where is he?
Swara: that only i dont know… He is not to be seen anywhere..
She sees his bike
Swara: bike is here meaning he is at home..
Laksh: key is also there on the bike…
Kavya:how careless . …
Swara removes the key: let me give it to him…

The trio starts walking up
Swara sees sanskar coming down… He is wearing the same clothes which he wore on the competition.. His eyez are swollen.. He walks down lost in his thoughts.

Swara: sanskar? Sanskar?
He walks without hearing her..
Swara runs behind him and pats on his shoulder
Swara:sanskar where are you lost ?
Sanskar does not respond to her.
Swara: your keys were on the bike … Here you go..
Sanskar takes them: thanks
Swara:are you ok?
Laksh: so you are sanskar..finally the person we were talking about is here… Hi m laksh
Kavya:hii m kavya
Sanskar does not respond to either of them and leaves.
Laksh: what happened to him? Is he like this only?
Swara: no… He is not like this infact he is not looking alright…
Kavya: bad day may be… Come lets go..

They go to swara’s apartment
Swara shows them their home.
Kavya: swara … Why did you keep the door open?
Swara: kavya .. Let it be.
Laksh: i will close it wait
Swara: no.. If you close it how will i able to know when he comes
Kavya:who he?
Swara: i..i… He means the delivery boy with food..
Laksh: you call me silly… Swara he will ring the bell when he comes na..
Swara: no…
Kavya: what are you talking ?
Swara: i mean the door bell is not working
Kavya: swara… He can knock right?
Laksh: yea … He will…
They dont listen to her and closes the door.

Night time
Kavya and Laksh go to sleep while swara is still wandering in their living room as she wants to see sanskar. She had seen him after three days and his condition was not at all looking alright. He looked as though he had not slept from many days. But why? Why was he like that … Why he did not respond to her? Then ignored kavlak… Were all the questions going in her head. She was not asleep because mouth organ player was not here because sanskar’s thoughts were bothering her.

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