Swasan: stone face and the secret lover (Part 16)


A nurse comes to drop Shahana at Sanskar’s apartment.
Sanskar is fully dressed in iron man costume. He opens the door.
Shahana sees the house which is fully decorated with balloons and cartoon pictures.
Sanskar: so baby… Hows this? You like it?
Shahana: i dont like it.
Sanskar pouts: i worked last night to do this … Its all a waste now…
Shahana hits his head: aree pagal.. I loved it.. Stop pouting my iron man does not look nice while pouting.
Sanskar: when will you stop calling me pagal?
Shahana: never ever… Pagal.
Sanskar thanks the nurse for dropping her. Nurse gives him instrustions and he notes. After few minutes she leaves.

Shahana: finaly she went… You know she is irritating… All the time she tells me to take these medicines and those medicines. Dont run here …dont walk like that and all that…
Sanskar: calm down… So many complains ….. Let it go…take a deep breath calm down.
Shahana: wont you show me your house?
Sanskar: it your house too. Go and see.
Shahana: it sounds weird …its my house and i coming here for the first time. I know you from 2 years and m coming here today…
Sanskar: yea yea…. But i think i got you once.. He scratches his head.
Shahana hits him: never… After i met you… You kept me in boarding school…
Sanskar: oh k my mother… Now wont you have a look?
Shahana walks around: your house is so big …
Sanskar: ohhk

Someone rings the bell
Sanskar: shahana just see na who’s it… I’ll just come in a minute
Shahana: yea ok
She opens the door and sees some kids holding gifts in their hands…
Shahana gets happy: you all here? Bani… Anya… Siya.. .. Swayam…Neil..
Sanskar: supriseeee …
She turns
Sanskar: are you not forgetting something? Is it not your birthday today ?
Shahana: you remember?
Sanskar: and how can i forget my doll’s birthday?
Shahana hugs him..
Neil: wont you ask us to come in?
Shahana: yea come in…
They come in…
Shahana: you all gave me a suprise..
Bani: how won’t we come for your birthday? After all you are our best friend.
Sanskar: so how do you like my plan?
Shahana: as all ways superb…
Sanskar: kids come on lets cut the cake…
Sanskar gets the cake and places it on the table..
Kiya: why is number three written on the cake? Shahana has turned 13 right.
Anya: aree budhu… May be they forgot to write one infront of three..
Shahana: no its correct… I m become 3 for him. I met him three years ago on this day so in that situation m 3.
Swayam who is very chubby: ohhk now.. Stop your discussion my mouth is watering lets cut this cake quickly.
Siya: yea yea cut the cake before he pounces on the cake..
Alll laugh..
Shahana cuts the while others sings the birthday song.. She feeds everyone the cake.
Shahana gets teary: thanks everyone… For making my last birthday so special…
Kiya: why are you crying? You dont look good while crying…
Swayam: yea she is right you dont look nice when you cry.. Dont be so emotional also..
They come and hug her.
Shahana: how about a big group hug? She opens her arms
All come running and hug her..

Sanskar clicks their pictures.
Neil: i want a picture with iron man. Bhaiya please click one picture with me na…
Sanskar: why not? How about all of us take a groupfie?
All smile and nod.
They click many pictures with each other.
They play around in the house.
Sanskar: shahana can i change now? I m really feeling very hot in this.
Shahana: yea ok..
Sanskar goes his room and sees a gift
He opens it.. And sees a prayer flag
Shahana: how is it?
Sanskar: did you make it?
Shahana: yes
Sanskar: its really awesome… I’ll put it on my bike. But why a gift for me?
Shahana: pagal…. You met me on this day so you celebrate this day as my birthday so why it cant be your birthday?
Sanskar: ohhk my doll..
She sees guitar
Shahana: you know to play a guitar? Or you got it for swara?
Sanskar: a…yea… I know to play.. But not as good as the drums.
Shahana: please play na today… Please please..
The other kids also request him…
Kids: bhaiya please please play na…please
Sanskar: ohhk ohhk … Let me change and come
He drives them out…
Swaragini and Nikhil are in music room.
Nikhil: what is this yaar?
Ragini: what you are taking about?
Nikhil: about swasan…
Swara: stop joining our names like that..
Ragini: what happened to them?
Nikhil: i joined the college because of your fights and entertainment and you dont even entertain me now..
Swara: you think we had opened a tv channel and this was a soap opera.. That you want entertainment here.
Nikhil: but if look at your hate graph… It has decreased.. Do you like him now?
Swara: hate graph?
Nikhil: when you came here you hated him 100%…then it became a less and now it looks like its becoming negative. And here negative means love.
Swara: i wish he was here
Nikhil: see… You miss him
Swara: yes…so that he would have broken your face.
She gives him an irritated smile.
Nikhil: haaww! Why are you so violent?
Swara: because you talk such dumb stuff… I cant control my self from putting a tape on your mouth.
Nikhil: you cant put a tape on my mouth because you dont have one.
Swara: and who told you i dont have?
She removes a tape from her bag..
Nikhil: no… You cant do this.. Aree sanskar has not come and you are removing his side anger on me.. He runs from there.
Swara tries to run behind him but ragini stops her.
Ragini: swara…let him go..
Swara: i swear one day i will break his face…. No stich his mouth only.. So that he never opens it..
Ragini: actually he is right..
Swara: you also?
Ragini: no m just saying. When you and bhai met first time you first day was bad and the fight continued till he came but after that it has decreased little by little and now see you and bhai dont fight only. .
Swara: thats because..
Ragini: because?
Swara: because ..he hardly comes to college. I just see him coming for rehersals and goes when they get over. Otherwise he is no where to be seen.
Ragini: you must be seeing him in your building after all you two stay in the same building.
Swara: no.. I dont see him coming..
Ragini: actually it wont make a difference to you.. Why will it bother you if he comes or not.
Swara: a..yea.. Why dont he stay with you? And why does he calls your mother aunty?
Ragini: actually…. She gets a call.
Ragini: just excuse me.. I need to attend this. She leaves.
Swara looks at the time: i also need to attend my class.. She leaves soon.

Sanskar’s apartment
Sanskar comes out after changing
Bani hands him the guitar..
Sanskar: do you seriously want me to play?
All in unison: yess
Sanskar: ohhk i dont know if you would like this . I have not touched it since many years.
All make a sad face
Sanskar: but still i m playing..and you guys have to sings along with me. They all smile.

Sanskar starts playing

Sanskar:Chal pade hain hum aisi raah pe
Befikar hue ke ab jaana kahan
Lapata hue saare raaste
Dhoondega humein yeh zamana kahan

Yeh samaa hai kaisa
Muskurane jaisa
Dheemi baarishein hain har jagah
Yeh nasha hai kaisa
Doob jaane jaisa
Jaagi khwaishein hain har jagah

Gazab ka hai yeh din
Gazab ka hai yeh din
Gazab ka hai yeh din dekho zara (x2)

Paani hoon paani main
Haan behne do mujhe
Jaisa hoon waisa hi
Rehne do mujhe

Duniya ki bandishon se
Mera naata hai kahan
Rukna theharna mujhko aata hai kahan

Yeh samaa hai kaisa
Muskurane jaisa
Dheemi baarishein hain har jagah
Yeh nasha hai kaisa
Doob jaane jaisa
Jaagi khwaishein hain har jagah

Gazab ka hai yeh din
Gazab ka hai yeh din
Gazab ka hai yeh din dekho zara (x2)

All clap after the song..
Neil: shahana your bro is really a rockstar
Shahana: after all he is my bro
Sanskar: ohhk come on now its time for your medicines
Shahana: not again…
Sanskar: i listen to whatever you say and you dont even listen to a single thing of mine
Shahana: stop acting… Drama queen
Sanskar: dont you think king sounds better?
Shahana: umm….no pagal…
Sanskar: come on now have this…
He makes her have the medicines and all the friends bid bye to shahana and leave.
Sanskar goes to keep the guitar inside followed by shahana.
Shahana: so how many instruments you know to play?
Sanskar:umm… 4 i guess.. M half the way learning keyboard if you include that then it becomes 5.
Shahana: are you planning to have your one man band?
Sanskar laughs: no… I dont have anything to do rather than learning something.
Shahana: wont you go back to your home?
Sanskar ignores: are you hungry? Rats are running in my stomach..
Shahana: no.. You have something.
They go to the kitchen.
Sanskar: by the way m a very good cook… You must try my chocolate cake someday.
Shahana: you know to cook also?
Sanskar: yes… You can call me chef sanskar…
Shahana: so mister chef sanskar whats cooking special today?
Sanskar: what will my baby like to have?
Shahana: let me think
Sanskar: you got 30 seconds to go…
Shahana: a pizza..
Sanskar: well lets start.. Just wait for 20 minutes and hot pizza will be on your plate.
She smiles.

College canteen

Swara: chotu..have you seen sanskar?
Chotu: no.. Actually i did not meet him from yesterday. I think he did not come today.
Chotu:did you have any work with him? Should i call him?
Swara: no no… Its ok… I was just asking.
Chotu: yea ok.
Swara leaves.

Chotu: dont know what she is upto. These two are not fighting these days and my canteen looks so calm and peaceful otherwise it looks like a fish market. May god maintain this peace.

Fire escape
Swara: where is this guy? I m getting so bored without him. Wait wait… What did i say? Bored without him? Swara you are blabbering anything now a days. I should be happy that he is not here. There is so much peace around and i loved being alone. From yesterday i m thinking about him only. Something is wrong with me only. The things i should not think about i m thinking. I blabber anything infront of everyone. Swara now you should drift his thoughts away and think about competition.

Her phone rings..
Ragini os: hey where are you?
Swara: college…
Ragini: i know that but where? I have been searching you all over.
Swara: you tell me where are you?
Ragini: m just passing by the library…
Swara: ohk wait for me in the library m coming.
Ragini: yea see you soon…
Swara cuts the call.

Swara had loved the fire escape. It was the only place where no students would come. The total isolated place in the college. She usually came there whenever she missed her father or when she was upset. This place would give her sometime to think and understand what her mind and heart was going about. She never told this to Ragini and her other friends. She wanted to make this place only hers. She did not want others to flood in this place too.

She leaves after few seconds knowing ragini would be waiting for her in the library.

Back to sanskar’s apartment

Sanskar:so how did you like chef sanskar’s pizza?
Shahana: good..
He serves himself and eats.
Shahana: by the way you did not tell me when are you going back home?
Sanskar: is this not my home?
Shahana: it is but where ragini stays that is your real home.
Sanskar: no ..its only hers… I will never go there.
Shahana: till when will you stay like this? Alone.
Sanskar: m not alone here. You are here.
Shahana: thats just for a while. After me who comes here? May be some flies thats it. You dont get bored alone?
Sanskar: no… I dont have time to be bored. I go to college then come to meet you then i learn some new things and my day ends like that. I dont feel alone.
Shahana: hmm…
Sanskar: you forget about me… How did you spend your day? Did you like your suprises?
Shahana: yes of course i loved them. Specially my friends i was missing them alot.
Sanskar: i knew that..
Shahana: you granted my wish before hand only.
Sanskar: yea.. You tell me your next wish.
Shahana: hmm…. I want a choochoo doll.
Sanskar laughs: what ? Choo..choo… Doll?
Shahana: yes i want a choochoo doll…
Sanskar:whats that? I never heard about it.
Shahana: seriously you never heard about the choochoo doll?
Sanskar nods: you tell me how it looks…i will get it for you.
Shahana shows him a picture.
Sanskar: ok i will get it for you.
Shahana: i think i have to go now.
Sanskar looks at the time: yes i think you have to go.
Shahana gets sad
Sanskar:dont be sad now.. It was such a beautiful day. Dont end this by being sad.
Shahana:will you come to drop me?


Ragini:where were you?
Swara: here only… What happened?
Ragini: and where is that here?
Swara: you tell me what happened?

Ragini: nothing happened.. Our second round is tomorrow. We need to rehearse for it.
Swara: i know that but we cant do it until sanskar is here.
Ragini: come we will go to the music room. Its already 4:45. Sahil sir will be coming there soon.
Swara: come lets go.I have to bear that irritating nikhil’s talks now.
Ragini smiles: you get irritated with people very fast.
Swara: sometimes…
Ragini: most of the time
Swara: maybe..

Music room
Ragini sees sanskar: hiii bhai…. Where were you?
Sanskar: hi..
Swara too gets happy seeing him but hides her emotions.
Sanskar:hi sanki…
Swara makes faces: hi stoneface..

Swara removes her guitar from the guitar bag including the new spectrum.
Ragini sees it.
Ragini: swara.. A new spectrum looks so nice and cool. When did you get it?
Swara: a new gift..
Ragini: aww…he must be so cute.. She takes the spectrum from her hand.
Ragini: see bhai nice isnt it?
Sanskar: i know ragini after all i only gifted her.
Swaragini looks at him with widen eyes. Sanskar realises what he just said.
Swara: what did you say?
Sanskar: i..i..
Swara: yea you what?
Sanskar: i meant how will i know after all i did not gift you.
Swara: yea k. Swara turns.
Sanskar sighs: saved!
Swara hears and turns again.
Sanskar: stupid…
Swara:why are calling me stupid?
Sanskar: not you… Stupid ….sahil… He is not here.
Ragini is thinking something
Sanskar:what are you thinking?
Ragini: next song…

Sahil comes followed by nikhil.
Sahil to nikhil:where were you?
Nikhil has stuffed his mouth with some food:i..i..
Sahil:eat first and then tell.
Nikhil finishes eating:actually i had something to eat. God knows till when will you keep us practicing and hungry. So stuffed myself and came.
Sahil: such a hogger.. Did you guys think about any new song?
Ragini:was thinking the same. Why not try a duo?
Sahil:and i know who will sing… How about swasan sing?
Sanskar settles himself on the stool.
Swara: what?! Swasan?
Sahil:thats what people call you right? I heard it alot of time.
Nikhil chuckels.
Sanskar gets shocked…
Sanskar: no i m a very bad singer.
Swara; no he is not… He sings really well.
Sanskar gives her an angry look.
Swara: i dont sing well.. He sings well
Sanskar: no… I dont..
Ragini: i heard swara singing she sings well…
Swara: no ragini…
Nikhil: you two sing let sahil sir decide.
Sahil: yes first time he spoke something sensible. you sing i will decide if you are capable or not.
Nikhil pats himself.
Sanskar: but…
Sahil: here are the lyrics…. I m sure you know the tune and beats.
He hands over the same paper to swara
Sahil:lets start with the duo first. Then i will get back to your errors. Come lets get started.

Swara;Uljhi si baatein dil
Mujhse bhi baantein
To mehar.. mehar.. meherbaniya
(Meher.. meher.. meherbaniya)
Khud hi samajh ke mujhe samjha de
To mehar.. mehar.. meherbaniya
(Meher.. meher.. meherbaniya)

Sanskar: ho meherbani jo dil de zubaani
Keh de wo jo na kabhi kaha hai

Aise Tera Main.. Jaise Mera Tu
Aise Tera Main.. Jaise Mera Tu..

Swara:Milte rahe jo aise hi dono
Lag na jaaye ishq ki nazar
Aye dil farebi, tham sa gaya kyun
Aisi waisi baat soch kar

Sanskar:Bas mein na mere ab ye raha hai
Tujh pe aake dil ye jo ruka hai

Aise tera main.. jaise mera tu
Aise tera main.. Jaise mera tu
Jaise Mera Tu..
Aye.. oo.. ee..
Na na.. yea..

(Mehar.. mehar.. meherbani ho)

Swara:Fariyad karti phir yaad karti
Sochti hoon tumko baar baar
Na chahatein hain, par chaahte kyun
Tumko yunhi mere aas paas

Kuch bhi nahi hai
Kuch phir bhi hai
Tumse milke dil ko ye laga hai

Aise tera main.. jaise mera tu
Aise tera main.. Jaise mera tu
Jaise mera tu (jaise mera tu..)
Jaise mera tu (jaise mera tu..)
Jaise mera tu (jaise mera tu..)
Hoo hoo.. (jaise mera tu)
Meher.. meher.. meherbaniyan
Jaise mera tu..
Jaise mera tu!

Nikhil: you two look like made for each other… It was so good… Right sir?
Sahil: i agree ….. It was amazing. I never thought that i would use this word for you guys but cant help my self from saying it.
Sanskar: but…
Ragini: sir is right.. You two will sing this song tomorrow. Thats final. I will play the guitar. Let swara sing this time.
Sahil: yes..
Swasan: fine…
Both look at each other..
Swara looks on the otherside and smiles a bit.

Sahil: come on now… Start rehearsing.
Nikhil: but you just said that they were amazing…
Sahil: if you praise dhoni for a century does it stop batting?
Nikhil: i was happy that you will leave us early.
Sahil: get your fingers on the keyboard.

Sahil leaves them after several rehersals.

Vp’s cabin
Vp: sahil… I m glad that we made throught the first round.
Sahil: i lnow that… You should be more happy because 101% we are winning this competition.
Vp: really? Dont you think you are over confident?
Sahil: m not.. I m just confident. My idea about sanskar and swara has gone good.
Vp: i know..i just saw it while i was strolling in the corridoor.
Sahil: i have full faith in them. You just wait for two more days and the trophy would be in our college.
Vp smiles.

Swara walks up
Sanskar: oii sanki…
Swara turns:what happened stoneface?
Both walk up
Sanskar: nothing… I just can’t digest the fact that you praised my singing.
Swara: do you want antacid for that? I have alot of it at home.
Sanskar: seriously… Something is wrong with you these days.
Swara: even i feel the same.
Sanskar: see i told you.
Swara: even i feel the same about you. Something is wrong with you.
Sanskar: what is wrong? I m perfectly fine.. The same sanskar..
Swara: you are not the same… You have changed a lot in these days. The guy who was so obsessed with his hair who would check them in every five minutes has shaved his hair. This is not strange?
Sanskar: looks like you observe a lot of things about me. Yesterday you told me about my ridding skills and today this. He raises his eyebrow..
Swara: its too easy to notice these things. Nothing great about them. Dont you think something else.
Sanskar: i never thought only. Only you think.
Swara: no i did not….
Sanskar: first you think what you said.. You think or not and then talk…
Swara: i know what i m doing and talking.
Sanskar stops walking.
Sanskar: really you know what you doing?
Swara:yes and why are you asking this?
Sanskar: because you skipped your floor and walked with me the next floor.
Swara: what?!
She looks around.
Sanskar: sanki… You should consult a doctor.
Swara: shut up! I was just giving you company..
Sanskar: ohh really? Giving me company? From when did you start bother about me?
Swara does not say anything and moves to go down.
Sanskar: sankiii…
Swara turns: now what?
Sanskar:look down.. There’s a vase..
Swara was about to hurt herself but is saved.
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