Swasan: stone face and the secret lover (Part 15)


SwaSan and Ragini come to the canteen.
They come to a table. Sanskar goes to the counter
Sanskar: chotu get my juice..
Chotu: coming
Nikhil come with a cake
Nikhil: guys! Its celebration time. We have gone through the first round come lets cut this cake.
He comes forward and trips over a chair and the cake comes on his face

Swaragini starts laughing.
Ragini: you look like a joker. ..
Nikhil: ohh really? He takes a piece on her face… Now you also look like one.
Swara: haha just look at your faces.
Nikhil: why only we two?
Swara walks backward: no no nikhil please no
She bumps on sanskar.
Sanskar: hey joker! Why are you irritating her?
Nikhil: bro…
Sanskar takes the cake from his hand: you dont understand only i have the right to irritate her.
Sanskar puts the cake on her face.
Nikhil: whoa…
Swara does not do anything nor says anything to him.

Sahil: cartoons? When did you all join the joker company?
Sanskar: here comes the head of cartoons and jokers.
Sahil: did you say something?
Sanskar: nothing. I was just saying that you should also join the joker company. You will look nice. Right guys?
Sanskar puts cake on his face.
Sahil: what is wrong with you?
Swara: you look like us only now. By the way your question is wrong. It should be what is not wrong with him.
Ragini pulls swara behind: swara dont irritate him. He might again call us at 5 am tomorrow
Sahil: dont worry…i wont.
Sanskar: sanki shut your mouth.
Swara; you shut up…
Nikhil: all of you shut up. So nicely i got this cake and you guys instead of prasing me are arguing there.
Sahil: were you the one who got this cake?
Nikhil: yes sirrr
Sahil comes and takes a handful and puts it on his face: cartoons! Idiot!
Nikhil: but sir..i was just celebrating our happiness. Sanskar had put it on your face. Why me?

Sahil: because of this that cartoon spoiled my face. He comes and puts cake on sanskar’s face.
Sanskar: you are acting as though i spilled acid on your face.
Swaragini laughs.
Sahil eyes them and goes from there.
Ragini gets a call and she goes.
Swara too leaves after her.

Later in parking lot.

Swara is waiting for a cab. No one stops for her.
Swara: hell with this city! I dont understand what is there to go that side. Otherwise from front they comes and ask madam you want to go somewhere? And today i want to go and no one is stopping. Idiots!
Sanskar notices swara and he comes with his bike and stops near her.
Sanskar: sanki? People are looking at you. What are you talking to yourself?
Swara: you? Are you going home?
Sanskar: no just wandering about. Come i will drop you.
Swara sits.

Mid way
Sanskar starts singing:

O.. Safarnama..
Sawaalon ka safarnama
Shuru tumse, khatam tumpe safarnama

O.. jisey dhoonda
Zamaane mein,
ore ko kadam pehla
Milenge hum


O.. Safarnama..
Khayaalon ka safarnama
Andhere mein, ujaalon ka safarnama

O.. savare saa
Purana bhi, nayaa bhi hai

O.. muhabbat ki misaalon ka safarnama
Meri ore se utha teri ore ko kadam pehla
Milenge hum mmm..
pehla.. milenge hum mmm

Sanskar sees swara from the mirror who was completely lost when he was singing.

Swara: why did you stop singing? You sing so well.
Sanskar: because we are home.
Swara: so early?
Sanskar: you like spending time with me?
Swara unkowingly: i dont know.
Sanskar: what do you mean i dont know?
Swara realises what she said: means no.
Sanskar: is something wrong with you?
Swara: and why are you asking this?
Sanskar: no….i m a bit confused. You fight with me all the time but today when i asked you to sit on the bike you agreed without saying anything. In college also when i had put cake on your face you did not say anything. Above all you were even ready to kiss me.
Swara: thanks…
She gets down and leaves.

Sanskar: this is strange… Now also she went without saying anything.
Sanskar turns his bike and goes.

Swara is walking upstairs and thinks what sanskar just said: this is strange… Today i frowned at nikhil for calling him stoneface and then again when sahil sir was about to take his place. When he was about to kiss me i did not stop him. Why? Even in canteen when he applied cake on my face i did not say anything. I sat on his bike without even saying anything much. When he singing i was lost in him. Everything is going strange. Urghhh!
Swara comes home. She is lost in her thoughts
Sharmista: what happened swara? Why are you lost?
Swara does not respond.
Sharmista: shona? Shona?
Swara: a..yea ma?
Sharmista: what happened ?
Swara: nothing..
Sharmista: are you sure?
Swara: yea
Sharmista: why were you called so early?
Swara; huh? Oh yea.. Today was our first round of the competition so for that rehersals we were called. By the way we won the first round.
Sharmista hugs her: thats great news. .
Swara: yea
Sharmista: and sanskar must have put this cake on your hair?
Swara: how do you know ?
Sharmista: who else will do? Only he has the guts.
Swara: i know.
Sharmista: what ?!
Swara: nothing
Sharmista: and what did you do to him? Poor guy… Dont know what he went through.
Swara: nothing.. I did not do anything to him.
Sharmista checks her forehead: are you unwell?
Swara: no ma.. I m alright
Sharmista: strange… If you did not do anything to him then.
Swara: even i felt the same thing.
Sharmista: good you are ending your enemity with him.
Swara: i think i should freshen up.
She leaves.

Sanskar: baby… He hugs her… We won the first round..
Shahana: great news.. I knew you would win.
Sanskar: are you ready to come home tomortow? I have done all the arrangements.
Shahana: yea! But did doctor allow me to go?
Sanskar: how wont she? I told her and she had too agree. But…
Shahana: but?
Sanskar: only for a day.
Shahana: i knew that. She does not let me stay at peace.. Witch.
Sanskar: shhh! Why you hate her so much? She is treating you right. Its her duty.
Shahana: you dont know she keeps giving me injections.
Sanskar: thats for your good only.
Shahana: but..
Sanskar: why are you getting angry? You tell me what you want next?
Shahana: i want to see you as iron man.
Sanskar: are you serious ?
Shahana nods in a yes
Sanskar; now i feel that i m trapped in your wish list.
Shahana: haaww! Thats so rude of you…
Sanskar: i was joking. I will do whatever you say. Happy?
Shahana: yes.
Sanskar: be ready for tomorrow then. Your iron man will be waiting for you at your palace.

Shahana: promise?
Sanskar: promise my doll.
Shahana: when will you tell me your love story?
Sanskar: i dont have a love story.
Shahana: really? When did you fall for swara? Dont you love her?
Sanskar: i do but it does not become a love story. Love story is when two people love each other not a single person.
Shahana: i know that its called one sided love. But if you dont tell her about your feeling then how will she know? Till when you will love her secretly?
Sanskar: but….
Shahana: tell me na… When did you fall for her? Please please please…
Nurse: shahana take your medicines.
Sanskar: give me… I will give her..
Shahana: m not going to eat unless you tell me.
Sanskar: you are blackmailing me.
Shahana: what ever you think. You tell me or i am not going to have my medicines.
Sanskar: ok ok. First have this.
Shahana: no you wont tell me after i have those.

Sanskar: i promise. I will tell you. Please have these.
Shahana: ok fine …..
She haves.
Shahana: tell me now… When did you first see her? How did you meet? When did you fall for her? She jumps on the bed.
Sanskar: calm down…so many questions in one go? I will tell you everything sit down first.
Shahana sits.
Sanskar: i saw her four years back… When i was in mumbai.
Flash back..
Sanskar sitting on a window and looking at the park opposite him. He sees a girl playing with some kids. He cant see the girls face so he goes to the other window and finally he sees the face. It was Swara.
Swara is playing with the kids happily laughing and giggling loudly. The world’s whole happiness was at her feet. It looked as though there was no sorrow in her life. My heart skipped a beat.. I felt something different in my heart. I really did not know what was happening to me and i walked up to the gate and then the watchman stopped me.
Watchman: hey you? Where are you going? Dont you know after 4p.m you are not allowed to leave the hostel campus?
Sanskar gets just does not respond to him and looks at swara again. But by this time she was gone. He gives a irritated look at watchman and goes back.
That night he had no sleep all that he could think of was Swara. Sanskar hits his head.
” this girl…urghh…who was she? I cant take her out of my mind. My heart starts beating faster the moment i think of her.. Sanskar sleep now.. May be its your infatuation” he sleeps after this.

Next evening i saw her again.
She was running with some papers in her hand.
” i will read your marks aloud and infront of everyone… The whole world will know that you are brainless”
And a voice comes ” swara yaar… Please dont do this”. This time i came to know about her name. It was Swara.
All i did was only see her face and got lost in her beauty. After several weeks i realised that my infatuation had turned into love. I could never meet her. She came regurarly to the park but i was not allowed to meet her. I felt like i was the rupanzel trapped in the tower and witch was the watchman. Only few days were left to stay in the hostel and i was very happy about it. After all this i could meet swara and tell her about my feelings for her.

Finally the wait was over. It was my last day in the hostel abd after being very busy with my exams i had not seen her through the window. But today i would see her infront of me. I would tell her everything. Show her the pictures i clicked without her noticing. I went to the park and waited and waited but she did not turn up that day. I stayed back in the hostel requesting the principal. But for a week she did not come and after that i thought to come back to Kolkota because she must have gone else where. I thought about her and made my self understand that i will forget about her.

After coming from mumbai i thought i would forget about her. But i was wrong i could not forget her. The more i thought of forgetting about her i fell in love with her more. I could just not get her out of my heart. She took the empty space in my heart. For two years i stayed without a single day passing by her thoughts.

What i saw six months bac left me shocked. I saw her here in kolkotta. At first i thought i was dreaming so i pinched myself and came to know it was not a dream. She was here. I followed her from the airport till i came to know she was residing in my building. I was so happy about it and the second moment i came to know that she was in my own colleger. What i came to know was she was not that swara which i saw back there in mumbai. She had completely changed and the reason was her fathers death.

He turns to see shahana sleeping. He covers her with the blanket and sees a note in her hand. He takes it out and kisses her forehead and leaves from there.

Sanskar comes to Swara’s room through the window and keeps a gift and leaves quickly before anyone can notice him.

Later on swara cones to her room and sees the gift.

Swara: bappa! When will i find this person? I dont even know who he is and still accpeting all these gifts. I hope i meet him soon.

She opens the gift and sees a spectrum and a band aid.
Note: for the winner… The one who always plays with my heart beats and win over them. Baby next time just be careful of your fingers. Today they got cut and my heart started bleeding. Take care of yourself. Your secret lover…..
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