Swasan: stone face and the secret lover (Part 12)


Sanskar comes to a hospital.
A lady doctor greets him.
Sanskar: did you find her?
Doctor nods in a yes.
Sanskar: where is she now?
Doctor: in her ward.
Sanskar: fine
Sanskar heads toward the ward. He enters the room.

Sanskar: so my sweetheart where did you go? I was so worried for you.
A girl of 10-12 years is on the lying on the bed with an angry face.
Girl: I m very angry with you. You don’t care about me anymore.
Sanskar: my love..who told you this? I only care about you. See that’s don’t why I came so fast.
Girl: no..you don’t care. You were not here when these people cut my hair. See they made me bald.
Sanskar: aree…they were giving you the latest hairstyle. after all my shahana should get the latest trend.
Shahana: no! You are lying. I know I m going to die.
Sanskar: shh! Who told you this rubbish?
Shahana: I googled and found that I am in my third stage of cancer. Here people start loosing their hair and I am one of them.
Sanskar: google can give you wrong information also. You should not trust these sites. Above all you don’t trust me?
Shahana; you are giving me a hope which will never turn true.
Sanskar: you are so mature to understand everything then why don’t you believe me the doctors have given you new hairstyle.
Shahana: really? What hairstyle is this where you don’t have your hair?
Sanskar: latest! Let me show you…
Sanskar shows her pictures of bald people: see you know Pitbull right? See even he is bald.
Shahana still not satisfied with his try.
Sanskar: you know what..even I was thinking to be bald like him. What you think how will I look?
Shahana does not respond.
Sanskar: fine …if you are not telling me then you just wait and watch.
Shahana: where are you going now?
Sanskar: I will come soon.
Sanskar leaves the hospital and comes to a barber.

Barber: are you sure?
Sanskar: yes
Sanskar:yes and if you are not interested to do your work I am leaving.
Barber: no no sit.
Barber makes him bald.

Sanskar goes back to the hospital.
Shahana gets shocked seeing him like that.
Shahana cries: why are you doing this? You know right I have only few days left in my life.
Sanskar wipes her tears: so what? I will make your days so memorable that even in heaven my angle wont forget me.
Shahana hugs him: really? Why did you shave your hair?
Sanskar: only witches have long hair. Angles don’t require long hair. They always look pretty like my darling. And its just hair which will grow soon.
The lady doctor enters
Shaha: you are right only witches have long hair. She is one of them.
Sanskar’s jaw drops as the lady doctor eyes them angrily.
Sanskar wispers: shhh! She might eat you up.
Shahana giggles.
Doctor: mr.sanskar I need to talk to you.
Sanskar:yes I m coming.
Doctor nods and goes.
Shahana: you don’t listen to her. She is calling you to provoke you against me.
Sanskar: you think I will get affected by her? I will always be on your side.
He kisses her forehead and leaves.

Swara’s apartment
Swara comes home and bangs the door.
Sharmista:what happened shona? Why are you so angry? What did that poor Sanskar do?
Swara: ma firstly he is not poor. What he thinks of himself?
Sharmista: swara take a chill pill..sit down and relax for sometime.
Swara sits..
Sharmista: now tell what happened?
Swara explains to her everything.
Sharmista laughs: seriously you both locked….
Swara: ma stop laughing its not funny.
Sharmista: the person you try to stay away from is locked with you….
Swara: locked is not the problem.
Sharmista: what is the problem then?
Swara: he went away just like that and now….. For next five days we will be locked together.
Sharmista: there must be an emergency that’s why he went. Try to understand.
Swara: what was so urgent ma…
Sharmista: its his personal life.
Swara: fine..I will ask ragini then. Even she is his sister.
Sharmista: how can you ask someone like that. Leave it swara. What is there its only for five days.
Swara: its only five days ma. With him it will be 5 years.
Sharmista laughs.

Doctors cabin
Sanskar: yes doctor ?
Doctor: sanskar come sit
Sanskar: is everything alright?
Doctor: actually no… You know her condition. Her body is too weak to respond to our medicines. She cant take them any more. This wont help her to …
Sanskar: how many more days she has?
Doctor: cant say… There are some cases where people have more days and they die before that. It all depends on their will to live. I hope you are understanding.
Sanskar nods.
Doctor: just keep her happy.
Sanskar: that you don’t need to worry about. I will do whatever possible to keep her happy.
Doctor: what about her parents? They never come to meet her.
Sanskar: frankly speaking I don’t know about her parents. May be they are dead or … I they abandoned her.
Doctor: so she is orphan?
Sanskar: never call her orphan. I m there for her.
Doctor nods.
Sanskar walks out.

Shahana’s ward
Shahana: so what did that doctor tell you?
Sanskar:she told me that my shahana is very strong. She takes her medicines on time and she will get well very soon.
Shahana: are you done lying? Now tell the truth.
Sanskar bends his head: she said you are very strong but the problem is with your medicines. They are not strong enough..
Shahana: so how many more days I have?
Sanskar does not say anything.
Shahana: tell me?
Sanskar: will you eat chocolate? I got your favourite one.
Shahana: now that also you wont tell me? I had some wishes and I thought you will fulfill them but now…
Sanskar: tell what you want to do?
Shahana: I will decide and tell you tomorrow. Right now I want to eat this chocolate.
Sanskar: why not? This is for you only.
He feeds her.

Shahana: waise did you tell swara?
Shahana: that you love her.
Sanskar:mad a what? I and love that swara?
Shahana: oh really? Till when you will make me write those love letters for her? Now I will go in few days. After me who will write for her? That poor swara is searching for the handwriting in college. She does not even know that you ask me to write for you.
Sanskar: you are not going anywhere. I just ask you to write but emotions are mine na? If I tell her now she will definitely reject me.
Shahana: haaw! You are scared of her.
Shahana: now you wont go home?
Sanskar: no m staying here tonight.
Shahana: no…you are going. Swara will be waiting for you.
Sanskar: no she waits for the person who plays mouth organ not me.
Shahana hits his head: pagal…both of you are same only. She waits for him or you. What difference does it makes?
Sanskar: achha…you are calling me pagal?
Shahana: yes! You are the biggest pagal in this world.
Sanskar: really?
Shahana: yea…
Sanskar starts tickling her: acha? M pagal? Tell?
Shahana: stop stop!
Sanskar stops. Both laugh.

Next morning


All present except Sanskar

Sahil: so miss swara, where is your partner sanskar ?
Swara: how do I know? Im not his p.a
Sahil: well I thought after spending your day with him, you would be knowing.
Swara: no I don’t and sir I don’t expect you to ask this question to me in future.
Sahil: well if you stay up to my expectations then I wont. Anyone else knowing about him?
Nikhil: sir
Nikhil: he is outside
Sahil turns to see Sanskar standing on the door.
Sanskar: may I come in sir?
Sahil; well you are late
Sanskar mumurs: big discovery…as if I don’t know I m late.
Sahil: get in. What happened today? Have you got any good reason to come late?
Sanskar: no. I thought why waste my time when you already decided to keep me locked with her.
Nikhil chuckles.
Swaragini give him a keep quiet look.

Sahil: what is so funny nikhil?
Sahil: speak quickly.
Nikhil; I remembered something funny that happened before.
Sahil: let us also enjoy the joke.
Nikhil: really sir? You want to listen to me?
Sahil: shut up! Tell us quickly.
Nikhil: sir..I forgot.
Sahil: I hope you don’t forget how to play the keyboard.
Nikhil: no sir I wont.
Sahil: so sanskar I think you two must be bored of being tied together.
Swara: yea sir
Sahil: so I got something new for you two.
Sanskar: now what new thing?
Swara: sir I was not even late today. Then why me?
Sahil: I was going through your college and your library! Its the worst thing I have noticed. It looks like a dump yard.
Swara: so you want us to clean it?
Sahil: good guess.
Sanskar: I don’t need her. I m ready to do it alone. It should be my punishment. I was the one who wanted the lock to be open so …
Sahil: I think you should not tell me what to do. I m your mentor not you. I will make decisions. I want both of you to be in the library in 10 minutes.

Both go and wait in the library
Swara: its all your fault…because of you I have to bear all this.
Sanskar: don’t frown at me. Dont you have ears? I had asked not to involve you. Instead of blaming me here you should have opened your mouth infront of him.
Swara: yea right now shout at me for no reason. First you go out and now shout at me. You were the one who asked that sahil to open this and now blame me.
Sanskar: shut up sanki
Swara: stone face!
Sanskar: sanki sanki sanki
Swara: stone face !
Sahil: shut up both of you
Swara: but sir
Sahil:I said shut up! My ears are paining listening to you guys. Dont you know you should not speak in the library?
Swara: as if you are talking in actions. She realises what she said and keeps quiet.
Sahil: I hope you clean this by noon or else you know what I will do.
He goes out.

Sanskar: he is gone now you may also leave. I don’t think he will cone back to check.
Swara: thanks for your advise.
Sahil comes back, he looks at swara: were you trying to go out? Dont worry you wont be able to. I m locking the door from outside. He locks the door.
Sanskar: his name should have been locker instead of sahil.
Swara: yea and his girl friends name must be key.
Sanskar: may be in childhood he did not play lock and key that’s why he is playing with us.
Swara: now lets do the work? I don’t want to stay with you for more days.
Sanskar: you don’t have to. You sit here. He gives her the chair. I will clean this.
Swara: why are you acting kind towards me?
Sanskar: I m not. Its just that I don’t want to visit the ear specialist. I don’t want to hear your “because of you ” ….
Sanskar does the work while swara sits and watches him. Later she feels bad and goes to help him.
Sanskar: what happened? Now you cant sit?
Swara: give me the books I will keep them.
Sanskar: no let it be. I don’t need your help.
Swara: but I want to help you.
She pulls the books on her side.
Sanskar: m telling you to sit cant you sit? I don’t need your help. He pulls it back.
Swara: when I m willing to help you. Why cant you accept it? She pulls them on her side again.
Sanskar does not say anything but pulls it with force and swara lands on his chest. They share an eyelock.
Sanskar: I knew you like me that’s why you keep wandering near me.
Swara hits his chest: never in my life.
Sanskar: ouch! You broke my bones.
Swara: I think you like me.
Sanskar: what makes you think so?
Swara: there are so many girls in the college and you have time to think only about me. You think about your pranks to play only on me. After avoiding all the girls you run only behind me. Why so?
Sanskar: so you want me to like you? He leans closer to her and pins her the the shelf.
Swara: sanskar.. What are you doing?
Sanskar: answer me..you want me to like you?
Swara pushes him and his cap falls. Swara notices him bald.

Swara bursts out laughing: what happened to your hair? This time who stuck chewing gum?
Sanskar: all are not like you…
Swara: so why did you cut them?
Sanskar: its my personal life. .. Swara cuts him .
Swara: stop! Stop! Dont give me your personal life lecture.
Sanskar: by the way you did not answer me. Do you want me to like you?
Swara ignores him.
Sanskar: if you want me too? I can start right away… What say?
Swara: shut up! Do your work.
Sanskar: think about it. We are such good enemies if we start loving each other then a lot can change.
Swara: no. Our enmity is only good. I don’t want you to like me nor love me.
Sanskar touches his chest: its ok my heart. She is a cruel witch.
Swara widens her mouth.

Vp’s cabin
They look in cctv
Vp: I don’t understand your game sahil…instead of seeing how they are doing in music you keep them locked? Especially these two why?
Sahil: sir…if they spend more time with each other there wont be time to think about pranks. No pranks less fights. Less fights equals to no competition between them. Until and unless they stop fighting they wont be able to collaborate and cooperate with each other.
Vp: and music? What about that?
Sahil: they are the best as you said..if they start cooperating then there wont be issue with music. About ragini and nikhil they are cool. I don’t think any issues between them.

Thanks for reading. So all your previous guesses were right Sanskar is the secret lover.
Secondly Happy Childrens Day enjoy your day have fun do pranks but in your limit. Hope you liked this and thanks for having so much patience to read. Do comment and share your views.

Wanted to thank those who have comment under last one.

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