Swasan: stone face and the secret lover (Part 11)


Next day

Sahil is sitting in the music room.
Ragini and nikhil are before SwaSan
Sahil: so you cartoons are before time. Not bad. Lets begin.
Ragini: but sir what about sanskar and swara?
Sahil: so what should i waste my time because of them?
After 5 minutes SwaSan come
Sahil: would you please explain to me why you both are late?
SwaSan: my tire got punctured. Both look at each other.
Sahil smiles: atleast have some new reasons.
SwaSan stay mum.
Sahil:so lets begin?
All take their places.

Sahil: why are you going there? Did i ask you to ?
Nikhil:but you only said lets begin.
Sahil: i never mentioned about music. Did i?
Sanskar:so what you want us to do? Dance?
Sahil: not a bad idea…
Sahil: but not today…i have my plans. You(sanskar) come here.
Sanskar(with what to do look)
Sahil:why are you so confused? Dont worry i wont kill you.
He calls a peon. The peon comes with something.
Sahil:you miss black t-shirt(swara) stand next to him.
Swara: what you want us to do?
Sahil:dont you guys think that all the time music is boring? I mean everyday practice the same thing. Lets do something intresting.
He takes handcuffs from the bag which peon had got.
All four are boggled.

Sanskar: what are these?
Sahil: have you not been to police station? Or watched movies? These are called handcuffs for your information.
Sanskar:i know that but why they are needed here?
Swara: but sahil..( sanskar looks at her) i mean sir what are you going to do with them ?
Sahil: you guys are more curious then the other two. So lets start with you two only.
Sanskar: what are you going to do?
Sahil:give me your right hand.
Sanskar forwards it while sahil asks swara to give her left. He cuffs their hands together.
SwaSan in unison: what the hell is this? Both look at each other.
Swasan again in unison:why did you say it with?
Swara:i said it first ..you repeated after me.
Sanskar:you repeated.
Sanskar:you …you..you
Ragnik and Sahil irritated

Sahil:just shut up both of you.
Sanskar: i want my hand free
Swara: for the first time i agree with you.
Sahil:dont worry i will free it.
Swara: do it quickly.
Sahil: not so early also.
Sanskar:what?when are you going to leave us?
Sahil:if you guys want to be free come to me at 7pm sharp.
Swara: what?! 7?
Sahil:if you want more i can increase the hours.
Sanskar:what rubbish is this? I want my hand to be freed right away.
Swara: but what are we going to do till 7? College gets over at 2 then what are we supposed to do after that?
Sahil: who has asked you to stay in college? Go out enjoy yourself..afterall you guys are young. Do what ever you want to …go where ever you want to but if you want to be free come at 7 pm.
Sanskar: i will go to the vp

Sahil:Dont think about going to vp. He is of no use. He is the one who suggested this this to me. The more you two stand infront of me the more time i will delay
Sanskar:fine i will stand behind you.
Sahil: just shut up and move away. You two wasted my time now go from here.
Nikhil: sir
Sahil: what?
Nikhil:i had a question
Sahil: speak up

Nikhil: what if they want to go to the loo?
Ragini bursts out.
SwaSan look at her but then she controls.
Sahil: i dont think they are small kids who will run to the washroom every now and then.
He looks at them:you two are still here? Get lost.
Sanskar and Swara goes out.
Both try to walk in the opposite direction.
Swara: you come this side. I want to attend my lecture.
Sanskar: so even i want to attend.
Swara: stoneface.
Sanskar: just shut up and come with me.
Swara:you come with me.

Sanskar: you come with me. I am elder to you..you should listen to me.
Swara:oh hello m not your younger sibling that i should listen to you.
Sanskar: where am i stuck with this sanki!!
Swara( looks up):bappa… Why did you trap me with him? I pray to you everyday and you did this to me…
Sanskar:is this ceiling going to break this thing? What are you looking up ?
Swara jumps in excitement
Sanskar:what happened? Why are you jumping? Dont forget even my hand is tied to your m getting hurt.
Swara:dont you understand? Lets break this.
Sanskar: great idea!
Both raise their hand to give hifi but stop.
Sanskar:its ok you wont get infected by my hand.
Swara gives hifi.
Swara: lets break it quickly. Come on.
Sanskar: shhhh
Swara:what happened?
Sanskar:dont scream even walls have ears.
Swara: so what? They dont have mouths to open up.
Sanskar:lets go from here. Before that idio..stops. Swara bumps onto him.
Swara: you fool move atleast ..just now you wanted to be free… Now what you waiting for? Auspicious time? Move on you fool.
Swara:what shh shh you are doing ?

Sanskar holds her hand
Swara:stop holding my hand. First of all i want to break this thing so that i will stay away from you and now you are holding my hand? Leave it and start moving.
Swara herself moves ahead and stops seeing Sahil waiting there with hands folded on his chest.
Sahil:you cartoons were still here? Anyways let me tell you even if you try to break this you wont be able to. What you think that these are simply made from normal metal? So that prisoners can escape? Dont try to remove it or else you guys will have to be tied together for more five days.
Swara:no ..no more days with him.
Sanskar:hours are enough….no days. We will compromise. Right swara?(with a smile on his face)
Swara: yea yea…why not. We are totally fine with it sir.
Sanskar(with a smile): come swara…lets go you were hungry right?
Swara:yea yea come lets go.
Both go to the canteen.

Swara:i never thought that this will happen.
Sanskar: always expect the unexpected.
Swara: stop saying these quotes.
Sanskar: chotu get me a juice.
Swara: m worried about this stupid handcuff and you want to have juice?
Chotu looks at them in confusion
Sanskar: so what you want me to do? Dance around? Ohh sorry i cant do that also m tied with you.
Swara: when will this day get over…
Sanskar to chotu: what are staring at us? Go and get the juice.

Nikhil comes there along with ragini
Nikhil:let me take your pic together. I never expected you two to sit together without doing anything.
Sanskar: just shut up! I will break your phone if i see the picture.
Nikhil:i think you should join law they always break things
All look at him
Nikhil:i mean relationships..
Sanskar: you wait for tommorow i will break you. You are saved because im with her.
Nikhil:is she your cooler?
Swara:shut up! Go from here or i will break your face before he can.
Nikhil: calm down calm down. Chill guys m leaving. You two enjoy your day.
Ragini: by the way he was right i never expected
Sanskar: you also? Dont you have to attend lectures? Otherwise you are a bookworm what happened today?
Ragini: bhai.. I just came to give you what ma has sent. Here you go. She hands him a tiffin.
Sanskar: thats sweet of her.
Ragini: i know. Since you reminded me of lecture i need to go.
She gets up in a hurry.
Sanskar: by the way say thanks to janki aunty.
Ragini:yea yea
Ragini leaves

Swara:aunty ? Are you not siblings?
Sanskar: stop asking me questions. Its my personal life.
Swara: fine.
Sanskar opens the tiffin and finds chocolate muffins.
Sanskar:wow! Chocolate muffins.
Swara’s mouth waters looking at them but then diverts her mind.
Sanskar: take
Swara: no its ok
Sanskar: i know your mouth must be watering looking at these. Have some.
Swara: no thanks..
Sanskar knows that she wants: wow…these are the tastiest thing i have ever eaten..
Swara looks at them but sees her phone
Sanskar:i just love these..never have i eaten something like this before

Sanskar passes the tiffin: you must try this..its awesome.
Swara this time doesnt say no butveats hurriedly.
Sanskar: slow slow…looks like you have not eaten from years.
Swara: ummm…umm. These are so tasty.
Sanskar:i know.. Do you want to attend lectures?
Swara: why are you being so kind?
Sanskar: so if you say no i want to attend.
Swara:then no..neither i will attend nor you. Why should i miss lectures due to yours?
Sanskar: then what we will do? I cant sit here like this till 7.
Swara: lets play a game
Sanskar: are we small kids to play games?
Swara: then what to do? We cant attend lectures nor we can sit like this.
Sanskar: fine what game?
Swara: its an app on my phone i think we should play it.
Sanskar: show me
Swara: here
Sanskar: what?! Wack the enemy? We are not on the boarder to wack and kill the enemies.
Swara: but we can its best to try i always use it when i m frustrated on you. She realises what she said and bites her tongue.

Sanskar: what?! You imagine me here as a stupid cartoon. Thats so..
Swara: aree now we will use it as wacking that sahil.
Sanskar: i dont trust you…yesterday itself you were talking to ragini about he being so cool and blah bla
Swara: haaw! You were listening to our talks.
Sanskar: you two were audible enough..
Swara; lets play now?
Sanskar: start the app atleast.
Swara opens it and the phone speaks: welcome swara! How would you like to hit stoneface? With a hammer, hockey stick, baseball bat, or throw stones?
Swara looks shocked while sanskar eyes her angrily.
Sanskar: so you hit me with all these?
Swara with a pout face:a…yea… But look at the situation differently.
Sanskar: that so rude of you…. You have my picture as his face…
Swara: shut up! You act like you are not rude at all and to imagine you i have select your face only.
Sanskar: and from where will you get his picture?or are you going to wack me?
Swara: chill social networking sites will have his pictures if not your picture…
Swara stops and sanskar eyes her angrily.
Swara: here here i found i found
They use the picture on the app.

Sanskar:lets start
Both hit the phone
Sanskar: you idiot , donkey, monkey..you have locked our hands take this.
Swara: you call us cartoons take this …you yourself have become a cartoon now
Both remove their frustration.
Sanskar: haa…finally something good happened.
Swara:yea…relieving right ?
Sanskar: yea but never ever use my face on it or else you see…i still have your poster.
Swara: you still have it? You cheated me that day you said you deleted and now you are saying you have it. Its not done.
Sanskar: please you forgot it at my place that day. If you want then come and take it.
Sanskar looks around searching his phone
Swara: what happened?
Sanskar: i think my phone is in the locker room….come lets go.
Swara: no i dont want to walk
Sanskar: get up you sanki …i need it urgently. You better walk or i will drag you.
Swara: fine why are you fuming? I m coming.
Both walk to the locker room.
Sanskar walks up to his swara following her. Sanskar feels a bit dizzy.
Swara: are you ok?
Swara: what is hapoening to you? Do you want water ?
Sanskar: no no i m fine
Swarab: are you sure? You dont look alright.
Sanskar: yea m sure.
Sanskar removes his phone. He immediately gets a call.

Sanskar: what?! How can she go? Dont you know how to take care of her?
Other side: we are searching for her..
Sanskar: you better find her before i come.
He cuts the call.

Swara: what happened? Everything is ok?
Sanskar: no its not. I have to go.
Swara: come lets go.
Sanskar:you are not coming along with me. We are going to sahil.
Swara: do you think he will .. .
Sanskar drags her.
Swara: sanskar i cant walk fast
Sanskar: you have to walk. Its urgent.

Both walk to sahil
Sahil: you cartoons here? What happened?
Sanskar: open this
Sahil:were you not aware while i was speaking? Today at 7.
Sanskar: just shut up! Open this quickly enough of your nonsense. I need to go somewhere its an emergency.
Sahil:then next five days you will be like this only.
Sanskar: fine
Swara:what are you saying?
Sanskar:i need to go its urgent. So just shut your mouth. You open this quickly.
Sahil: fine as you wish. …
He opens the handcuff and sanskar runs in furry.
Swara; what is wrong with him? Next five days? What was so urgent that next five days he is willing to be like this.

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