Swasan: stone face and the secret lover (Part 10)


Sharmista is with shekhar’s photo in her room: shekhar you know our shona …yesterday for the first time i saw her laughing openly after you…i am so happy for her… Before she would smile but it was not our shona but yesterday when i saw her..she was our real shona..the same laugh when she would play with you… She wipes her tears
Swara who was standing outside listens and goes with teary eyes.

Swara comes to college
Swara is lost in her thoughts until Ragini shakes her.
Ragini: where are you lost? Are you not coming to see the new menthor?
Swara: menthor?
Ragini: yea dont you know? Vp has arranged a menthor for us who will tuting us.
Swara:mhh come lets go.

Swaragini come to the music room even sanskar is present there.
Swara: what is stoneface doing here?
Sanskar hears her
Sanskar: miss sanki did you forget i am also a part of our college band? The best drummer?
Swara:i know so best that you lost to your junior
Sanskar recollect freshers night
Sanskar: thats because.. He stops
Swara: because?
Sanskar:i did not want to disappoint our freshers
Swara: really? Only losers have excuses.
Sanskar: dont call me a loser.
Swara:why wont i? Loser…loser..loser
Ragini:guys stop it.
Sanskar: you are that loser.. Sanki …sanki..sanki…

Someone speaks: stop it you cartoons!!
SwaSan look at him and in unison: who the hell are you? Both look at each other
Sanskar: why did you repeat after me?
Swara: i was about to ask to the same thing.
Sanskar: hello miss sanki…i said it first…
Swara:i said it first…

Ragini hits her head: these two starte again .. But who was the one to stop them? She looks at the person who by now is irritated with them.
Ragini:guys stop this!
Swasan look in opposite direction.
Sanskar looking at the guy: speak up you fool. Who are you?
The person:are you two done? I am your new menthor Sahil Kashyap.
Sanskar’s jaw drops: menthor?!

Sahil: why are you surprised? Were you not waiting for me?
Sanskar: a ….yea…
Sahil:well i thought i was here to guide some musicians but found a bunch of cartoons.
Swara wispers:ragini this is our menthor? He looks so hot.
Ragini: shh swara..this is not time to discuss all this.. Looks like he is angry.
Swara smiles.
Sahil: so shall we begin?
Sanskar: what are we supposed to do?
Sahil: i heard you guys dance very well so lets start. You idiots! Do i need to tell you guys? Take your instruments.
Sanskar: looks like he has come from military.(imitating) Take your instruments!
Sanskar sits on this stool while swara holds her guitar. Ragini is all set to sing.
Sahil:only you three? What about your keyboard player?
Swara: he fractured his hand. Vp sir was supposed to arrange a new one.
The new guy enters
Guy:hi everyone is this music room?
Swaragini look at each other.

Sahil: no its a mental asylum
Guy: m sorry? By the way m nikhil. Vp has sent me here.
Ragini: do you play the keyboard?
Nikhil:no…actually my fingers do. He laughs while sahil eyes him angrily.
Sahil:take your position.
Nikhil nods.
All look at sahil
Sahil: will you look at my face or play also?
They start. … All play differently while ragini is singing sanskar and swara are with their own tune to win over each other. Nikhil looks at swasan.

Sahil:just stop this!
All stop…
Sahil:do you play like these? Are you guys the best in this college? Looks like the fisherfolk women are screaming over to sell their fish. You guys call your self musicians?
He walks out angrily to vp’s cabin.
Nikhil: hey you are the same girls who i met first day right?
Ragini nods
Nikhil: why did you not tell me that you are swara? You must be sanskar right?
Swara: so what would you do by knowing me?
Nikhil:ofcourse friendship.. He forwards his hand to shake but sanskar holds it.
Swaragini are confused.
Sanskar: why only friendship with her? Even we are here.
He shakes his hand with a tight grip.
Nikhil: why not? After all i joined to meet you guys only.

Swaragini goes out.
Nikhil was about to follow them but is stopped by sanskar.
Sanskar:i think you are you should stay away from swara and ra.. Nikhil cuts in between
Nikhil: why dude? Anything wrong? I am not intrested in her.
Sanskar: you should not be also.
Nikhil: what about ragini?
Sanskar: stay away from them. If i see you around them you better watchout.
Nikhil: then you will see me everyday..
Sanskar gives him a death cold look
Nikhil:chill bro… Now i am also a part of this band…i meant only that. Are you jealous of me?
Sanskar walks out while nikhil follows him
Nikhil: i can understand about one ? Why do you want two girlfriends? I cant handle one and you can handle two?
Sanskar:just shut up! She is my sister.

Nikhil: who swara or ragini?
Sanskar: ragini you fool.
Nikhil: ohh so you are intrested in swara…
Sanskar turns and gives him an angry glare
Sanskar:just buzz off from my eye sight before i break your face
Sanskar walks away
Nikhil: is he little off? He asked to buzz off and then he only walked away from me.

Swaragini are in the cateen.
Swara:so ragini …i was telling you about sahil…doesnt he look hot?
Ragini: dont forget swara he is our sir.
Swara:yea i know that but he is so handsome and dashing looking.

Ragini:yea i know that but equally arrogant.
Swara:handsome guys are arrogant
Ragini: so you mean to say even bhai is handsome.
Swara: where did your bhai come from? He is just arrogant.
Ragini: yea yea who knows if you turn out loving him.
Swara: seriously loving him? That i wont do till my last breath.
Ragini is about to say something when swara feels a burning and cold sensation on her face.
Swara gets up in rage and finds sanskar holding water balloons
Sanskar: what happened sanki? Last nights revenge was still pending. Thought to sort it today itself.
Swara: you fool.. Stoneface.. Swara feels one more on her hand.
She goes to him and picks up bottle from his table and empties it on his head.
Sanskar shocked while swara pushes him and takes those water balloons and throws on him. Sanskar bends down and it lands on nikhil’s face. Swara shocked while nikhil eyes her angrily and comes toward them. He picks one and throws on her again.
Ragini:how dare you throw it on my bestie?

Nikhil:let me show you. He throws one on her.
Sanskar eyes him. While he feels coolness on his cheek and swara gives him a glare
Ragini is suprised on the other hand but does equally same. The water fight continues..

Vp watches them on cctv
Sahil:these are the cartoons who i have to menthor?
Vp: you dont go on their pranks they are very good musicians.
Sahil: i saw them how good they play. They all are cartoons.
Vp: i want you to make them a team..
Sahil: team? These guys?
Vp:individually they are the best. If we put them together i can assure you that the victory will be ours.

Sahil: i know i saw their clips… They are quiet good only thing is they need coordination
Vp: i want you to guide them and make a best team out of them.
Sahil: fine! But i need my full freedom to do what i want to with them..
Vp:yea ok do whatever you want but i want our college name to come up
Sahil: then you better make a space for new trophy the victory is ours.
Vp smiles.
Sahil in his mind: cartoons be ready…

Girls common room
Ragini :that nikhil what he thinks of himself?
Swara:chill ragini
Ragini:yea after all i am so wet i should be chilling
Swara:even m wet but you know what
Swara: i dont know but this was so exciting and cool. I remember playing with my p..
Swara:my friends in mumbai
Ragini:mhh that means you enjoyed this

Swara: somewhat
Ragini gets a call from home: yea ma m coming
Ragini: come swara lets go. Did not come to know about the time its already 7 .
Swara:yea come
Both walk to the parking lot swara opens her bag and finds her keys are missing.
Swara:ragini i think i left my keys in the locker. I will go and get them.
Ragini:ok fine you go i will wait here.
Swara:no its fine you leave. You were getting late.
Ragini: are you sure?
Swara:yea ragini
Swara bids bye to ragini and goes in again.

Locker room
Sanskar sees swara coming and hides behind the door.
As soon as swara enter
Sanskar: booo!
Swara moves behind with jerk and trips over the step
Before she could fall sanskar holds her in his arms. They share an eye lock.
Sanskar:i knew you like me from the begining thats why you keep coming after me.
Swara: in your dreams stoneface
Sanskar: really? Then why are you in my arms?
Swara realises that she is in his arms: leave me
Without a second thought sanskar leaves her. And breaks the eye lock.
Swara: idiot!

Swara goes to her locker and gets the keys while sanskar is still standing near the door.
Swara is moving out while there is a power cut. She immediately and unknowingly holds sanskar’s hand. Sanskar looks at her and tries to remove his hand but swara has held it tight sanskar then removes his phone and puts the torch light. Swara slowly moves out still holding his hand. Sanskar too walks with her.

Sanskar: so will you hear a joke?
Swara does not respond.
Sanskar stays mum and walk along with her until they reach parking lot.

Sanskar:so miss sanki gets scared of darkness.
Swara: no i dont
Sanskar: really?
Swara: when will you stop following me?
Sanskar: i thought you get scared of darkness thats why you held my hand but now that i know you dont i m darn sure you like me.
Swara realises about his hand is in hers and leaves it quickly: i ..m..sorry
Sanskar: you took advantage of darkness to hold my hand … Its so cheap swara
Swara: if you knew that i was holding your hand you should have left.
Sanskar:i tried to but your grip was tight. And i thought to give you a feel of holding my hand as girls die to do that.
Swara turns and then sits in the car.
Sanskar:what happened to her? Usually she frowns at me but… Let it be..

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