Swasan : The Star Couple (Plan A) (Episode 21)

Swara gets a call in the evening. “Swara ! How could you leave without informing me and you are in Bangalore like seriously ??? And you didn’t inform me this time too !!! I hate you. Don’t you talk to me never ever…”

Swara : Forgot never say never. Sorry Ragini. Actually I got so busy with work and plus I didnt know that you are in Bangalore ? When did you shift ?

Ragini : Not exactly shifted. I m here for a trip from my company of course.

Swara : That’s cool ! Now we will meet today itself and Swaragini will he complete ! And my new friend Sid. You have to meet him. He almost filled the void that your absence created in my life. I said almost but as everyone know Ragini is the best.

Ragini : Now stop buttering me. Come with your new friend to this party. Its by my boss. You can come with your friends here.

Swara : Okay ! Bye love you !!!!

Swara gets ready in a white maxi dress and her charm bracelet. A little make up with a light pink lipstick and she looked super hot .

Sanskar sees her getting ready. “Date ?” he asks her coldly.

Swara : Why should I tell you ? You are not my Mom !

Sanskar : As if I really care.

Swara : Good for you. .

She calls Sid to pick her up and they will leave together. Sanskar hears it all and comes to the conclusion “They are going for a date !”

Swara leaves. Sanskar imagines their date. Sid pulling out the chair for him. They having a glass of a wine. And finally they kiss ! “No !!” he shouts. “I wont let this happen. I will go and spoil your date. Wait for me.” thinks sanskar.

He foes down and sees Swara still waiting for Sid. And Sid comes and they get in the car a Mercedes. “He is rich. I so hate him !” thinks Sanskar as he takes out his bike and follows them. They reach a big Mansion. (Ragini’s boss)

They get inside. Swara and Sid show their invite. Sanskar blindly follows them. The guards hold him.

Swara hears Sanskar’s voice. “So you are following me! I dont believe this. Dont let him in. Or else I would only if you tell me sorry.”

Sanskar : No way ! Its better I leave

Swara : Fine do whatever you wish !

Swara and Sid leave. Sanskar stands there and Ragini enters there. She sees Sanskar and tells the guar to let him in. “You have given my friend a lot of pain. Still I dont know why she loves your company !” she tells him coldly.

Sanskar goes inside behind Ragini. Swara sees him in shock and then at Ragini who is continuously smirking.

Swara goes there and hugs her tightly. She take a lot to her about how her days and nights were. She also tells her about the challenge. Challenge Sorry !

Ragini hits upon a plan. “As much I can see is he still cares about you else he wouldn’t have been here. ”

“Yeah !” says swara blushing and lowering her eyelids. “Okay then .” replies Ragini followed by some whisperings.

Ragini vanishes after that. Swara tells Sid that he should go to the other side of the party as there is something crazy going to happen which needs hour absence totally. Sid tells “Okay. I will to the pool side. But please do let me know the prank. *wink*”

Swara goes to the bar counter. A man holds her hand. The man had a lot of facial hair. Swara then keeps her other hand on his hand. Sanskar sees this. He goes there and asks “What the hell are you doing with this man !

Swara : So you don’t want me to he with him ?

Sanskar : No I just asked because you were with Sid. Where is he now.

Swara : He left the party.

Sanskar : You come with me right now.

Swara : Only if you apologise !

Sanskar : Fine ! So…(*pause* he looks around and does not find Ragini. Then he looks again at the man.)

He pulls out the fake beard and moustache.

Sanskar : Ragini ! I knew it. (laughs looking at her with half beard and moustache. Ragini runs away in disappointment.)

Swaragini again meet. “Plan A failed !”

Ragini : Dont worry I have a plan B.

Precap : Plan B. Sanskar says Sorry unwillingly. Swara dances in joy.

Hope you liked the plan A. But I think plan B will be totally hilarious. From the conquest of love it is now conquest of sorry…

And I ll try to keep updating with small updates even though I have exams because you guys make my day. Drop down your feedback about this episode.

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