Swasan : The Star Couple (Episode 9)

“But Ragini!” Swara protested. Ragini was forcing her to go to the Hell Club.

Ragini : Just imagine what if Sanskar also comes with his brother. Wont you be happy then?

Swara : Hmm.. What if he doesn’t then I have to dance with that Laksh the idiot.

Ragini : Don’t worry I ll take care of that..

Swara : Fine then! I ll go.

Swara goes to the changing room to change her clothes. Meanwhile Ragini sits on Facebook and checks out Laksh’s profile.

“Stupid. Arrogant and Such a flirt. I know Swara he is not a perfect match for you.”

She looks at his photos. “He is cute though. Falling for Swara ehh.. What if he proposes Swara… Why should I care. I am not in love with you. My passion is my photography. That’s it!”

Both get ready and head to the Hell Club. At the club Swara’s eyes constantly searched for Sanskar. She spots Laksh but couldn’t find Sanskar. At last she founds him dancing with another girl. She becomes jealous.
Laksh : Lets dance?

Swara : Sure why not. (in mind) Now Sanky would be jealous..

Swalak dance and Laksh tries to be close to Swara but she always tried to maintain distance with him. Sanskar sees this and gets jealous.

Sanskar excuses himself and goes to the bar counter. Ragini sees all of this. She goes to Laksh and drops drink on his jacket intentionally. Laksh says “I ll just come in a minute.”

Ragini forces Sanskar to dance with her. She takes him near Swara. She then excuses herself saying “I have an important call to attend.”

Sanskar and Swara stood there numb. Then Sanskar gathers courage to ask Swara for a dance.
Swara : Sure.

Swasan dance and fortunately the song also changes to the romantic “Ishq Bulava.”

Sanskar swirls Swara in his arms and they come too close during their perfect dance. While lifting her up Sanskar loses his balance and Swara falls on him. Their lips brushed and Laksh notices this. Both straighten themselves and stand in opposite corners.

Swara felt something magical when their lips actually brushed and it was her first kiss. She wanted to yell about this to Ragini but Ragini wasn’t there.
She stood there waiting desperately for Ragini’s return.

Laksh drinks a lot as he saw his own bro trying to woo the girl with whom he was in love. Sanky tries to stop Laksh and takes him outside. He sees Swara waiting outside for Ragini.

Sanskar to Swara : What happened Swara ?

Swara : I don’t where Ragini went all of a sudden. I hope she’s okay. Wait her message.
The message read “I m at home. You continue ur date with Sanky.” Swara blushed after reading the message. She tries to hide her crimson face from Sanskar.

Swara tries to walk away. Sanskar stops her. “Don’t go alone. It may not be safe for you.” says Sanskar.

Swara : How can you drive. ? You must have had alcohol.

Sanskar : No I don’t drink. Laksh is drunk. Will you help me I can’t handle him alone

“Awwh he is so perfect. He doesn’t drink smoke and is a gentleman.” thinks Swara.

Swara : Sure.

They make him sleep in the back seat. Swasan occupy the front seats. They drive towards Swara’s home. Sanskar switches on the music system. “Ishq Bulava” plays reminding them of their accidental kiss.

Sanskar switches off the music.
Sanskar : I m sorry for whatever happened.

Swara : It was not your fault. It was all mine.

Sanskar : Lets not tell about this to anyone. Like Anyone.

Swara : Yeah sure.

Sanskar drops Swara to home and himself drives to Maheshwari house.

Swara thinks about their kiss. “Why was he so uncomfortable. Does he really love me?”

In the morning Sanlak wake up.

Laksh : How was the party yesterday bro?

Sanskar : Good.

Laksh : Okay. Lets go to college.

In the college Laksh joins Swaragini and talk to them. Sanskar didn’t know what to do. He felt awkward to be around Swara.
Swara was in the library looking at the books. Sanskar quietly stares Swara.

Laksh spots Sanskar staring someone. He goes there and asks him “What bro? Who is the girl? Let me see.”

Will Laksh figure out Sanskar’s secret ?
And if yes.,,, What would be his reaction..

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  1. swasan first kiss 😉
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  4. Oh god both brothers are behind swara,plz dont make it a triangle love story plz plz,its a request .

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  9. Nce laksh should see that sanskar is seeing non other than r swara nd he should not react as he was not serious about her

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