Swasan : The Star Couple (Episode 8)

Sorry to inform you its gonna be a love triangle. But don’t worry.. It will always be Swasan and Raglak. Just give ur time to this story . And yeh sorry for that wrong update. I m so stupid… I hope u all have forgotten that thing. Ehh.. Anyways..
Ty for all ur support.

Swara’s place.
Swaragini were playing their favourite videogame. “I want to go for shopping” exclaimed Ragini..

Swara : Okay cool. I ll get my credit card.
She goes to her mother who gives her credit card.

Sumi : First time my daughter asked me for something. There must be some solid reason for this new change.

Swara was a rich girl as her mother was one of the top most businessman. On the other hand Ragini was from a normal Business family with her family of her mom Janki and her dad Shekhar.

Swara gets ready wearing a White off collar dress with nude pumps. Ragini tells “You look awesome!”
Swaragini leave for shopping. Swara buys for Ragini and herself the world’s top brands clothes and accessories. After a long time of shopping they go to their fav hangout place Cafe 9.

Laksh was waiting for his bro at the airport but he couldn’t find him and so as promised he leaves. He reaches the same cafe 9 where he sees Swaragini. It was love at first sight for him as he saw a beautiful girl in white dress as pretty as Cinderella.

Swara asks her to pay as it was her treat. She pays and they leave. Laksh gets a call and Sanskar comes to pick him up. He sees his brother a little lost.

Sanskar : What happened bro?

Laksh : Love..

Sanskar was perplexed.

“Bro it was love at first sight. That girl the way she smiled. The way she giggled and her pretty face and her black hair. Everything was so perfect about her. I m in love bro!! Your brother is in love.”

Sanskar : Wake up. You don’t even know her name. So this love will remain incomplete. And concentrate here. Tomorrow is your first day at college. And no ladkibaazi there.

Laksh : Lucky without flirting.. Not happening bro..

The next day…
Swara entered with her new hot look and all boys went crazy behind her.
A guy came and proposed her. She rejected and Sanskar notices all of this.
Swaragini were walking when Swara collides with a guy and she was about to fall but the guy holds her back. Her hair comes on her face. She straightens herself and swung her falling hair back. The guy was Laksh. He keeps on staring her. Swaragini leave and Sanskar comes and pats on his shoulder.

Laksh : Bro she is the same girl!! He pointed at Swara.

Sanskar : What? No way!..

Laksh : Why bro? She already has a boyfriend..?

Sanskar : No nothing like that.. She is just very simple and never indulges in these things..

Laksh : Don’t worry bro. No girl can stand Lucky’s charm.
He winks at him.

Ragini sees Sanskar and tells Swara “He is not even looking at you. He is talking to a guy. Oh its the same guy with whom you collided.”

Swara : Really?

Ragini : Yesss. And that guy is coming here.

Laksh comes there and introduces himself. “Hi Swara i m Laksh.”

Swara : How you know my name?

Laksh : Lucky knows name of all beautiful girls around.

Ragini : Then you must be knowing my name.

Laksh : I said beautiful you fool.

Ragini sees at him in anger.

Swara : She is Ragini my best friend.

Laksh : Oh Ragini! I was just kidding (In mind) Formula #233 Impress the girls bestie to impress her.
To Swara : So I m new here. Wont you show me the college?

Swara : Sure. Lets go to the library.

She witnesses the blank expression on Laksh’s face
Laksh : Library! Oh I love books.
“Lying lier!” Thinks Ragini.

They head to the library. Swalak talk to each other and this makes Sanskar a little jealous. He ignores them and talks to his friends keeping an ear on their convo.

Swara : So u r from London. Cool.

Laksh : Yeah. U know Sanskar.

Swara : Yes.

Laksh : He is my brother. By the way why don’t you come for party to the club today ? Hell Club. You and Ragini.

Swara : Hmmhmm..

Ragini : Sure! Why not..

Precap : Swalak’s proximity makes Sanskar more jealous..

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