Swasan : The Star Couple (Episode 7)

Sorry guys Actually I write two ff so both the updates got published under Swasan. Extremely sorry for that..

The most awaited Football match was on the floor.

The CL team were in the practice room practicing. Kavita was desperate to show her s*xy moves to Sanskar.

Swara smirked as she had her plans. She sat on the bench relaxing. She wore the stupid CL outfit without her spectacles and she looked great in them.

As they came out of the room the guys started noticing Swara. The girls had set on the stage. All boys were mesmerised by Swara’s looks.

The match started with the R.C. College scoring a quick goal.

As Kavita stretched her leg to show her move she starts itching. Swara giggled. The other girls continued their moves except Kavita, Swara and Ragini. On one hand Kavita was itching but Swaragini hooted loudly making a total mess.

Sanskar watched all this and smiled. “So this was ur plan..” He looked at her pretty face which gave him immense strength.

Swara sees Sanskar distracted “Focus Sanskar!!”

Sanskar gets a good hold on the match and scores three consecutive goals. It was half time. The opponents felt angry as they were losing.

The captain decides to go by his Plan B. As the match resumes He signals his friends to kick Sanskar. They kick at his ankle which soon starts bleeding.

Swara runs over there leaving the stupid CL girls and Ragini. She goes there but sees the Fighting Spirit in Sanskar who continued playing inspite of the wound. Consequently the R.C. College wins by 6-0.

All cheered for Sanskar. Swara wonders “Why she felt the pain when The boys had hurt Sanskar.. Are you in love?” She questioned herself.

Sanskar leaves which makes Swara feel more uneasy. She had at last realised “Sanskar is the one her heart fell for. But did he love her too? He never talked to her. In fact he ignored her.”

She decides to tell her confusion to Ragini.

In the canteen Swara opens up about her feelings for Sanskar.
“I think I love him…”said she.

Ragini : Love who??

Swara : Sanskar..

Ragini : What?!?

Swara : Yes. Now tell me what should I do.

Ragini : Tell him before its too late.

Swara : No way. The way he ignores me i don’t think I should tell him so soon. Rather I should wait.. I mean just look at me. I look like an ugly buck teeth and he the handsome hunk of this college.

Ragini : I guess u need a make over. You look pretty just remove those specs of urs.

Swara : I think u re right.

The next moment Kavita enters the canteen and sees her enemies. “How dare you Swara. I know u were behind that itching powder in my CL outfit. How dare you!”

Swara : Yes I was behind that.. Now I think u will think before you force me to get into ur stupid club. Actually you know what u don’t deserve that at all.

The FootBall coach comes there.
Sir : Miss Kavita. I gave u such an important post and u misused it totally. Now I think I should stop pampering u. So u r out of the CL club and the new head is Ragini Gadodia.

Ragini : Really???

Sir : Yes. Now excuse me I have lots if work.

Kavita stamps her feet hard and leaves in anger. Her BFFs follow her.

Swara : Now this calls for a celebration! My Ragu is the head. I cant believe this. Now happy ??

Ragini : Yes!!!

Swara : I want a party.. Cafe 9 at 6.

Ragini : Sure…

Sanskar was in the boys locker room where he was smiling remembering the mess created by Swara and her care which she showed up. He gets a call from Laksh his brother.

Laksh : Sanky! I m coming today at 5 pm. Pick me or else I will leave alone…

Sanskar : Lucky! You are joining R.C. I don’t believe this…

Lucky : Okay bro! Hang on. I have some work. I will talk to you later.

He cuts the call.

Precap : Laksh meets Swaragini. And he falls in love at first site.

Laksh’s entry makes this story even more complicated!!!

Love : Its complicated!!!!

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