Swasan : The Star Couple (Episode 6)

So this is a landmark day for me as you guys are not at all bored. I m glad u liked this story.. Still I would say silent readers wake up and comment at least once. I will feel much happier and Ty to everyone who reads this page or at least visits it … Want to thank everyone dil se…
And yh this is a long epi as I might not update on Wednesday (Exams r on)

This episode starts with everyone waiting for Manan and they arrive at the Cafe Nine. All look at Manik with a big question mark..??

Manik : Guys! I will agree to join Fab five on only two conditions..

All look at him confused and thinking “What would be his two conditions..”

Mukti laughs thinking when Manik had returned back from Pune he placed his silly conditions after which they hit had hit him so hard… “I wish you place all those silly conditions.”

Manik : First, I want us to practice hard and damn seriously. No pranks on me! We may do some on others.
He looks at Nandini and Nandini makes a puppy face.

Dhruv : Okay done!!

Mukti : Yes that okay…

Manik : The second would be tough I want that … You…
His fore finger pointed at Nandini..
You should be our band manager and no one else!

Nandini was puzzled.
Nandini : Are you out of your senses? Me and band manager.. Not again!

Manik : Fine then! See your friends suffering…

Nandini : Okay fine! I will be..

Manik : Okay then here I come fab five.. Your new member Manik Malhotra.

Dhruv : I ll call O2 company to give us the contract which he had offered us few months back..

Cabir : Do you think he would agree?

Aliya : He has to! He has no other choice. Fab five has always been the star and will always be..

Mukti : Aliya is right. And how that Manik is back..

Mukti becomes nervous “What did I just say?”thinks she.

Manik : Back what do you mean by that?

Mukti : Back from yesterday’s song.. Our song remember ?

Manik : Yeah! Now I want my third condition to be fulfilled too! And this will be difficult..

Nandini : But you said only two right?

Manik : Manik Malhotra is really unpredictable.(Nandini glares at him with her eyebrows crossed) Okay so my third condition is I want to see Mumbai guys!(All smile) I have come here just yesterday and I have not visited not even a single place!

Cabir : Okay Manik we understand you. But we all have a meeting with O2 manager.

Everyone look at him with suspicion and think why he was lying..

Cabir continues : But don’t get disappointed. You will visit each and every lovely place here . Nandini will accompany you..

Nandini looked at him in disbelief. Now everyone understood Cabir’s plan..

Aliya : Yeah yeah Manik ..Nandini will accompany you..

Mukti : Manik you wont believe my words but Nandini was a tourist guide before..

Nandini hits Mukti’s head softly ..

Dhruv : That’s a great idea! Nandini will go with you. You don’t have any problems na Nandini?

Nandini : Only of he is interested!

Manik : Alright. We will go together. You all carry on with your meeting with O2 Manager.

Nandini : I ll just go and change my clothes and get ready..

Mukti whispers in Aliya’s ears “Nandini is in so much hurry. I think she will make Manik love her today itself..”

Aliya : I m so happy for her.

Nandini sees her two girl friends gossiping on each others ears and decides to leave.

Manik : Shall I drop you ?

Nandini : No I ll manage…

Manik : Listen! We have to go together anyways. So just get into my car quietly.

Nandini : Okay!

Nandini sits in the seat adjacent to drivers seat and Manik drives the car. Manik drives the car to Nandini’s place without Nandini’s instructions..
Manik after reaching her place gets out of the car and like a gentleman opens the door for Nandini..

Nandini : I ll just come in five mins!
She runs to her house and Manik wonders “How he came to know about her address?” He follows Nandini. The gardener is watering the plants . Nandini’s leg slips due the water spilled and Manik saves her from the tough fall holding her waist tightly. They share a magical eyelock. Manik couldn’t move his eyeball a little and Nandini just loved it. Both come to reality when they see the gardener smiling at them. They immediately straighten themselves. The hose pipe kept nearby starts a shower of water on them and both are drenched in water.
Nandini : Manik you come to my house and change..

Manik : How you will have my clothes around??

Nandini : I have a t shirt and pants.
She remembers the gift she was going to gift Manik after his much awaited return from Denmark. She had kept the gift safely.

Manik follows her and Chachi was working on her new dish as usual and so she doesn’t witness Manan’s arrival. Manik rushes to Nandini’s room and Nandini hands him his clothes. Manik checks them out.
Manik : Great choice!

Nandini : Now stop flattering and go and change.
She pushes him to her washroom. She quickly hides the photos which lied on the desk. She looks the photos which had Manik and her together. “I promise I ll click thousands such pictures with you Manik as we would grow older..”
She gets gets purse and sees Manik has not come out yet…

Nandini thinks “You are my answered prayer, my fulfilled wish and my realised dream. And Manik I never want us to go out of this dream!”

Manik comes out wearing a blue t shirt with white jeans.

Nandini stares at him …
Manik : What now go and change..
Nandini rolls her eyes and goes to the washroom and changes her wet clothes. She comes out wearing a white capris and a light blue top. They both get down. Chachi sees them together and gets excited seeing Manik..

Chachi : Manik when did you come here ? Sorry. I didn’t notice you both.. When you reached India ?

Manik : Do I know you..?

Nandini : Manik! I told Chachi yesterday about you.. Okay Chachi bye! We are going out. See you later..
Chachi was confused. Nandini signals her to be quiet..
Chachi : At least have some breakfast ?

Manik : No aunty! We will have lunch outside..

Chachi : Okay! I wont spoil your date..

Nandini starts laughing and Manik feels embarrassed.

Nandini : Okay Chachi we will go now.. Now please let us go!!!!

Chachi : Bye! (They leave)Love birds!! I m so happy to know my Nandu’s happiness is back! But why was she acting so weird. And what was up with Manik. Both are duck headed. No brains! Let me call Murthyji and tell him this wonderful news

Precap : Manik questions Nandini how he came to know her address. Manan’s day out.
Will Manik recollect anything?

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