Swasan : The Star Couple (Episode 4)

Tysm guys for loving the story so much!! Love you all and I really didnt know u liked it that much. So continuing with this crazy stupid live story.. ?

Swara looks at the mirror and thinks whatever happened yesterday. “I hope he liked the smiley..?”she thinks.

She waits for Ragini at their Hotspot Cafe Nine. Ragini comes running breathing heavily.

Swara : Calm down Ragini.. Now tell me what happened.

Ragini : Nothing as such. Just a dog came running behind me and I like a stupid ran away…

Swara : Oh u stupid girl. Now lets go or else we will get late for college.
They both ride on the scooty and drive away. Swara and Ragini walked through the corridors and notice everyone talking about Sanskar the star of the college.
Swara gets on the seat and Ragini sits beside her but the professor instructs her to sit away from Swara as both distract each other from studies. Sanskar was as usual late. He looks around the whole class. Not a single bench was vacant except Swara’s.

Professor: Mr. Sanskar now u need another invitation to come and join the class?

Sanskar immediately occupies the seat beside her. Their heart beats grows faster and faster and there was a total adrenaline rush .
The professor started the lecture. Sanskar takes out his book and keeps it on the desk. His hand accidently falls on Swara’s hand. They both look at each other and Swara noticed his intense eyes. She immediately retreats her hand back.

The lecture gets over. Swara questions herself “What happening Swara? A boyfriend hater falling for a guy. But don’t forget he is Sanskar Maheshwari and you are just an ordinary girl. Its not at all a perfect match..”

Sanskar thinks about the lecture.
“Swara am I falling for u? I have to stop myself as I know you are a studious girl and u r not at all interested in relationships..”

A desperate girl called Kavita always wanted Sanskar in his life. Her friends come running to tell.
“A new girl Swara is after your Sanskar..”

Kavita : Sanskar will only be mine. I know he has rejected me thrice but I wont lose him so easily. I have to show Swara who is really Kavita.

Kavita goes to the canteen and asks for Swara. She looks at Swara. “Now way! My Sanksar cant have such a bad choice. Anyways! I wont waste much time on her. I think two harsh words would be enough for her.”

She walks to Swara. “Miss Swara. You know right Sanskar is the coolest guy in this college. And I m the hottest girl here. And ice and fire make a perfect match. So just back off and stay away from him.”

Swara says “I neither want him nor I m interested in talking with you. So please excuse me!”
She walks away. Kavita stamps her feet hard. “Alright. I spare you this time. Just keep in your mind my words.”

Kavita’s words echo in her ears. She thinks “The girl was right.! I have to do something.” She traces Sanskar and starts pretending to call Ragini.. She goes near him and speaks aloud.
“Ragini. You stay away from boys like mr. I m really not interested in anyone here. Like seriously.”
Swara finds Sanskar paying no heed to her words. “Looks like he himself is not interested! That’s great for me.” She had tears in her eyes while thinking so.
“Swara why are you crying!” She tries to compose herself.
She leaves with Ragini and sees Sanskar at the exit. Sanskar didnt even bother to look at her which even upsets her more.

So here is the realisation of love.. Will Swara change her decision.

Precap : Inter college football championship. Sanskar participates in it.

I know it was short actually had exams still going on..

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