Swasan : The Star Couple (Episode 30) (Last Episode)


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**Birthday boy !!!**

A new day dawns. The sun is not up yet as it is 4:00 a.m. He isn’t able to move as he realises Swara is on top of him. He manages to switch on the dim light. Swara’s head rests on his chest listening to his heartbeats. He smiles at the site of her.

Sanskar (whispers) : Swara babe I have to go. Tanu will kill me if i dont reach on time for the photo-shoot.

Swara holds him tighter.

Sanskar : I hate to do this to you. But I have to go. Sorry !

Swara : What time is it ?

Sanskar : Four a.m. In the morning. I told Tanu to keep it early so I can spend the rest of the day with you.

Swara : When will you come ?

Sanskar : Soon honey. Wont you come ?

Swara : I will come later.

Sanskar rolls his eyes seeing the lazy Swara. He gets ready and goes to the location.
The photo shoot is over. Now Swara is waiting for Sanskar outside the hotel gate. He smiles as soon as he spots her.

Sanskar : Hey beautiful !
He comes and hugs her. Fake coughs are heard from behind. Its none other than their colleagues. Swara immediately pulls back seeing them.

Swara : So where are we going ? I m asking this now for the zillionth time Sanskar.

Sanskar : You will get to know in an hour.

Swara : Its your birthday. I should be surprising you. But its the other way round.
She frowns.
Sanskar : You and me are the same. We are Swasan. Dont forget.!

Swara : Okay I ll be ready in an hour.

Sanskar : Okay. Wear something fancy. A dress may be ?

Swara : You are making me curious babe. Tell me na where are we going.

Sanskar rolls his eyes. Swara frowns again and heads to the hotel room.

Swara comes out of the room wrapped in a towel and her jaw drops as he sees someone.
Its sanskar….
He is standing in front of the mirror fixing the tie of his suit. He turns back to see her. Swara is awestruck. He is looking so handsome and classy. Swara’s mouth hung open as Sanskar chuckled and turns around again.

Sanskar : Like what you see ?
Swara blushes.

Sanskar : But you know what. I m liking whatever I m seeing right now.

Now she flushes red like a tomato.

Swara : Shut up. I m gonna change.

Swara grabs the blue dress and quickly changes into it. She sets her hair into a messy bun. As soon as she walks out of the changing room. Now its Sanskar’s turn to be stunned. His jaw drops as soon as he sees her in the dress.

Sanskar : You look. . . . .beautiful.

Swara strikes a pose in front of him as she feels confident about her looks. They wrap their arms around each other and set off. Sanskar drove to God knows where. . .

Sanskar drives the car through the London streets past the huge corporate buildings, art galleries and a museum.

Swara : Why wont you just tell me ?

Sanskar : What’s the fun in telling you. Its a surprise. And surprise aren’t told.

Swara : Ugh. Whatever. Just dont take me.for a roller coaster ride or I will puke on you.

Sanskar : Eww. Swara. I m here thinking of romance and you are taking what shit up ? Just shut your mouth and let me think !!

Swara : Whatever.

Sanskar stops the car at a parking lot beside an underground station. Swara sees the board outside. The City of Westminster.

Swara : What are we doing here ?

Sanskar points towards the direction showing her The Big Ben. They take a few steps forward and they could see the Westminster Abbey as well. At the back was the River Thames. And finally on the sides of it was The London Eye. To sum up everything looked dang beautiful .

Swara : Why would you get me here ?
She is amused. He wraps her arm around her.
Sanskar : Okay okay. You hadn’t visited this part of the city so I thought of bringing you here. You liked it ?

They walk towards The London Eye.

Swara : Mr. Sanskar if you are planning me to take over there I m telling you I m nor going there at any cost ! You better know the consequences. I m acrophobic.

Sanskar : Do you think I would let my Swara happen anything ? Besides look there.
He points towards a tube like thing attached to a wheel.

Sanskar : All you have to do is stand on and look around.

Swara : I know . But I m acrophobic . I cant stand at sp much heights !

Sanskar : I know. I just want to tackle this fear of yours.

Swara : Okay fine I m coming just for you.

Sanskar : Thank you !

They walk and Swara look out through the window.

Swara : Its beautiful.
And suddenly a jerk is felt and they stop that too at the top.

Swara : Why did it stop ? Uh are you okay ?

Sanskar tries to remove something from his coat.
He takes out a velvet black box and gets on his knees.

Sanskar : I know Swara we have been together. Not like other couples for a year or two years. But I want the whole world to know that I m madly, deeply on love with you. And honestly you have trapped me into this and I don’t think there’s any way out. I didnt need years to think I really am in love with you . I love you Swara to infinity square.. So Swara I want you to know that you are perfect for me. We are like the missing pieces of jig saw puzzles who fit each other perfectly.

Swara has tears in her eyes. The tears of joy…
Sanskar : I m sorry baby. I didnt mean to make you cry.

Swara : Oh Dumbo. These are tears of joy. And its you my life’s happiness and joy. I love you too. More than you do me.

Sanskar : No way ! I love you more.

Swara shooks her head.
Swara : If you love me more na I will not wear that ring.

Sanskar : Okay drama queen. You love me more !
He slides the ring through her finger and they give each other a bone crushing hug. They start moving down.

Sanskar : You didn’t answer one question Swara. Will you marry me ?

Swara is bewildered.
Swara : No.
They are now down. Swara runs away and Sanskar follows her and grabs her in his arms.
Sanskar : Really do you want to get babies without marriage ?

Swara : My prince.. I will marry you even if you say me right now !

Sanskar : I love you Swara. You are my star, my answered prayer and my fulfilled wish.

Swara : You are my life Sanskar. I can never stop loving you.

**The end**

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Credit to: Anu

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