Swasan : The Star Couple (Episode 3)


Really happy that you want them to be sisters!!! So they will be. They aren’t aware of being half sisters..
I hope you are liking this story of mine.. I don’t promise you an out this world tale its just a simple story but full of love and heart makes and breaks…!!! And the question is who falls for the other first. So its a big competition between Swara and Sanskarβ€’β€’β€’β€’!!!!….////((((()))))####***

Sanskar was thinking about Swara and his fight. He tries to search her but fails terribly and so walks away.


The first day of college.

Swara was nervous and so was Ragini. They both walks through the college football ground. Suddenly from nowhere a ball hits Swara’s leg.

Swara thinks ‘What a welcome!’ She falls down as her pivot joint starts aching badly. The ball had hit her knee cap. The boy comes running drenched in sweat. He gives her hands to Swara. Till then Swara was looking down and she focussed only on her wound. She holds the guy’s hand and the guy takes him in his arms forcefully.

Swara sees her face and recognises him to be the same guy who had fought with her the other day. Ragini sees Sanskar coming there and decides to leave so that they could talk alone and clear their misunderstandings.

Sanskar : I ll take you to the medical room and I m seriously sorry.

Swara : Its not your fault.. I was walking so carelessly and I should think before walking here.

Sanskar : Well I was talking about that incident. Ragini told me it wasn’t you but her. And I blamed you for everything without knowing the truth..

Swara : Its okay. But please get me down. Everybody is staring us and its really embarrassing..

Sanskar gets her down and notices the college students staring them as the if their eyes were gonna come out of their sockets. Swara starts walking away dragging her leg. She reaches the medical room and the doctor gives her some relief by spray.

All the boys come running to Sanskar and ask him “The girl is cute yaar. Just her specs. So Sanskar is going to date her right?”

Sanskar : No yaar. She is a book worm type and I really don’t date scholars.

All laugh and make fun of Swara “See her big nerd glasses.”
Sanskar shuts them up “You care about yourself and not anyone else. Not a word against her.”

A boy asks him “You fell in love so easily.”

Sanskar : I would have said this even if she was some other girl. Ken should respect women. That’s what I have learnt in my house. I don’t know what you were taught!

He leaves in anger. Swara felt better so she goes to the lecture hall. She sees Sanskar standing outside. Swara asks the professor “May I come in ma’am?”

Professor : No you are late. Please stand outside beside that late latif Sanskrit Maheshwari.

Swara : But ma’am..

The ma’am doesn’t listen. Ragini speaks up “Sir actually Swara had hit her leg and so she was in the medical room”

Ma’am : Okay you come in. Only you!

Swara : But ma’am Sanskar helped me in reaching the medical room and that’s the only reason for his late arrival..

Ma’am : Sanskar you should have told me. Now you both come in.

She hears everyone talking about them. She feels uncomfortable hearing the gossip. Sanskar notices her getting uncomfortable and thinks “I knew it. You wont like it.”

Swara sits beside Ragini.
Swaragini attend the lecture and go to canteen.

There Ragini asks”So how was it with Sanskar???

Swara : He is a nice guy. But ..

Ragini : But what???

Swara : Nothing. I m really hungry..!! Need some food right now…

Ragini orders for two coffee and sandwiches. Sanskar enters with his whole gang and girls behind him. He was indeed the stud of the college and boys called him a Casanova but he wasn’t. He was neither a womaniser and always believed in true love. And he truly lived his brother Laksh.. Laksh stayed in London .

The girls start proposing Sanskar and this was the daily drama with Sanskar always rejecting their advances. After all the girls are driven away Swara was relieved as she could see his face properly which was before hidden due to the girls surrounding him. She tries to steal his glances. The same was with Sanskar… He also stated Swara pretending he was looking at the painting or sometimes the A.C.

Swara wearing her nerd glasses was not at all the hot topic of college. She looked much better in fact the best without her spectacles but she never removed them even though she could see everything better without them and only Ragini knew the reason why she did so.

Swara always wanted to stay away from boys but she would always get the unwanted attention from boys due to her fabulous looks. And so she started wearing those specs to hide her beauty.

Swaragini leave the college after the day and ride on their scooty which stood beside the Mercedes which had renewed headlights. Swara smiled looking at the lights. She immediately took out sticky notes and made a smiley ? on it. Both leave and Sanskar makes an entry to the compound and notices the sticky note with a smiley drawn.

Sanskar : How sweet! I know this can only be you Swara.. These girls cant see anything behind their make up and weight. You are different…

Precap : Swasan are sitting beside each other in the lecture hall .. Will they confront each other ??

Credit to: Anu

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