Swasan : The Star Couple (Episode 29)


Check the first episode of my ff Swasan : Destiny

Sanskar was in his room thinking about the past events.
Sanskar (to all his colleagues) : Guys I think we should go back to India. I mean what if…? What if she takes reckless step. ?

Tanu : She’s no that weak eh.

Sanskar : I know but our fight was a way too ugly.

Tanu : Its okay. Just move on !
Silent giggles could be heard.

Sid enters the room.
Sanskar : Swara ?

But to his dismay its Sid. Hus back is bow facing the door. But wait swara is behind Sid sneaking into the room

Now swara stands behind sanskar but Sanskar cant see her. All are in awe and badly controlling their laughter.

Sanskar : I dont know why the heck we were fighting also ? We just had an argument on nothing.

Sanskar again tries calling her. But its in vain. *switched off*

The time is 11:59.

Sid : Sanky your birthday.

All shout.
And sanskar gets a bone crushing hug from his back. At that instant sanskar turns around and is awestruck to see Swara.

Sanskar : Swara I m extremely sorry. I didn’t mean any of the words I spoke to you.

Swara laughs out loud and so do the others. Sanskar is puzzled seeing them laugh like a maniac. He now realises Swara has been playing around.

Sid goes and gets a cake. The tummy chocolate cake lights everyone’s mood. Sanskar cuts the cake happily like a five year old kid. He is a way too happy. Suddenly an evil smirk plays on Swara’s lips.
Sanskar senses “DANGER X”

Swara runs behind him trying to smear his face with the soft chocolate icing but Sanskar runs away. Sid holds him.

Sid : Sorry bro she’s my best friend first.

Sanskar : Traitor.

Swara : Everything is fair in love and war Sanky.

And his handsome face is covered with chocolate.

Sid : Okay now I think we should leave this room and let them cuddle.

Swara playfully hits him and they leave the room.

Sanskar : So Miss Swara I dont think your intentions are good ?

Swara : You evil minded ! I wont leave you.

She runs behind him and both fall on the bed. Both share an eyelock sanskar gently plants a Kiss first on her forehead and then on her lips. They could feel electric sparks running through their body. The soft one turns into a rough passionate one and the last think they do is cuddling and dozing off.

Sorry I m very bad at romance. By the way the surprise is not over yet. We have another eighteen hours of Sanskar’s birthday. A lot of drama is gonna happen !!!!!!

Credit to: Anu

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  1. Lovely dear

  2. Ur another ff is outstanding
    Can u tell me how to write my story on telly update
    Actually i wanna write one shot

  3. Oh wow.. dhn im waiting for ur surprise.. anu make it a bit long

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