Swasan : The Star Couple (Episode 28)

Sanskar was in his room all alone frowned. He recalls whatever happened yesterday. How his life turned upside down.


Sanskar enters while Swara confronts him about the London tickets.

Swara : Will you care to explain me about this ?

Sanskar (stammering) : Actually—- Swara I wanted to— tell you—but

Swara : But what Sanskar.

She holds him by collar.

Sanskar : Tanu told me not to tell you okay ? I m sorry..

Swara : You expect me to fall for your sorry and your lies Sanskar. I dont trust you anymore.

Sanskar : Why are you making a mountain out a mole Swara. It is question of my career. I left my parents. Their multibillion business for my career damn it.

Swara : I dont matter to you ? Just your career. Your job.

Sanskar : Did i say you something like that ?

Swara : But you meant that Sanskar.

Sanskar : Swara … Try to understand. Think from my side.

Swara : Enough Sanskar. I had already enough of you. Just get list with your dear Tanu ! I hate you !

Sanskar : Tanu ? How she came in between our fight ?

Swara : Oh now. You are more worried about her. What are you doing in this house then? Just get lost ! I dont wanna see your face ever again.

Sanskar : Try to listen word swara. Why are you being so stubborn. You like picking up fights or what ?

Swara : I dont believe this that you think so about me. I wonder how I fell for you ?

Sanskar : Fine just stay here and don’t come running after me later regretting this fight. I wont accept any of your apology.

Flashback ends **

Sanskar’s heart was in his mouth as Swara was not attending his calls. And the matter of disgrace was it was his birthday.

“wow I m already liking my birthday. God !”

Swara was in the airport giggling.
She calls Tanu.
“Thank you mam. Thank you supporting this stupid plan of mine. I wanted to surprise him. And I m sure he is gonna be hell surprised seeing me besides him on his birthday.”

Tanu : You love him dearly dont you ?

Swara : More than anyone and more than anything.

Tanu : God bless you both. And thank you for portraying me as villain in others eyes.

Swara : Hehe. I love you mam. You are likely sister. I never had one though.

Tanu : You know you are weird. One moment you call me your sister and the other moment you disown me.

Swara : Sorry mam

She calls Sid and tells him about her next move.

‘I m great at picking fights especially when it comes with Sanky.’ She pats herself mentally as she boards for her flight.

Precap : Surprise !

So I hope you liked this twist of course was kidding there would be no villain nothing. It was just a plan by our stupid Swara.

So a few swasan moments in London and I would wrap this ff. Probably I would start a new one only if you support me.

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  1. Oh god u scared us by villain but its just joke lol

  2. Omg u scared us.But I like swara stupidity. So sweet

  3. Omg… such a surprise.. awesome epi anu…

  4. Oh god 1stly i was scared..nw waiting fr surprise

  5. Good one……

  6. Great one yaar

  7. There is no villain ,thank god! It’s hilarious! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Cnt stop smiling. They are sure star couple..

  9. Btw ur new ff what’s the name ? I wanna read it. I liked the introduction…

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