Swasan : The Star Couple (Episode 27)

Sanskar was working on his laptop editing a few pictures. That’s when Tanu calls her in her cabin.
Sanskar enters.

Tanu : Sanskar you have been promoted as the Chief Photography Executive and you have to fly to London next week.

Sanskar gets happy as he didn’t expect this.

Tanu : Your whole team would be flying there except Swara.

Sanskar : Why not Swara ?

Tanu : We want her to be here and do more work.

Sanskar : Okay.

Tanu : And one more thing. You don’t have to tell about this to anyone. Not even Swara.

She smirks. Sanskar nods his head and leaves.

Swara asks him what happened. He was about to tell when Tanu again appears and tells Swara
“You friend is working hard. I was appreciating his work.”

Swara : Awh. I m happy for you Sanky.

Tanu leaves abruptly. Swara smiles looking at Sanskar.

Sanskar thinks how to hide such a big thing from him. Why god. Why this always has to happen with me ?

Swara : Okay now I want chocolates after such a good news.

Sanskar : Okay.

They roam in the streets of Bangalore where they find the new shop “Chocolates and More.” Swara enters there like a kid.

The shop owner is an old uncle. Swara sees all the chocolates ‘truffles, waffles, fruit and nut, mixed ones.’

Swara : Awwh this is so confusing. Even more confusing than whom to chose tour dad or your mom.

Sanskar : Really ? (smiles looking at an annoyed Swara)

Swara : Yes ! I mean look at these truffles they look awesome hut waffles I love them too. And I cant miss the fruit and nut and mixed ones are mt favourite !

The owner smiles at her kiddish attitude.

Owner : Why don’t you buy them all ?

Swara : Actually my boyfriend is not that rich.

Owner : Wait I will pack everything one one quatity in a bag for you.

Swara : Thank you so much ! I think I have met my love today ! You care about me so much !

Sanskar narrows her eyes after hearing her statement.

Sanskar : Fine then do hell with your chocolates.

Swara sees him going and takes a creamy muffin and smears his fave with the cream.
Sanskar is bewildered at his actions.

Sanskar : Wait Swara ki bachi. You are not going to be spared so easily!

They start fighting again in the shop. Meanwhile shop owner packs the chocolates in a hearts shaped box and gives it to them.

Sanskar : How much uncle ?

Owner : Seven hundred bucks and one wish.

Sanskar is shocked at his price. “one wish ?”

Sanskar hands him the money and asks “what wish uncle ?”

Owner : Take care of your girlfriend and love her forever.

Sanskar : Ofcourse uncle. She is my life and the sole reason for my existence. I love her very much.

Swara and Sanskar entangle their hands and exit the shop with a smile from ear to ear.

A week later..

Swara can’t find her file and she searches for it everywhere. In Sanskar’s drawer she gets Sanskar’s tickets to London. She is baffled knowing Sanskar has hidden such a big thing from him.

She sees sanskar coming.
He is so dead today !


Hope you liked the episode. Trying to add some sweet memories. Drop your feedback and a reminder about my new ff. I m very excited for that one.
Villain is suspense. Dont worry swasan will not separate. All this is a big plan

Precap : Swasan serious fight.

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