Swasan : The Star Couple (Episode 26)

Swara and Sanskar are in the office cuddling in their room.

Swara : Sanskar we have to hide this relationship from our colleagues or else they will not let us work together.

Sanskar : Then we have to fight in front of them so that they dont get suspicious.

Swara : Hmm..

Just then their boss Tanu enters and sees them close.

Tanu : Something’s wrong ?

Swasan (in chorus) : Nothing mam ! Actually we were fighting.

Tanu : Awwh. Sanskar come in my cabin.

In the Tanu’s Cabin

Tanu : Sanskar I got to know you are Sanskar Maheshwari the heir of the big shot Durgaprasad.

Sanskar : Unfortunately yes.

Tanu looks at him in surprise.

Sanskar’s P.O.V.

I have sacrificed a lot to fulfil my dreams. For me Swara and Fashion photography are equally important and my top-most priorities.

Three months later —

Swasan have successfully hidden their relation from their colleagues. But something or I should say someone will change their life forever.

Sanskar : Swara give me a kissy .

Swara : Not now Sanky !

Sanskar : Okay then I wont talk to you.

Swara quickly gives a peck on Sanskar’s lips. Someone sees this from the door which was slightly open.

New villain ! Will swasan be able to survive this new villain ?

**Sorry I couldn’t update longer as I have my exams going on. Hope you all understand. I m sorry if you all are sad with the track. I will wrap the ff soon if you all wish.

After exams I have decided to write a new ff. So this will end by the end of my exams.
#Important !!!

Here is an introduction of my new ff. Tell me should I write this ?

Ten years of friendship and two years of relationship.
Sometimes this is not enough to keep two people together.
Swara and Sanskar are childhood sweethearts madly in love with each other. But one day, Swara ends all their relations. When confronted Swara has no reason.
What happens if these two love birds meet after two years ? Will love sparkle again forgetting all their bitter past ? Will Sanskar be able to know the reason for Swara’s betrayal ?
And please suggest me a title for the new story and if you like it I will start working on it ?

Do you like the current plot of Star couple. I was happy when people told me that they want me to continue with the story so I thought about this twist. But its only if you want ! Or else I will end it soon and entertain you with a new and better ff.

And sorry if you are bored of my ff because I know I m v v bad at writing. Sorry again.

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  1. I want them to behave as a star couple…

  2. Write this episode again…with proper conversation n a longer one

  3. Anu plz….
    Continue with your ff I am just loving it

  4. Continue ur ff…

  5. Awesome

  6. Plz I don’t want a villain ,I am not gonna like this twist, plz change it.

  7. Don’t separate them or bring leap . plz end that cillan chapter soon and wanrt some romantic scenes between swasan .

  8. Nice. .u should continue

  9. that new ff is really nice plzzz start it its really interesting plzzzz…n I think the new villain is laksh…

  10. New ff is superb stry …
    N i don’t like new villian but for twist u can add but end villain part soon…

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