Swasan : The Star Couple (Episode 25)

Kavita (to Sanskar) : Sanskar please come with me to my room. We will get some privacy there.

Swara throws daggers towards Kavita through her eyes.

Sanskar : No it’s okay . We will stay here baby.

All of a sudden Kavita walks towards sanskar and gives him a kiss on his lips. Sanskar and swara are shocked. Swara leaves abruptly. Sanskar slaps Kavita.

Sanskar : I told you years back to pretend to be my girlfriend. But you went overboard. We are bot a couple Kavita and we can never be…

Swara listens all this as she was still at the door.

“pretend ?” She looks towards Sanskar in disbelief.

Sanskar : Yes swara. We were never a couple. Its just that my brother Laksh told me to ignore your proposal but I love you Swara. I love you very much.

Swara : Really Sanskar ? Then why is it that you slept with your supposed girlfriend.

Sanskar : Slept you must be kidding. We never kissed untill today.

Swara glared at Kavita and Kavita gives her please-dont-start-again look

Swara : But Sanskar Kavita told me that day…

Sanskar cuts him in middle. “Kavita ? What did she tell you ?”

Swara : I got your diary that day and I was on the cloud nine that you loved me. I came to your home and there I encountered Kavita who was dressed in your shirt. She told me that you slept with her and so she was in her dress.

Tears were forming in Swara’s eyes as she recalls the incident.

Sanskar : Kavita that day I asked you who came and you told none !

Kavita : I can explain Sanksar.

Sanskar throws the vase in anger. Kavita gets frightened and runs away.

Sanskar and Swara cry badly as they always misunderstood each other.

Sanskar : I m sorry swara. Its all my fault. I should have understood her evil plans. How wicked she is !

Swara : No Sanskar its my fault. How could I not trust you and trust that Kavita.

Both hug each other and a smile comes in their face as they hug.

Sanskar : I love you.

Swara : I love you more.

Sanskar : Okay ! Now please prepare the dinner.

Swara punches her biceps playfully and asks him to join her. They go to the kitchen and prepare the dinner.

Swara gets on a stool and opens the cupboard to get the flour. She was about to trip and fall down but Sanskar holds her. They lean towards each other close to their first kiss and finally their lips meet. Electric sparks run through their body and they could feel butterflies in their stomach.

Swara blushes and looks away.
Sanskar : I will talk about us to our parents right away.

Swara : Some one cant wait for a second ehh ? Dont be so desperate sanskar !

Sanskar : I cant wait anymore. Swara I want to make you my wife !

Swara : First we need to focus on our careers. We are just 23. Not so matured to get married .

Sanskar : Okay…. (makes an upset face)

Swara quickly gives him a peck on his cheek which lightens his mood and they have dinner.


Hey ! Hope you like this episode. Harani finished her ff. Felt happy and sad both.
And a new ff started by Ayesha. Swasan- Paperhearts. Do read it as I found it great. Plus Ayesha is my Fb friend. Do help her as she is an awesome writer and I guess you wont regret reading it.
And don’t forget to comment how you find todays episode.

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  1. Hey anu..initially i ws very fond of ur ff nd found it different frm otherzz…bt in later epizzz though they were gud bt i think they lost their sparkzz…anyway t ws a nice ff…a very biiiigggg sorry if i hv hurted u..i hv jst givn my opinion…sorry if i hv offended u…nd thnx for this ff…:)

  2. Wow , well I was expecting some more drama but it’s good that everything is cleared now …..waiting 3 d next part…


  4. Hey finally misunfrstanding ws cleared nd swasan are together nw ….

  5. nice

  6. Mind blowing. …

  7. Not the end guyss there’s lot more to come !!

  8. Awesome……waiting for next

  9. Awesome anu finally they realised that kavita plan.so sweet. Waiting for next episode

  10. Nice finally kavi part end

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