Swasan : The Star Couple (Episode 24)

Sorry for being late. I think the precap was misleading for a few people. It meant they are not going to get married but the rituals of the pooja will be exclusively for married couple.
Now the episode !


Sanskar wakes up and sees the time it was 9.00. It was a Sunday and he was happy as they had no office. He was bored of it. It seemed to him Fashion photographer was never his cup of tea but Swara had forced him into this. Now he couldn’t quit. He sees Swara sleeping peacefully.

You look cute only when you sleep with your mouth shut. Sleeping beauty !

He then realises about the pooja and decides to do the herculean task of waking Swara. He first jerks her shoulder but showed no response.
Now the age old technique of pouring water on face but swara didn’t wake up still. Sanskar realised this drama queen wont wake up so easily and suddenly he gets enlightened by a plan.

He goes nearer to her kisses her forehead. Sweat drops start forming on swara’s forehead but she was firm.

“Drama queen ! Today I will wake you up by hook or by crook.”

He now kisses her cheek but again no response.

“Omg ! What this girl is upto.” Now he stared her pink rosy lips. He went nearer and tried kissing there but swara didn’t stop him.

“Swara does not mind me kissing her ?” He wondered.

Sanskar screams out “Lizard lizard !!”

Swara wakes up immediately and jumps on the couch. “Where ? Where??” she screams in fear.

Sanskar starts laughing terribly. Swara realised the plan of his devil.

Sanskar : Get ready ! We have to go for Pooja.

Swara : Oh yes. How can I forget ! Have you taken bath ?

Sanskar : Nope. You first. After all girls spend half of their lives getting ready.

Swara gives her ‘Im-gonna-kill-you’ look.

Swara : Sanskar I m a feminist so think before you open your mouth !

Sanskar : Sorry I didn’t mean that. Actually the truth is girls spend their half of their life talking non-sensical stuff.

Swara : Oh shut up ! You moron.

She goes to the washroom with a dress and comes out wearing it.

Sanskar who was drinking water spits it out seeing her. “You are going to wear this ?” He sees her wearing a black full length dress.

Swara : No. Actually I wont. Just wanted to see your reaction . I know I have to wear a sari but the problem is I actually dont know how to wear it.

She scratches her head. Sanskar pity for her as she was a fashion designer but she didn’t know how to wear a sari and the most amusing part is that he knew inspite of being a guy.

Sanskar : You need my help ?

Swara : First you help yourself !

Sanskar goes to the washroom and comes exactly after half an hour with a towel wrapped around his lower body. He looks at Swara who was ready wearing a sari and in fact this girl was staring him continuously. She was looking beautiful in the dark blue Saree with the golden border.

Swara was looking at his hot physique. “He does have a great body” and she was actually not kidding. He indeed had one. ?

Sanskar : How did you wear the Saree ?

He looks behind the curtain to find who helped her but there was no one.
Swara walks towards her with her hands at the back. She was trying to hide something. Sanskar tries to reach her hands and in the process both fall. Sanskar couldn’t get up as Swara was lying on his towel.

Sanskar : Please protect my self-respect .

Swara starts laughing like a maniac and she shows him the laptop. “That’s hoe I wore it. What did you think ? I would let you take advantage of the situation.” They were still close.
Sanskar removes the bed sheet and wraps himself head to toe. Swara again starts laughing.

Swara : Okay baba I m going !

She goes to the hall with her jewellery and make up. She gets ready and meanwhile sanskar also gets handsome. He was wearing a light blue sherwani and white dhoti.

Both go to the pooja hall and there they are shocked to see so many couples doing the Pooja together. They gulp down some water and in fact they were totally were nervous.

Swara : I m really scared. I dont want to get married and all of this looks like one.

Sanskar : Don’t worry . Everything will be fine.

Shah come and welcome them. They take them to an elevated platform where the idols were kept. Mrs shah gives sanskar sindoor to apply on Swara’s head.

Sanskar and swara were hell shocked. “Vermillion like seriously ??”

Sanskar takes the box with his hands shaking continuously. He takes a pinch of sindoor and applies on her head and swara closes her eyes. She didn’t believe in all this but in heart she wanted all this to be real.

Sanskar’s heart skipped a beat as he knew what he had done. “Now no more tests god. Enough is enough.” He thought.

Shah : Now you two sit here and continue the pooja.

Swasan sit there and they are admired as a very doting couple who take care of each other,etc.

Swasan feel embarrassed hearing all this as only they knew the real truth behind their fake marriage drama.

Their hands often met in the rituals of the ceremony sometimes to give water or prasad or apply tika. And somewhere in their heart they start feeling like a real married couple.

They return home and Swara rushes to the wash basin to rub the vermilion.

Swara : What is this ? Its not going. What should I do now. Why god.. Why all this happens with me.

Sanskar : Maybe god wants that it should not go and stay there forever.

Kavita enters and asks “What should not go Sanskar ?”

Swara is irked by her arrival. She now hates her to the core because everytime she comes in their life it is always spoiled. She is and will always be the villain in her life .-_-;;

Precap : Swasan hug crying badly.

Any guesses why ?

Hope you find this Episode or the Precap interesting. Want you all to comment and share your views …

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