Swasan : The Star Couple (Episode 23)

Swara takes Sanskar’s hand.

Sanskar : What are you doing ?

Swara : What did you mean by I deceived you ?

Sanskar : You only…

Swara sees Kavita coming towards them actually running and she hugs Sanskar. Swara hides her tears from them and runs away.

Sanskar : What the hell Kavita. She was telling me something important and what are you doing here ?

Kavita : I heard that you are here so I came here.

Sanskar : Now please leave ! I want some alone time. Not now. I have no strength to talk to you.

Kavita : Cone with me I will relieve all your stress.

Sanskar (curtly) : As If now you are my biggest stress so please leave !

Kavita : Okay sanskar

She thinks what was Swara going to tell Sanskar and what was she doing here. She has to take care.

Sanskar comes home and sees Swara sleeping on the couch. He stares her amgelic face for sometime and then falls asleep.

The next day Sanskar offers Swara that he would leave her on his bike but swara bluntly refuses.

She gets down and looks for a cab but to her utter disappointment there was none ! Now she was left with no choice but had to go with Sanskar. She sits on his bike and rests her hand on his shoulder. Sanskar starts his bike.

Sanskar : What happened ? Are you on a fast or something ? Why are you not talking.

Swara : I dont talk to useless people .

Sanskar accelerates her bike which makes Swara’s face bang on his shoulder.

In the office both go and start doing their work. Swara was working on some designs and Sanskar’s job was to continuously stare her. Yes, that’s what he was doing all the time. He sees swara’s locks coming on het eyes and he tucks them behind. Swara runs behind him with her ruler and starts beating him with it. Both fall on the floor together. Their colleagues stare them with amazement.

“Cute couple !! Aww…” These comments passed and they straighten themselves with embarrassment but there was a small smile on their face. They kept staring each other and get hack to their work.

In cafeteria..

Swara : I m sorry for being rude. I dont know but honestly I can’t see you with…

Sanskar : With ? Kavita ?

Swara : No that light pink shirt. Being a fashion designer it makes me pissed off seeing your weird sense of fashion.

Sanskar : And you know I being a photographer dont like seeing horror movies ghosts in front of my eyes. Its sp unbearable.

Swara : Wait ! Did you just call me a ghost ? You mean I m not beautiful.
She stands up and gives some poses.

I can be a model. After all I have a pretty face.
Sanskar laughs. “Pretty face and yours ! No swara you are highly mistaken!”

Swara : Yeah whatever !

Her shift is over and so Swara returns home. At home she switches in the dvd player and starts watching a horror movie alone.

Sanskar enters the house and sees swara screaming in fear and he gets tensed.

Sanskar : (worriedly) Swara what happened ?? Why are these tears in your eyes ? Tell me damn it !

Swara : Shraddha killed her own brother and he became a ghost. Get aside I want to see the climax.

Sanskar : Movie ? (*blank expression*)Horror movie ? (*? Expresion*) Crying for a horror movie (*angry expression*) Swara !!!!

Swara : You are good at making faces ? Why don’t you try in a circus.

Sanskar looks at her startled. Circus like seriously?

Swara : What did you think ? I would give you a compliment Why don’t you join Bollywood. Something like that. Cheesy ehh ?

Sanskar snatches the TV remote and shuts down the TV.

Swara : What the shuck ! I was watching that movie sanskar.

Sanskar : I want some peace. So no TV.

Swara : You R.I.P. Get lost and give me the remote.

Sanskar : No I wont !
He runs away with the remote. Swara follows her. Sanskar gets on the sofa swara too jumps on it and pushes him on the mat but Sanskar being the smartie drags her down too. Swara falls on Sanskar. They share an eyelock.

Mrs Shah enters as she had the spare keys and closes her eyes. “I didn’t see anything !”

Swasan separate themselves and stand in opposite corners.

Sanskar : Aunty what happened ?

Shah : I have a pooja tomorrow. You both have to come for it.

Sanskar : Sure aunty!

Shah leaves and Sanskar tells swara “You are so heavy ! I cant handle your weight.”

Swara gives him a punch in his stomach. “I m strong too !” she smirks.

Precap : Swasan are forced to go to party. There they are shocked as sanskar has to put sindoor (vermillion) on Swara’s head.

A boring Precap ! I guess. But there will be a lot of torture for swasan in the pooja. In short it will be a total marriage !

So special episode but you guys have to wait a little longer… Maths exam.

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