Swasan : The Star Couple (Episode 20)

Sanskar wakes up and is puzzled to see swara not around. “Oh this gurl ! Punctuality is in her blood.”

He tries to call swara but she cuts his call. “Swara Roy ! What the hell ! Hoe can you ignore my call ?”

He sees the clock and realises its too late and it was supposed to be his first day in his office Catwalk Studio. He rushes to the washroom and changes into a white shirt and a white blazer with light blue denims.

“As usual smart !” he exclaims looking at himself in the mirror.

He goes to his new office. In his office he gets a lot of female attention. He reaches the boss’s cabin without knocking. Arrogance.

Boss was a young lady Tani. She is very angry with him. But as soon as she sees his face she calms down. And there is also another figure in the room.

Tani : So Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari new intern ?

The girl who sat on the chair next to her turns back and an expression of anger flashes on her face.

Sanskar thinks “Swara here in my office ?”

Both take an exit after Tani questions them a little.

Sanskar : So desperate to be around me ? (winks)

Swara crosses her eyebrows “Not even in my dreams !”

Sanskar : Whatever !

Swara sees Sid and gives him a hug and says to Sanskar “He is the reason I m here.”

Sanskar fumes in jealousy and leaves.

Sid : Why did you say so ? I mean I came here for you and not the vice versa.

Swara : Its one or the other same thing. You and me are no different. (she says this but her eyes wandered wherever sanskar went. Sanskar was surrounded by pretty girls this makes her jealous too.)

Tani comes out and coughs hard. “What’s happening. This is my office and not a Charting place. Stop all this non sense !”

All get back to their work. Sid, swara and Sanskar stood there as it is aa they were unaware of their work. Sid was given the task of helping another girl. On the other hand swara and Sanskar were paired together.

Sanskar smirks after he gets to know about this. “Time to make your frist day a memorable one. ”

Tani : Today I ask you only for one design all of you.

Swara makes a wonderful design and shows it to Sanskar. “Wow this is great. I’ll just beautify it by using my magic.”

Swara : (ordering way) Fine ! I ll just go and meet Sid. Till then finish these designs.

Sanskar: Okay . Now you go !

Swara leaves and an evil smile appears on Sanskar’s face.

Swara was in the cafeteria chatting with Sid when she gets a call by Tani who is really angry.

Swara thinks “Now what happened ?”

She enters Tani’s cabin and Tani starts scolding her. She sees Sanskar giggling.

“You think all this is a joke. I wonder how you came her to my office.”

Swara : But what happened ?

Tani : Are these your designs ?

Swara sees the cover. The cover was her so she nods yes.

Tani shows her the designs which had models instead of human face had donkeys. Swara laughs at the pictures and Tani again starts scolding.

Swara : Sorry mam. I ll show my real designs just a sec.

She shows her file and Tani admires her designs. Sanskar frustrated leaves the cabin.

Swara : Dont you think you should say sorry like really ?

Sanskar : I dont think so .

Swara : I just promise . Today I will make you say me sorry. This is a challenge.

Sanskar : Let us see ?

Precap : Sanskar and Swara meet Ragini and go in a club. Swaragini’s plan to get even with Sanskar.

So what do you think these besties will do to hit back on Sansky ?

I know I m irregular these days and come up with short updates. I have my exams going on so hardly I have anytime to write. But I really don’t want to end this ff so soon especially after knowing so many of you actually read this. So keep reading and feel free to express !

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