Swasan : The Star Couple (Episode 2)


I m really happy to see your response. Love you all and I will definitely continue this. Swaragini are nor sisters for now but it only depends on your wishes. If you want zo. I will design my story..
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Swaragini head to their new college in Swara’s scooty. She was driving and Ragini sat behind her. She as usual kept on chirping.

Swara : Ragini. Shut up for a minute and let me concentrate on driving. I m new to all of this.

Ragini : Ragini Gadodia cant keep shut even for a while Miss Swara Roy.

Swara : Whatever! I m begging you. Please keep quiet.

Ragini : Fine! Do help with your driving.

Swara does not pay attention to her words and Ragini gets angry on this. She fiddles with her bouncy hair and then keeps her hands on her eyes which didn’t have those nerdy glasses.

Swara : What the heck! Are you mad.

Ragini : Yes!(hands still on her eyes) Now let us see how you drive.

Swara tries to drive away her hand and she couldn’t see the approaching black Mercedes. She crashes on its head light. Ragini immediately removes her hands off her eyes.

Swara sees the car’s condition and her eyes come out of her socket to see the car was Mercedes and the damaged part was it headlight.
A guy jumps out of the car in anger and walks towards them. Ragini starts whistling and Swara says “Stop! He is going to kill us. All thanks to your childish behaviour.”

Ragini comes out and glares the guy in such a way as if it was his fault and their property was damaged. Any guy would have run away seeing her growling face but the guy didn’t move a little .

The guy says “How could you just hit my car! You are such a dumb girl. Actually you know what its not your fault but it is God’s fault that he made girls without the talent of driving unlike guys.”

Hearing this Swara immediately jumps from her scooty.

Swara : It was your fault you were driving on the wrong side.

Guy : Madame. This is two way road. Anyways.. I will let you go just say a kind sorry to me.

Ragini : Fine! Sorry.

Guy : Not you. It wasn’t you who was actually driving. I want her to say me sorry.
He pointed Swara. Swara looks at him in disbelief. She goes to his car and hits the other headlight and comes back to stand in front of the guy with her chest broad .

Swara : See now I agree it was my fault. So I m sorry. Now we are even. They both get on the scooty
The guy sees them in disbelief and Ragini winks at him. The guy shakes his head.

Guy : Who was she! Anyways She was definitely something totally different from the other girls. But she is not Sanskar Maheshwari’s type.

He gets into his car and drives off.
The girls reach R.C. College and get the admission form filled. They were standing in the line. Swara gets her glasses on.

Ragini : I wonder why you were these stupid glasses!

Swara : None of your business Rags.
I ll come in a minute I think I forgot my mobile in the scooty.
She goes out and meanwhile Sanskar gets in the college to get his form filled. He stands behind Ragini. Swara comes and goes hysterical to find her place occupied. She pats on the shoulder of the guy “Hey you! That’s my place.”

Sanskar : Your name is not written here. Go and stand behind me.

Swara : Fine!

The line follows Swara and Ragini taking the advantage of the crowd sneaks Sanskar’s paper and gives it quietly to Swara.
Swara looks at his paper “Sanskar Maheshwari. Rich spoilt brat! Not my type.”

Sanskar’s turn comes to give his admission form. He tries to find it but couldn’t.
The receptionist tells him “You wont get admission if you don’t submit it today.”

Sanskar : Can I get another form?

Receptionist : No. Its only one for each student.

Swara sees him in trouble and gives him the form quietly. Sanskar’s face flashes with anger which he controls and leaves after submitting the form.

Swara also leaves the queue after submitting her form. Sanskar drags her to the corner classroom.

Sanskar : First my car! Now my form. What are you upto miss ..

Swara stood dumb. She didn’t know what to speak.

Sanskar : Listen stay away from me and don’t try to mess with me again. Otherwise it will be really bad for you!

Sanskar goes out in anger. Ragini sees him and rushes to him to tell the truth.
“She didn’t steal it but it was me. Even your car it is in that condition because of me…..”

Sanskar thinks “What had he done! Time to apologise.”

Precap: Sanskar tries to apologise but Swara ignores him. Will she accept his apology?

Credit to: Anu

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