Swasan : The Star Couple (Episode 19) Raglak V day

Raglak V day !!

Ragini is in the park waiting for Laksh. She finds him coming. Now she practices how to propose him. Its her first time ever. Laksh comes there.

Laksh : What’s up Ragini?

Ragini : Before going to Bangalore I want to tell you something..

Laksh : What ?

Ragini : I love you Laksh. At first I thought its just infatuation but now realise its love it’s passion.

Laksh couldn’t utter a word.
Ragini : What happened ?

Laksh : How you always amaze me Ragini ?

Ragini : What do you mean ?

Laksh : I love you too. Actually I was going to propose you today but you did this all by yourself. Okay. But promise me one thing…

Ragini : What ?

Laksh : Next time for Marriage proposal you gotta wait because i will do that. It will be my turn !

Ragini hugs him tightly. “I love you so very much ! Cant express in words…” said Ragini.

Laksh : Okay okay now lets have a date.

And then our couple go for a romantic date.

This was for Raglak fans. Actually I love them too but when I write about swasan I only visualise them…

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  1. Nce but update would have added swasan also

  2. Nice and don’t include raglak only swasan

  3. Nice..But its too short… But rags plan of accepting laksh to give swara plan was still revealed …. Everyone thiink swara selfish … Pls atleast reveal that truth…

  4. nice but continue soon I love ur ff soo much ????

  5. next part soon plz…

  6. Nice episode…

  7. Niceeee but why so short? ?

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