Swasan : The Star Couple (Episode 17)

“Swara why you have to stay in that shit apartment in the first place? And why the hell are we going to India ?” asked Sid in anger to her best friend Swara.

Swara : Its not ‘we’ its only me. Only me. Get that ?

Sid : You really think I will stay back here without you Swara. Babe you are highly mistaken. Fine you live in your slum. I will live in my mansion. But I m going with you.

Swara : Okay Mr. Sid. Now please help me with packing ?


Sanskar gets a confirmation email. He had been selected as an intern in the CATWALK STUDIO one of the leading talent managing and event companies. This was a dream come true for him.

Laksh congratulates his bro. “So Bangalore good going bro. At least that fevicol Kavita will leave you and give you some spare time. I gotta go. Ragini is calling me ! Now lets see what this girl is upto.”

Sanskar (in mind) today my new journey will start. And I god I want to stand up on my own feet without my fathers help. Please help me.

He gets a call. It was the his friend Raj.

Raj : Sanskar ! I m sorry but the landlord cant let you the flat. He wants only married couples. If you want I can talk to another girl. She is also flying to Bangalore and needs a place to live. You both can pretend to be a couple in front of the landlord.

Sanskar : No other option bro ?

Raj : Nope.

Sanskar : Okay. But just check out if that girl is okay with staying under the same roof with another girl .

Raj : I will talk to her.

Sanskar : Thanks ! Talk to you later. I have to do lots of packing.

Swara gets a call.

The guy speaks out “Hello mam. I m Raj. Actually heard that you want a rented apartment ?”

Swara : Yeah.

Raj : Actually we have a flat ready at a very low budget but the problem is..

Swara : What’s the problem ?

Raj : The landlord wants his flat to be allotted only to married couples.

Swara : Sorry then. I m still single.

Raj : I have arranged for a guy. Don’t worry he is very well mannered and he wont misbehave at all.

Swara : I have to think. I ll call you later and let you know about it.

Swara asks Sid. “Have you seen a place for my accommodation ?”

Sid : See Swara. If you want I can rent you my apartment its very big and has 7 rooms. But I cant find any good place. If you want I can buy a new flat for you ?

Swara : Had this been the case I would have agreed with staying with you in your mansion. But I want to have that feeling of being a grown up. By doing a job and paying my rents. It sounds so perfect !

Sid : Sorry then I fear I cant help you in that case.

Swara : Oh the. I think I have to agree with that stupid flat

Sid : What ?

Swara tells him everything.

Sid : Woah ! I wonder who that lucky guy would be who should stay with you. Some sanskari person he must be !

Swara calls Raj and tells him she has agreed and she will reach Bangalore tomorrow.

Ragini and Laksh are discussing about their future plans.

Ragini : So dad’s business ?

Laksh : Most probably. !

Ragini : I m going for a tour with my Company for a month. Wild life photography you see.

Laksh : Awwh. A month ? I wonder what I would do without you !

The next day a fat person is shown waiting outside his flat with his keys. Sanskar arrives.

Sanskar (to fat person) Mr. Shah ?

Shah : Yes. Sanskar Maheshwari ?

Sanskar : Yes !

Shah : Where is your wife ?

Sanskar : She will be here in a while.

Shah : Sorry I cant let you in till your wife comes.

Swara is climbing upstairs. She is talking on her phone “Yes Sid I have reached the building ! Now stop being my father. I have to see mt husband and that sick landlord.”
She reaches the 2nd floor. She drops her phone as soon as she sees Sanskar. Sanskar was also startled to see her.

Shah : So you are his wife ?

Swara couldn’t speak.

Shah : Okay you both get inside. And feel comfy.

Sanskar and Swara quietly go inside.
Sanskar : Why you ! I don’t believe this. In this whole earth only you were the person who wished to rent an apartment at the same time as me. Why is god playing with me ?

Swara : Playing with you. Mr Sanskar I think you are highly mistaken. Its me who is gonna suffer.

Sanskar : Stop being an attention-seeker.

Swara : You first stop being a jerk.

Sanskar : Fine lets resolve this. Please leave this flat.

Swara : No way ! I want to stay here.

Sanskar : Then its going to be we. Because anyways he wont let you stay here alone. No singles.

Swara : Fine I don’t give a damn ! I will ignore you.

Sanskar : Me too !

Swara goes near sanskar to carry her baggage but she trips down due to a suitcase but sanskar holds her back by her waist. They share an eyelock.

The doorbell ring which breaks it. They both rush to the door. Now this was Mrs. Shah. “Sorry to disturb. Newly weds ?”

Both nodded their head.

Mrs. Shah : Anyways . Here is your invite. We have a Valentines Party in our party hall tomorrow. We would be happy to see you both come.

Sanskar : Sure aunty !

Swara looked at him in bewilderment.

Precap : Valentines party. Swasan dance. They share their romantic moments with the other couples.

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