Swasan : The Star Couple (Episode 14)

Swara calls Ragini “Ragini please MG road urgently ..” says Swara in tensed tone.

Ragini rushes there and is shocked to see a crying Swara. “What happened to my baby ? I heard you won. Now what’s the matter.” asks Ragini.

Swara : Am I so bad ? Do I play with boys ?

Ragini : What rubbish ! Stop saying this non sense. No wonder Laksh told you all this.

Swara : How you know ?

Ragini : Sixth sense. (she grins. This makes Swara cry even louder) . No I mean Sanskar is such a nice guy. Why would he say that. Laksh .. He is a blo*dy coward. Just wait and watch what I do with him tomorrow. Its pay back time Laksh Maheshwari.

Swara : No way ! Dont do anything. From tomorrow I will ignore them.

Ragini : Them ? Only him. Tomorrow you have to propose Sanskar.

Swara is bewildered. She points at herself. “Meh n propose him ?” she speaks out.

Ragini : Yes you! Its high time Swara. I think you should tell him what you feel for him before its too late. And the occasion is also coming..

Swara was even more puzzles. “No Ragini his birthday its on 5th August. Not tomorrow.” she says.

Ragini : Duffer idiot. Tomorrow is Valentines Day. Forgot ?

Swara : Oh yes. Hoe can I.?

Ragini drops Swara to her home. She sleeps thinking about tomorrow. “I will propose him and then..” she blushes .

Valentines day !

The whole college was decorated. Swara smiled looking at the hearts stuck on the wall with cute messages. She sees Sanskar coming and turns away. Ragini pushes her and she falls on Sanskar. Sanskar holds her tight . He looks at her eyes and her flowy hair which wandered in the wind as it blew. They straighten themselves and Sanskar asks “how is she ?” Swara clearly knew he wanted to ask How was she after the ugly fight and the break up !

Swara : I m good. Now you come with me.

She takes her to the auditorium. The whole auditorium was decorated. Swara vanishes soon and lights turn off. The spotlight now falls on Swara who stood on the stage with red roses and Sanskar who stood near the stairs was startled seeing her .

Swara : Sanskar when I first saw you I realised what’s love at first sight. Yes. I know you might think how as we had an ugly fight. But I didn’t know then that it was love. The more we met the more my love for you intensified. And today it has given me immense strength to say I LOVE YOU SANSKAR. I really do. I wish I could say you then. But I guess today is a special day. I wish to spend all my life with you. Do you love me equally or more Sanskar ?

Sanskar was silent. “Sanskar your silence is killing. Answer me.” said Swara.

Sanskar : What to say ? How to say ? I m sorry Swara but I already have a girlfriend.

Swara was shocked. “I know you are lying Sanskar.” said she.

Sanskar : No its the truth. I m with Kavita. Sorry I never told you about this.
He turns away and has tears in his eyes. “How to tell you Swara that I love you more than you love me. That I want to spend not only this life but all my lives with you. That I want to marry you and become father of our children. But it will all be my dream. My forbidden dream.”thinks Sanskar.


Laksh comes home irritated. He rushes to Sanskar’s room and starts crying in his arms.
“Bhai. How could she do this?” says Laksh as he sobs. Sanskar wipes his tears.

Sanskar : What happened bro ?

Laksh : Bhai. Swara and I had a break up.

Sanskar : What ? But why ?

Laksh : A nasty fight bro. Its all her fault. You told me she was simple but she isn’t. She is a cunning witch.

Sanskar : Dont say that bro. I know she’s a nice girl. Stop blaming her.

Laksh : Oh so my bro has really fallen for her. Bro dont show me your face ever again.

Sanskar : No bro nothing like that. Never mind I m always with you. You are my brother

Laksh : Seriously. Then promise me that you would never get romantically linked with Swara. Promise me.

Sanskar stood still. Laksh started crying even more. “Okay promise bro !”
Flashback ends.

Sanskar wipes off his tears. He sees Swara crying her heart out. “I m sorry Swara for hurting you. But for me blood relations always come first.” thinks Sanskar.

He leaves. Swara also comes out of the auditorium. Ragini comes excitedly and asks what happened. She sees Swara’s red eyes. “Dont tell me he said a no !” asks Ragini.
She pauses for a moment to see Swara who starts sobbing again
Ragini : I will just go and give him a hard punch on his face !

Swara : No Ragini wait.

Ragini starts walking away in anger and Swara runs following her. They both enter the Cafeteria where both are shocked to see Sanskar and Kavita indulge in PDA. Swara leaves from there and Ragini now runs behind her to pacify her.

Ragini : He is such a loser. He always gave you hints that he liked you and now he is backing off !

Swara : Maybe I always took him wrong. And by the way I did the same with Laksh so no hard feelings.

Laksh comes there and behaves rudely with Swara.
Ragini : See how he is behaving rude with you ? Where is all that craziness passion and love ? It has vanished.

Swara : I don’t wish to see Sanskar’s face ever again.

Both head home. Back at home Swara applies for a Fashion designing Institute in Paris.

Sanskar at his home thinks “I have to hate Swara . And whatever she did with my bro was not good. She played with his feeling and Sanskar she would play with you too.”

The next day turns out to be a disaster as both gave cold looks to each other.

A guy came running telling him he wanted to join the baseball club but his parents are forcing him to join the science club
Sanskar : Just do whatever you heart says.

Swara taunts him quietly “Look who is saying. A beast who does not have heart !”

All wondered why are they behaving so weird. They clearly sensed something was not fine between the otherwise great friends !

: Will Swasan patch up before its too late .

I cant ask you today I hope you liked the episode because I know you didn’t. But don’t forget fights are a part of life.
And a time leap will come soon. So just cross your finger and hope for Swasan Unison !

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  1. Nce swara should go to Paris nd them sanskar will then Realize his love for swara I’m really excited plzz update the next episode today only of u can or tomorrow early plzz as I can’t wait I’m very impatience

  2. nice episode ……plzz unite swara nd sanskaar

  3. hey…its similar story of ” first love(little thing called love) Korean movie… but nice…

  4. I like it dr and ha L Khan is right..send swara to paris than sanskar will know how much he misses her..

  5. Waiting for swasan unison.

  6. I really liked it but pls bring swasan closer to each other

  7. Earlier u said that swaragini will be sisters in ur ff but they are oblivious about it…when the truth will come and what is the meaning of PDA….I didn’t get it

  8. Awesome epi !! I will love if swara goes to Paris. Only then they will realise hw much they love each other…
    @shabrin PDA means Public display of attraction..

    1. Thanks

  9. Interesting episode… I nvr thought Sanskar would say like tat…

  10. But its all ragini plan na swara suffering like this… Rags should tell truth to lucky before it too late…. N it will better swara going paris n sanskar badly miss her…

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