Swasan : The Star Couple (Episode 13)

Swara and Laksh were practicing for the Prom Night which happened to be on the same night.

Swara : (to Laksh)We have to win this one. Anyhow.. Please Laksh. Concentrate. (She recalls past events where Sanky had agreed to br Kavita’s partner)

Laksh : Why you want this so bad.

Clearly swara was jealous as she couldn’t see Sanskar with anyone else.

Swara : I just want it I don’t know why !!

Laksh : Fine..
They practice on Dilli Wali. Their dance turned out to be good. They took a two hours break. During the break swara excused herself from her sticky boyfriend and went to Sanskar’s room to check their practice. There she is shocked to see Sanskar and Kavita dancing really well.

Kavita : (to sanskar) sanskar i m really tired. I need a break. Please Sanky !

Sanskar : Okay.. But where are you going ?

Kavita : I have heard a lot about the Italian cuisine here. Would you join me ?

Sanskar : Me nah ! I love Chinese not Italian.

Swara gears their conversation. “Aw. I also life Chinese Sanky! We are made for each other.. Like seriously.”
Kavita heads towards the door and Swara immediately hides . She then sees his hottie dancing. Sanskar notices her staring at him.

Sanskar (to Swara) : What are you doing here ?

Swara : Just to see if my competitor has enough power to defeat me ?

Sanskar : Want to try me out ?

He takes her hand and the song played was Sanam Teri kasam. He pulls her towards him and they dance romantically. Laksh enters.

Laksh : What’s going on ?

Sanskar : Planning to defeat you !

Laksh : Lets see bro who wins tonight.
Saying so he leaves.

Swara ( to sanskar) : Lunch ?

Sanskar : Okay !

Both head to the Chinese Restaurant. They both chill there and talk about their partners and dance.

Swara : See today only I will win. That’s a challenge.

Sanskar : Lets see. By the way You want to he a fashion designer. Laksh told me .

Swara : Yup. And you want to be a fashion photographer.

Sanskar : Yeah ! That’s my dream.

Swara : It will be reality soon.
Both end their unofficial lunch date on a good note and leave.

Swalak , Sanskar and Kavita get ready for the prom night. Sanskar and Swara wore matching deep blue costumes whereas Laksh looked as usual hot in his black tuxedo while Kavita wore a sun yellow dress and looked like a joker of the circus.

All four head to the party. Laksh acts like a gentleman. On rhe other hand Sanskar was really frustrated with his stupid partner Kavita.
The host says “So lets see the power couple here tonight who would be declared the King and Queen. It’s a fight to the finish line guys . So are you all ready ??”

Everyone shouted “Yes’s!”

The competition starts. All the couples dance. Now it was Sanskar and Kavita’s turn to show their moves. Their initial segment turned out to be good. Swara was walking and she trips due to the heels and Sanskar gets disturbed seeing this and he drops Kavita in the final lift. Their performance becomes a disaster and all make fun of Kavita.

Sanskar rushes to swara and asks her “Are you okay ?”

Swara : Yes I am. I think you should be with Kavita right now. Please go.

Sanskar rushes to Kavita and tries to apologise.
Meanwhile Swalak start their performance. Swara imagines Laksh as Sanskar and continues dancing. “I know its not you but I m happy that you are not here. I m sure you would be disturbed seeing me with some other guy just the way I was. And I cant give you this pain. Sorry for hurting you sanskar so much. Now I hate myself and I regret saying yes to Laksh’s proposal.”swara thinks all of this while dancing.

Their performance ends and they are declared the King and Queen. Sanskar leaves and the party goes on. Its late almost midnight and Laksh asks swara that he would drop her home.
They sit in the car and Laksh keeps his hand in Swara’s hand. Swara gets uncomfortable but does not revolt.

Laksh : I m so lucky to be with you.

He slowly moves her face towards his face and tries to kiss her. Swara slaps him.

Laksh : I was just kissing . We are a couple and tonight we are the King and Queen. So what’s the matter.

Swara : I don’t want to kiss you.

Laksh : Really ? Kissing my brother is okay but kissing me is a problem right?

Swara : What are you saying.?

Laksh : You think I m fool who would not understand that you were trying to woo my brother all the time. If you liked him in the first place why did you accept my proposal.

Swara was speechless. She had never seen this face of Laksh. She didn’t knew how to react.

Laksh : I know why you are quiet let me tell you. You are a selfish woman who loves ro play with others feelings.

He goes to his car and drives away. Swara was left alone on the road.

Precap : Ragini makes swara understand that she should tell her feelings to Sanskar. Laksh talks to Sanskar about Swara.

Lets see who would help Swara in such a weak moment ? Any guesses.

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