Swasan : The Star Couple (Episode 12)

Laksh takes Swara’s hand and heads to their table. The table was served with the most beautiful delicacies. But Swara puts her hand on her already filled stomach.

Laksh : We would start with the wine ?
Red or white ?

Swara : Sorry Laksh but I don’t drink. You carry on.

Laksh : I will have white wine.

He quickly gulps down the wine his throat giving his throat the much needed fluid.

Laksh : Have something ?

Swara : Yep. Sure. She takes the a slice of the pizza and has a bite of it.

Both start their dinner. Laksh talks a lot of his hardship in setting this beautiful date. And Swara was lost in the thoughts of her day with sanskar.

Laksh : Are you listening ?

Swara : Yeh. So what were you talking..

Laksh : You were not !

Swara : Sorry actually the food is awesome so got lost in its taste.
(In mind) Swara you don’t know how to lie. I pity myself.

Laksh : What’s your favourite music ?

Swara : I like slow songs. And what about Sanskar ?

Laksh : Sanskar also loves slow songs but I love rock music.

Swara : What’s your and his favourite colours ?

Laksh : Mine is black and his is blue.

Swara : Great ! Laksh I m done with the food. By the way Sanskar left me on that secluded road. You know why ?

Laksh : I told him. I actually wanted to surprise you.

Swara thinks “I knew it! He cant do such a careless and silly thing that too to me. I know you love me Sansky! I love you too.”

Laksh : Lets dance ?

Swara : Not really. I m tired. Could you please drop me home ?

Laksh : Sure.

Laksh drops him home.

The next day at college Swara comes running seeing sanskar.

Swara : Sanskar why did you leave me like that yesterday ?

Sanskar : I m extremely sorry. But Laksh forced me. He told me he wants to surprise you after giving you a shock.

Swara : I was not shocked but I was literally going to die.

Sanskar keeps his hand on her mouth “Shh.. Never say that. I promise I would never leave you alone.”

Swara : Promise ?

Sanskar : Yes’s !

Now lets go. She wraps her arms around his and they both walk towards the lecture hall. Kavita is irked seeing them close.
“Dont worry! Kavita swara is with Laksh not Sanskar.” says her friend.

Kavita : Ohh. Thank god ! Otherwise I would have killed that girl.

Swasan sit on the same table. In the canteen both meet Laksh who was waiting for Swara. Laksh goes and gives her a hug.
Swara tries to get his hands off her. She goes and sits on the chair. “I m really tired Laksh.” says Swara.

Laksh : Oh. But I m not ! Lets go our somewhere today

Swara : Sorry Laksh. But I have to go out with my mom today. You know na. I have to give her time or else she gets upset.

Ragini enters and Swara gives her a big hug. “Ragini ! Where the hell you were ? I tried calling you several times but didn’t pick up my call once ? What’s the matter babe.”

Ragini : Oh. Nothing. Actually I was on a road trip all alone. See I clicked many pictures.

She shows her. “Oh they are awesome. My hottie.” Swara exclaims.

Laksh: Not hotter than my baby.
He says this as he wraps his hands around Swara.

Ragini : I know swara is hot but have you ever checked your face dude ! You look a dud .

Sanskar : What about me Ragini Devi ?

Ragini : My bro everyone knows you are the stud here.
She pulls his cheeks. All four chat about various topics.

Ragini : Guys have you checked the notice prom night on the day before Valentines day. That’s so insane.

Swara : I think that’s perfect. You know this way the couples get to spend some lone time together. Otherwise who likes proms. There’s no love only hatred jealousy for being the King and Queen .

Sanskar : Yup ! You are right. I totally agree. In fact I saw this with my own eyes.

Laksh : Anyways. Baby we will be the couple for prom night and we will be the king and queen. The best couple.

Swara bangs her head. “Laksh. I told you just now I hate prom nights.” she shouts.

Laksh : Please.
He makes a puppy innocent face. Swara reluctantly agrees. Sanskar and Ragini tell them “We wont come only ! I hate it.”

Laksh teases them “You should have someone to bring.” He makes a funny face looking at Sanskar

Just then Kavita enters “Sansky we will go out together.” Kavita declares.
“Sure Kavita ! ” he gives back the same smirk to Laksh. Laksh leaves. Swara too leaves as she hated the idea of Sanskar going out with Kavita. She hated it to its core.

Precap : Swalak are declared king and queen but they break up. Laksh talks to Sanskar and blames everything on Swara.

Hope you like the Precap. And few questions.

1. Should I continue ?

2. Should I show Raglak story

Ignore the typos…..
Exams coming so I wont he able to update regularly. But I ll try my best to keep up the story.

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